Top 7 Best Supports For Kindred in Season 12

Kindred is becoming more and more popular ADC pick in season 12. Many high-elo players have already made Kindred one of their go-to champions for carrying from the bot lane. And the reason for this is that Kindred doesn’t have the traditional ADC problems in League of Legends. Even though she is a marksman, Kindred has tools to keep herself out of trouble, such as range, mobility, and AoE invulnerability. So now let’s talk about the best supports you can play in combination with Kindred!

But before we begin, keep in mind that not Kindred is still technically a jungler champion. This makes it a bit harder for her to fit into some bot lane matchups. But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any suitable supports for her. In fact, there are many!

Let’s check the top 7 choices right now!

1. Alistar

The most obvious choice you can make when trying to select a support for Kindred is Alistar. Alistar is a fantastic champion for supporting Kindred because his tool kit perfectly matches Kindred’s playstyle.

For starters, Alistar has a highly efficient CC combo that’s available to him from level 2. Headbutt + Pulverize can allow Kindred to dash forward and unleash her damage. She can be pretty squishy before her ultimate is unlocked, so having Alistar to tank and peel for her is a large bonus for Kindred.

The strongest point of this combo comes after level 6. Once Kindred has her Lamb’s Respite, she can play a lot more aggressively. She and Alistar can trick their opponents into fighting to the death by activating Kindred’s ultimate and then having Alistar push them away from the circle. This will give them a health advantage so they can secure those kill a lot easier.

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2. Janna

Janna is another champion that can remove players away from Kindred’s R. Once her own ultimate is unlocked, she and Kindred can look for fights and perform the same trick on their enemies. Saving Janna’s R for these types of situations is always recommended when playing this combo.

But, that’s not all! Janna is one of the best supports in League of Legends for many reasons that also benefit Kindred. For example, Janna offers a lot of shielding power both during the laning phase and later on in team fights. She is a reliable pick any time you face a difficult matchup in the bot lane.

When Kindred is paired with Janna, her early game goes relatively easy. This is due to Janna’s ability to protect squishy ADC champions from multiple attackers. Her tornado has the longest airborne duration in the game, and her slow spell is on a relatively short cooldown. As a result, Janna and Kindred can play both aggressively and defensively, depending on the matchup at hand. These disengaging tools are incredibly effective again, ganks as well, making Janna and Kindred a pretty solid combo in the bot lane!

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3. Taric

While Taric doesn’t have any way to push opponents away from Kindred’s R, he has a similar ability to her ultimate. Taric’s Cosmic Radiance is another AoE invulnerability that this combo can use to overwhelm their opponents.

For example, once Kindred’s ultimate is near expiration, Taric can activate his R to grant new invulnerability on him and Kindred. This will almost always outplay the enemy players since they won’t have the tools to combat a 5+ seconds immunity. On the other hand, this is enough time for Kindred to deal damage while she is completely protected.

The laning phase of Kindred and Taric is always slow and methodical. They don’t have the best engaging tools, save for Taric’s stun. However, they’re outstanding when they’re being the defenders and not the attackers. Kindred’s dash is on a very low cooldown, and Taric’s protective spells are highly effective in prolonged fights.

The power of this duo grows as the game progresses. Kindred is one of the scariest champions in the late game, and Taric can single-handedly win team fights if he times his ultimate right. So we recommend you to try this combo!

4. Thresh

Kindred has quite a bit of mobility since their Q is on a short cooldown, but Thresh’s lantern gives them the confidence to dive deeper into enemy territory and ensure they still have a way out after they’re done. The following is a very minor detail, but it is good to know it. Thresh has Q and E, which counts as CC’s ability to immediately break the Rift Scuttler’s armor, ensuring a more straightforward take if Kindred’s first mark is on their side.

Do remember that both of these champions scale really hard as the game goes on, Kindred scales with their hunt marks, and Thresh scales with the souls he collects, making this duo really difficult to deal with if you give them enough time to really get going.

5. Lulu

Kindred has quite a decent range, meaning she can utilize Lulu’s pix quite effectively when it is tethered to her. When Kindred initiates a trade with their E, Lulu can polymorph the target to nullify their potential to trade back, setting the duo up for a successful and bursty trade.

As if Kindred’s ultimate is not hard enough to deal with, your opponent will have to deal with Lulu’s as well and, if Lulu times it right, casting it just as Kindred’s is expiring, you may just be set up to turn the fight on its head.

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6. Brand

Brand has just insane damage and zoning, thanks to his W and the ridiculous AOE extension of his Conflagration on a target that already has his passive on them, making him one of the most annoying poke supports out there. Not many can outmaneuver him, given his spells can cover such a wide area, and when he manages to get a fully stacked passive on one or two enemies, just watch as the chaos ensues as the opposing team tries to separate themselves.

What Brand lacks in utility he makes up for in raw damage and poke. By chunking out the enemy team, he enables Kindred to simply farm, scale up, and take fights when the opposition is already at a health disadvantage, paving the way for a healthy laning phase heading into the midgame.

7. Nami

Well, this can just end up being flat-out disrespectful. Kindred applies a slow with their E, and Nami can empower Kindred’s basic attacks to deal bonus damage and apply another slow, making your opponent look like my 90-year-old grandmother trying to run away without her walking cane.

Nami’s sustain and the crowd control she brings to the table is enough to enable Kindred to out-damage and out-trade their opponents. Once Kindred has enough bonus range thanks to their hunts, the slow on those empowered autos combined with the range becomes highly obnoxious.

And those are the 7 best supports for Kindred in LoL season 12!

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