Top 7 Best Supports for Kog’Maw in Season 12

Truthfully, Kog’Maw has seen better days than season 12. His immobile tool kit is too vulnerable in today’s meta, where the burst damage is significantly higher than any other season of League of Legends. As a result, Kog’Maw requires specific supports that can make him viable and set him up for carrying. So in today’s guide, we’ll go over the top 7 supports that best suit Kog’Maw in season 12!

Typically, you want to pair Kog’Maw with a champion that can protect him. Although tanks can be pretty useful in team fights, they lack the necessary tools to push Kog’Maw through the laning phase. He’s got quite a short-range (before level 6) and doesn’t have any way of escaping CC other than side-stepping.

So let’s talk about the 7 best supports for Kog’Maw and how to play them!

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1. Lulu

Since the dawn of time, Lulu and Kog’Maw have been one of the most feared duos in League of Legends. These two champions have an insane amount of synergy and work perfectly together, almost as if they’re were created for each other.

The first thing to understand here is how Lulu’s passive works. Whenever Lulu shields or speeds up an ally, her fae companion Pix will stick around the ally to deal bonus damage on each auto-attack. This mechanic is useful for all champions in the game, but with Kog’Maw it reaches new heights.

Kog’s W extends the range of his basic attacks and empowers them to deal bonus max health damage. On top of the additional damage from Pix, these auto-attacks can melt everyone, including tanks. Kog’Maw’s build in season 12 is packed with a lot of attack speed, so he doubles the value of these benefits. 

But that’s not all because Lulu also solves every other problem that Kog has a champion. Kog’Maw has no mobility – Lulu grants him movement speed; Kog’Maw is very squishy – Lulu gives him a shield; Kog’Maw can’t block CC – Lulu can knock everyone away from him. And that’s what makes her the best among the supports for Kog’Maw in season 12!

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2. Morgana

Morgana is partly aggressive and partly defensive support. What makes her truly terrifying is the abundance of crowd control and the ability to block the enemy spells. The latter is one of the most useful effects in the entire League of Legends, so Morgana is always among the best supports for Kog’Maw too.

Making Kog immune to CC while he spits powerful attacks that shred the enemy frontline is perhaps the strongest move you can do in LoL. Morgana frees Kog’Maw to move around the map and engage in team fights. But Morgana can also engage first and open the way for Kog’s heavy artillery.

Another thing that should be noted here is how well Morgana’s Q and R synergize with Kog’Maw’s skill shots, especially his R. Many ADC players underestimate the damage of Kog’s ultimate, mainly because it deals magic damage and not physical. But both the base damage and the AP ratio of this ability are seriously insane and Kog can kill anyone with it as long as he has mana.

In the bot lane, Morgana and Kog’Maw can play aggressively into almost any matchup, as long as Morgana makes good use of her snare and spell shield.

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3. Janna

Janna and Kog’Maw is a very typical bot lane duo. You generally want to play this matchup as carefully as possible in the first few levels. Kog’s damage is considerably low in the early game and Janna has only one damaging ability – her W.

After level 6, this pair becomes more durable. Thanks to his ultimate, Kog can unleash a tremendous amount of damage as long as he is careful about his mana. And Janna has multiple ways of protecting Kog’Maw. Her shield has a very short cooldown and her ultimate is her reliable plan B.

But in the mid and late game, Kog’Maw and Janna are even more powerful. All Janna needs to do is to run around Kog’Maw and spam her shield. And all Kog has to do is deal damage from afar and be careful of the enemy assassins. It’s easier said than done, but that’s the principal idea of playing team fights with this duo.

4. Braum

Kog’Maw has an absurd range when his W is active, and this needs to be abused if you pretend to have any success with the Kogger. Braum’s synergy stems from this, more or less. Suppose Braum manages to land a Q on an enemy. In that case, Kog can use his W to hit them from afar and even use his own E to lay down a slow on the enemy, with the main objective of activating the stun from Braum’s passive, allowing them to deal some more damage, winning the trade.

Braum can keep Kog safe with his W if the opposition tries to trade back, granting Kog’Maw bonus armor to endure attacks. He may also use Unbreakable to protect his ADC from all projectile damage coming from the direction it was cast.

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5. Leona

The Radiant Dawn makes a good partner for Kog since she has a lot of crowd control that Kog can make good use of to poke from a distance. Immobilizing Kog’Maw’s target helps his DPS as he does not need to catch up to his target after every auto attack, meaning his W damage output is maxed out.

Leona does not have a problem going in deep for these type of trades since her own W makes her exceptionally beefy, which, combined with the Aftershock rune, give her really high defensive stats even in the early stages of a game.

6. Nami

Another combo that benefits heavily from Kog’s range. Nami’s E empowers Kog’Maw so that his next basic attacks deal bonus damage and slow the target. (Diazepam) Kog’s W already boosts his attack damage and range, meaning the next couple of basic attacks Kog fires will be dealing some fat damage, and, given the slow, it’s going to be hard to avoid the subsequent hits.

Additionally, Nami has neat tools to keep Kog safe: her bubble, which can be used for engage or disengage, her heal, and ultimate, which may also be used offensively or defensively.

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7. Blitzcrank

You all know how it goes; the game plan for a Blitzcrank is not exceptionally complicated; just make sure not to pull the tank or bruiser. Kog can lay some damage down on the caught target, especially if he places his slow on the target, making it harder for them to get away. Blitz may also use his abilities to interrupt an assassin looking for Kog, allowing him to get away, as Kog lacks any self-peel or ways to escape from an assassin with a gap closer.

As an added bonus, Blitzcrank’s ultimate has a shield-breaking effect, which comes in very handy against shield-heavy comps, such as Janna, Lulu, and ADCs that build Immortal Shieldbow as their mythic item.

And those are the 7 best supports for Kog’Maw in season 12!

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