Top 7 Best Supports for Lucian in Season 12

Even though Lucian is more of a mid-lane pick than ADC in season 12, no one can argue that he is still one of the strongest marksmen on Summoner’s Rift. His base damage is incredibly high and thanks to his simple yet effective ability kit, Lucian can carry most games if played correctly. The build that most Lucian players run currently revolves around Galeforce and one-shotting squishy targets. So if you play Lucian in the bot lane, you need to know which are the best supports for you in season 12 of LoL!

Let’s take a look at how these 7 different support champions can aid Lucian in the laning phase and outside of it!

1. Braum

Lucian + Braum is one of the most popular bot lane combos in League of Legends. Their synergy surpasses that of most other matchups and even rivals that of Rakan and Xayah. And one of the reasons for this lies in their passive abilities.

Braum’s passive applies a debuff on the targeted enemy which requires 3 auto-attacks or abilities to turn into stun. Lucian’s passive allows him to double-shot after each ability used which also counts as 2 separate auto-attacks. In combination, both of these champions can work together to instantly stun a target. For example, Braum can throw his Q, and Lucian can quickly dash and use his 2 auto-attacks. This is such an advantage in 2v2 fights in the bot lane, especially early on.

However, Braum’s wall is another benefit for Lucian. This ability blocks projectiles and it can be used to shield Lucian while he’s channeling his ultimate. Obviously, Lucian’s R is one of the hardest-hitting abilities in the entire game, but it can also be interrupted. So Braum for the win!

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2. Thresh

Thresh and Lucian is another favorite combo for many bot lane duos. People say that Thresh is the perfect support for all marksmen champions in the game. And even if we can’t agree 100% with that, the truth is that he is one of the best supports for Lucian in season 12.

With Thresh, Lucian can play both aggressively and defensively. Thresh has a lot of tools to outplay his opponents, starting with his Q. This ability can set up Lucian’s damage and start the chain CC. Lucian requires crowd control to fully channel his ultimate, so Thresh can help a lot with both his E and R.

The lantern is another element that this duo has. Lucian can go deep into enemy territory or dive on turrets because Thresh can simply throw his lantern and secure an exit for him. On the other hand, Thresh can also go deep and pull Lucian to him whenever he has an enemy locked.

All in all, this duo has a very fun dynamic and it’s an absolute blast to play. We highly recommend roaming and invading whenever you play Lucian and Thresh since they have enough damage and CC to overpower anyone on the Rift.

3. Nami

Based on Lucian’s recent “rework” in which his autos are empowered when he is healed, shielded, or buffed, Nami is a great pick to go with the gunslinging sentinel. Her E stacks nicely with Lucian’s aforementioned passive, granting them a quick burst of damage very few duos can match.

Additionally, Nami provides an exceptional kill setup with her Q and ult, bringing some crowd control to the table. A locked-down target stands very little chance when being burst down by this hard-hitting duo.

4. Leona

When talking about locking down a target, there is no way the Radiant Dawn will be left out. Offering a hard-to-beat CC chain with her E Q R combo, Leona gives Lucian plenty of time to damage a target, which he can easily follow up by getting in range with his own E.

Be careful with this combo, as it is going to be very difficult to counter. Lucian has bonus movement speed if he hits a target marked by his W, and Leona is a very sticky support by herself.

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5. Senna

I have to admit I’m quite a fan of the lore, so seeing this pair synergizing well together does put a smile on my face. The poke they can have with their respective Q abilities is obnoxious, to say the least, add in the fact that Senna’s Q is a heal, and therefore Lucian’s passive empowers his autos, and you have a recipe for nightmares.

As if slowly whittling down your opponents from an absurd distance isn’t enough for you, do remember that Senna scales indefinitely as the match progresses, meaning every couple of minutes, she can harass you from even further down the lane, dealing even more damage every time.

6. Amumu

This one may come as a bit of a surprise to many, but the Sad Mummy has quickly become a reliable support ever since his Q was changed. To those who don’t know, Amumu now has two Q charges. Yes, that’s right, just after you feel like you should be playing in Korean solo queue because you sidestepped his first Bandage Toss, you get hit by the second charge. Sounds frustrating? Good, because it most definitely is.

Amumu’s CC and natural tankiness make him difficult to deal with in the bottom lane, as he now has a lot more playmaking potential thanks to that additional Q charge. His ultimate is an absolute beast in teamfights and skirmishes, as it is hard CC in a wide area and, when an Amumu hits a 5-man ultimate and has a team that can follow that up properly, it’s a guaranteed ace for that squad.

3. Nautilus

Similar to the previous two choices, Nautilus is a “free win” support pick for Lucian in season 12. The power of this combo comes from Nautiilus’s incredible crowd control abilities and Lucian’s damage. And whenever they’re together, the enemy team should work twice as hard to shut them down.

Nautilus has the most kill potential in the bot lane than any other support champion. Since level 1, he is able to not only grab a champion but to provide a root effect through his auto-attack. This is extremely powerful for invading the enemy jungle or rushing a level 2 fight. 

But Nautilus is also great in kiting for Lucian and peeling. In team fights, the low cooldown on his passive allows him to continually snare targets that are trying to reach Lucian. And combined with his ultimate that knocks up everyone in the lane of the selected target, we can agree that Nautilus can keep Lucian safe.

That doesn’t mean that Lucian should always play recklessly. In truth, Nautilus doesn’t have any shield or healing to help out Lucian. But if both players understand how these two champions work together, then they can be one of the most powerful pairs in League of Legends.

And those are the top 7 best supports for Lucian in season 12!

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