Top 7 Best Supports for Miss Fortune in Season 12

Despite Miss Fortune’s hot start in season 12, she is currently near the low end of the spectrum of ADC picks. Many arguments can be given as to why MF isn’t the strongest champion right now, but none of them can actually deny her viability. Miss Fortune has always been a solid pick, especially in matches where you have a killer wombo-combo team composition. She brings a massive AoE burst damage to the table, so she’ll always be a good marksman to main. And in this guide, we’ll go over the best supports that you need to know when playing as or with Miss Fortune!

On a general note, any champion that can stun or snare the enemy is a good pick for supporting Miss Fortune. Despite her damage potential, she lacks the tools to keep her targets in place. Opponents that can constantly run away from MF are the most difficult to beat, so she needs some help in that regard.

Now let’s talk about the best supports for Miss Fortune in season 12 and see how you can utilize their powers!

1. Leona

If you’re looking for the absolute best combo for Miss Fortune in the bot lane, then we say go for Leona. These two champions have an insane amount of synergy and can face off against any other matchup.

First off, the Miss Fortune + Leona combo should be played very offensively. Leona is a natural when it comes to forcing fights and MF is great at following with bursts of damage. As soon as level 2, this pair can look for skirmishes thanks to Leona’s E and Q. However, Miss Fortune can also be the initiator if she captures an enemy with the Make It Rain ability. This will allow Leona to easily hit her skill shot on the slowed opponent.

But the biggest power-up of this combo comes only after level 6. With both ultimates unlocked, MF and Leona can unleash true chaos. Nothing is scarier than being caught in the center of Leona’s R while Miss Fortune is right there channeling her bullet barrage. From then on, the combo can look for fights around the map whenever they have their ultimates ready to use.

Leona is the easiest support partner you can pick for Miss Fortune and we highly recommend her!

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2. Maokai

Currently, Makoi and Miss Fortune is the combination that yields the most victories for MF. Their win rate is over 55%, which really speaks of how well this pair can do in a given matchup.

During the laning phase, Miss Fortune and Maokai don’t need to be aggressive at all. Maokai can keep MF safe by stuffing the bushes with his saplings and occasionally walking up to the enemies to assert dominance. Both of these champions have slow effects, which can really help them in engaging in a fight, especially Maokai.

Like Leona, Maokai has a killer-support ultimate for Miss Fortune. His roots cover the entire width of the lane and the river. They last for a very long time, nearly matching the channeling of MF’s Bullet Time. When combined together, this is a recipe for true disaster because Maokai ensures the entire damage of Miss Fortune’s ultimate, which we all know is totally broken.

So don’t hesitate to try some Maokai + Miss Fortune action!

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3. Nami

Nami can be your backup plan when choosing a support for Miss Fortune in case you get tired of tanks. She provides quite a lot of benefit to the matchup, but most importantly – healing. The duo sits at over 53% win rate, which is more than most other duos in League of Legends.

Ebb and Flow, Nami’s W, is a fantastic ability to have during the laning phase. It’s both a poking and a healing tool and experienced Nami players always try to achieve both effects when using it. And since Miss Fortune doesn’t always build lifesteal, this is a pretty handy thing to have.

Similar to Leona, MF can use her E to slow down their enemies so Nami can secure her knock-up. This will create a small chain of CC which the duo can use to deal damage. Nami’s E is another incredibly useful spell and can be used to power up Miss Fortune’s Qs.

Once the ultimates are ready, you can synergize them to keep enemies knocked up and slowed for the entire duration of Bullet Time. 

4. Nautilus

The Titan of the Depths excels at locking down a target, allowing Miss Fortune to quickly deal damage to the caught opponent since her kit is exceptional for burst damage thanks to her passive and her Q. Once they both reach level 6, if Nautilus catches a target and can chain his CC effectively, MF can likely channel a good portion of her ultimate onto the enemy thanks to the added 2 seconds of crowd control that Depth Charge brings to the table when it is rank 1.

Nautilus is also a fantastic frontliner. Once he can get some items under his belt, this titan becomes a lot harder to kill, making him able to engage hard without fear of being taken down quickly, which is a really handy benefit to have as an engage support.

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5. Soraka

MF doesn’t have many sustain options unless she chooses to build Eclipse as her mythic, which depends on the player and team compositions. Soraka brings plenty of sustain to the lane, allowing MF to look for slightly more aggressive trades knowing that she has Soraka behind her, ready to keep her health bar filled.

Soraka also does brilliantly against champions that need to cast their abilities to maximize their damage thanks to the silencing effect on her E. Champions like Ezreal, Samira, and Lucian will have a hard time fighting back into a lane with Soraka in it.

6. Thresh

We all know Thresh as one of the most popular support picks, and he has been this way for a long time, and for a good reason. Thresh’s kit is simply superb for a support; he possesses many traits an AD carry could want: Engage and disengage tools, a shield that doubles as an escape, natural tankiness thanks to his passive, and an ultimate that synergizes incredibly well with Miss Fortune’s.

As Thresh, it’s not difficult to blow a flash from the enemy after landing one or two Death Sentences on them. Land another one after reaching level 6, and it’s a big fat “oops” for the enemy. Once Thresh is on top of the caught enemy, he can cast The Box, leaving them surrounded by walls that apply a considerable slow should they go through them, leaving MF free to cast her own ultimate onto the boxed enemy.

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7. Blitzcrank

Blitz is a great disruptor to bring into the lane. Suppose he manages to yoink an enemy that’s just a single pixel away from the cover of their minions. In that case, that’s a considerable amount of health the enemy will have to trade away, thanks to MF’s ability to deal bursty damage.

Blitzcrank does qualify as a tank, but he is likely one of the softer tanks, as his kit does not grant him any bonus resistances, and the shield he gains is thanks to his passive, which acts as a lifeline that has a substantial cooldown period. This means that Blitz must play a bit safer than other tanks, but thanks to his Q, it is not necessary for him to dive into the middle of the enemy team to get picks for his team; he can do it from a fair distance away.

And those are the top 7 best supports for Miss Fortune in season 12 of League of Legends!

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