Top 7 Best Supports For Nilah in League of Legends

When looking at Nilah, it can be hard to know which support synergizes with her the best. On the one hand, it may seem “mathematically correct” to pair Zilean with Nilah due to their passive granting each other extra XP, which can be crucial in the botlane. However, what is most often thought of as viable turns out to be mediocre or lackluster.

Consequently, for this list, we will be looking at the top 7 supports you should learn to play with a duo or a random Nilah picker in solo queue. Our rankings will be objective as we will be focusing on winrate-based strength, not opinion based. Although winrate is not the perfect indication of the real strength of a champion or a champion duo, it can take us more than half of the way there.

Here is what you should pick when playing with a Nilah in the bottom lane:

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7. Taric – 54.64% Winrate

Taric is one of the unique champions in League that constantly want to engage and have fights last long due to his ability to spam the healing on his Q spell if he is allowed to hit an enemy champion repeatedly. 

This aspect of Taric is further enhanced by Nilah’s ability to use her w on him, which makes him immune to enemy auto attacks, allowing him to go for plays he would not go for otherwise. 

While Taric may not be the best support to play when playing with Nilah, he certainly proves himself to be worthy of the top 7. His W and Q synergize well with Nilah’s unique kit and playstyle and that makes him a reliable pick to play with a Nilah.

6. Sona – 54.74% Winrate

Sona is the epitome of enchanter support. This works well with Nilah for two main reasons. Firstly, Nilah is, by default, easy to run away from, so the movement speed from Sona’s E along with the stun from her r go a long way to aid Nilah in setting up the perfect R combo to whip her enemies back to their fountain.

Secondly, Nilah is not very tanky by design, so the shield and heal from Sona’s W help her make up for the absence of tankiness, and Sona’s Q helps her make up for the lack of range she has because of her “melee” design.

This means that once Sona and Nilah both have level 6, going crazy on the enemy is particularly easier than with other supports, and this is why Sona lands the 6th spot on this list.

5. Alistar – 55.49% Winrate

Alistar is one of the highest “skill” supports in the game as the difference between a good Alistar and a bad Alistar is astronomical, to say the least. 

Consequently, when a good Alistar is paired with a Nilah, his standard combo can be easily followed by her “e into r into q and a couple of autos into boom you are dead” combo. 

Alistar CC’s the enemies for long enough so that Nilah has time to do enough uninterrupted damage that the enemy botlane is often left dead as early as level 3.

This means that the Nilah Alistar combo proves to be very deadly to the lane into, and picking into them becomes a chore in itself. The enemy is not left with many options from counterplay apart from praying their jungler camps them. This is why the Alistar Nilah duo have a 55.49% winrate and are ranked 5th on this list.

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4. Soraka – 55.56% Winrate

Soraka is a big “f u” to the faces of anyone trying to kill Nilah. In this botlane combo, Nilah has to do everything by herself, and Soraka is there to silence her enemies and keep Nilah alive forever. Soraka excels in this by having a short cooldown on the largest enchanter, non-ultimate healing spell in the game, her W. 

Furthermore, when Soraka’s W is paired with her Q, it heals for even more, and at the end of the day, Soraka takes summon aery and has base AD so she can help by continuously auto-attacking in addition to her already obnoxious healing. This makes Nilah very difficult to kill and avoid because Soraka also out scales most support champions in the game.

This and some other factors are what contribute to her 55.56% winrate, and land her the 4th spot on this list. While Soraka may not be deadly, her healing sure is. 

3. Lux – 56.14% Winrate

Lux is a support that is designed to poke and oneshot her opponents before they kill her ADC. This is the main reason why she excels.

One root from Lux means a 5 million lumen Lux ultimate to your face alongside the damage from the e she threw on the ground and 2 to 3 passive hits. This is Before Nilah gets on top of you to finish you off.

This is further aggravated by Lux’s counter mechanism to cc supports in the form of heavy poke. So even if a champion wants to go in on Lux, they will be left with half hp by the time they can even attempt to try anything brave.

Lux is not a unique champion at all, and that is okay. Sometimes the ordinary champions work best with unique ones like Nilah. The Lux Nilah duo manages to grab a 56.14% winrate alongside a 3rd position on the list. 

2. Brand – 58.49% Winrate

Brand is another mage support that is designed to both poke and oneshot his opponents if the need arises. 

These mage supports follow the main rule of “kill the enemy before they kill your ADC” and it works especially well with Nilah because when Brand lowers the health of his opponents, or full combo stuns them, Nilah can do a ton of burst damage to finish them or chase them to kill them instead.

Although Brand is not the best champion in the meta right now, Brand has always been the stereotypical OTP pick who can outmaneuver the opponent simply by pressing a few buttons because most of Brand’s damage comes from either easy-to-hit or targetable spells.

That being said, we are not talking about skill here. Brand is the second best support to pick with Nilah for a reason, and it is for that reason he has an absurd 58.49% winrate.

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1. Amumu – 59.3% Winrate

Amumu is the prime example of a simple champion being better than a complicated one. Ever since his mini rework in season 11, people have been picking him left, right, and center in the support role because he has high base damage and is tankier than most other supports while having 2 skill shot long ranged stuns, which can make or break the game at level 2. 

Since Nilah is the only ADC in the game who can level up to 2 one minion earlier than the rest if she farms perfectly, players abuse that to their benefit, and Amumu can yeet himself in when the enemy does not expect it since all they know their whole life is 6 minions plus 2 from the next wave = level 2.

Even though this is not more skill and is more reliant on the fact that mentally not many botlaners are prepared for the double stun into ignite into death combo from the Amumu Nilah botlane, and since botlane is often decided less than 5 minutes into the game, this results in a much favorable outcome for the Nilah team.

This is what makes the Amumu Nilah botlane worthy of the 1st spot on the list, with a staggering 59.3% winrate.

Final Thoughts

As evident by this list, skill does not always result in better outcomes in the botlane. However, sometimes skill can be rewarded. That being said, This list is meant to help any support player choose their picks if they want to win with Nilah, and serves as an introduction to what you should do when playing those supports.

As always, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, kindly leave them down in the comments section below!

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