Top 7 Best Supports For Samira In Season 12

Samira is arguably the best ADC champion in season 12 of League of Legends. Her “200 years” ability kit allows her to not only deal massive damage from afar but to overpower opponents from close range too. Her dash mechanic resets on a champion kill or assist; her wind wall blocks spells in a 360-degree circle, and her lifesteal is often higher than Soraka’s healing. But all jokes aside, Samira is one of the best champions to main as an ADC and you need to know which supports suit her best in season 12!

The supports that often go very well with Samira are tanks. This is because they can always engage first and create space for Samira to come in second and unleash her ultimate all around. That doesn’t mean that you can’t play an enchanter or a mage with Samira, but you might lose a few engage opportunities if you do.

That said, let’s talk about the top 7 best supports for Samira!

1. Alistar

Alistar is a classic tank. He’s got a knock-up, a stun, and a heal – everything that Samira can ask for. But if you want to utilize this combo to the fullest, then you need to understand how Samira’s passive works and how she benefits from the presence of Alistar.

Daredevil Impulse allows Samira to dash to any enemy champion if they’re already in some crowd control effect. But if that is a knock-up, then Samira will also keep that target airborne for 0.75 seconds longer. So each time Alistar goes for a Headbutt + Pulverize combo, Samira can simply right-click the affected enemy to get in range and keep him in the air. This is an extremely powerful mechanic that’s available from level 1!

Obviously, Alistar has this ability combo available on a fairly short cooldown. This means that he and Samira can repeat this process all the time and grab kills during the laning phase. Alistar’s stun is also helpful, but Samira can’t extend that duration.

2. Leona

Leona + Samira is one of the most feared bot lane combos in League of Legends. It’s true that Leona doesn’t have any knock-up effects, but she brings three separate crowd control abilities to the table – two stuns and a root. Samira can use all of these effects to dash herself to the affected opponents and start dealing damage.

The strongest point that these two champions have is team fights. Leona is known to be the queen of engaging supports and that’s not without a reason. Her ultimate can catch multiple enemies off guard and create the perfect situation for Samira. Samira excels in chaotic situations where she can jump forward and activate her ultimate. She can then start executing champions once they’re pretty low. 

Additionally, Leona can be of great help to Samira when it comes to kiting. Leona’s Q is another ability of a short cooldown so she can stop the enemies that are going for Samira.

3. Blitzcrank

The Steam Golem is a fantastic partner for Samira. As many of you know, Blitz is known for yoinking champions towards his team for an easy pick. Samira can follow this up nicely. By focusing on the target that was picked by Blitz, Samira can easily land a full ability rotation with autos weaved in, leaving her at rank A or S on her passive, ready to smash that R key and obliterate the remainder of the team.

We did mention Samira does well with knock-ups, and Blitz has just that on his E ability. This synergy comes especially handy during the laning phase, where every additional fraction of a second that your opponent cannot trade back gives you an advantage over them.

4. Braum

Given Samira’s tendency to just dive into the enemy team and, well, do Samira things, a support that can follow through and, well, support her is almost a necessity. The Heart of the Freljord can do just that. With his Stand Behind Me ability, he can dash to Samira right after she dives into the enemy team and support her from there.

His ult is an AOE knock-up and slow, making it an excellent tool for engaging and disengaging a fight. His Unbreakable makes him a projectile sponge, shielding Samira and the rest of his team from incoming damage.

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5. Thresh

Thresh and Samira have a rather unique synergy. This is because Samira no longer needs to look for the kamikaze plays into the enemy because she now has something she typically lacks: a way out. Thresh’s lantern is precisely for that purpose; it allows Samira to dive into the enemy team, take out a target if she’s able to burst it down, and get out quickly.

Apart from this, Thresh has an excellent setup for Samira; his Q and E both enable Samira to proc her passive to dash into range and poke her opponents. A good Thresh player will be able to earn kills for his ADC and keep her safe from incoming attackers.

6. Pyke

I guess we have all realized already that Samira is a pretty aggressive champion. In the support role, there really aren’t many supports that are more aggressive than Pyke. He can threaten by simply having his Q available, which will be more than enough to frighten many opposing players. This is because, at this point, everybody knows how scary Pyke can be if fed a few kills early on. Thanks to his ultimate, every kill he is involved in becomes a gold mine, where he shares extra gold between himself and the last ally that assisted in the kill.

Whenever Pyke does choose to go in, a Q E combo will deal enough damage and keep the target stunned long enough for Samira to join in for a pretty heavy trade.

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7. Galio

Galio isn’t the most traditional support champion in League of Legends but no one can argue that he is the very best one for Samira in season 12. All of his abilities are great for aiding Samira, especially his E. This spell knocks up the first enemy (or enemies) hit in Galio’s path and triggers Samira’s passive. Thanks to this, Samira and Galio can play quite aggressively in the lane, since Galio has his taunt to keep their opponents in place and secure the kills.

But the most important synergy between these champions comes after level 6. Galio’s ultimate is an AoE knock-up and can be used to protect Samira. And with Samira, he has multiple ways of using this ability, depending on the situation.

For example, Galio can wait for Samira to enter the fight first and get into melee range, then use his R and knock everyone up. This will allow Samira to keep them in the air and get a bunch of kills. Or, Galio can wait until their opponents jump onto Samira to counter-attack their effort and turn the tide of the battle. In the end, he can use this ability on another teammate to engage in a fight so Samira can join right after.

And that makes Galio one of the best supports for Samira in season 12 of League of Legends!

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