Top 7 Best Supports For Senna in Season 12

Senna is one of the most played champions in season 12. Since the start of the year, professional and high-elo players have given us a couple of great builds, all of them able to make Senna the carry of the game. In a burst meta where survivability is a key, Senna proved to be one of the most reliable picks in the bot lane too. She has enough damage, a low-cooldown heal, and the Black Curse to make herself untargetable. So now let’s talk about the top 7 best supports that can help her in LoL!

1. Thresh

Thresh is an overall great pick for many ADC champions, including Senna. This is because Thresh has all the necessary tools to create plays and control the pace of the game.

As Thresh and Senna, you’ll always have a good time in the lane. Senna’s heal is a phenomenal ability for surviving the early game and giving yourself room to scale. As long as you are mindful of your mana usage, you can always trade with your enemies and come out on top. This is especially true if you’re playing Senna with the Grasp of the Undying build, which is also effective against aggressive matchups.

Without Thresh, Senna doesn’t have any mobility in League of Legends. Yes, she gains a bit of movement speed when she’s inside her E, but that’s pretty much it. Thresh’s lantern, on the other hand, is simply amazing for both engaging and disengaging. He can either use it to bring Senna next to the enemy or to get her away from trouble.

Senna and Thresh don’t have too many crazy wombo-combo abilities, but their synergy lies in their mutual support of each other’s ability kit. For example, whenever Thresh hooks a champion, Senna can use that opportunity to hit the target with her W. The same goes for the other way; the root from Senna’s Last Embrace gives Thresh a free Q hit. So definitely try this duo!

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2. Pyke

Pyke is another champion that works fantastically with Senna. Since Senna isn’t an early game champion, she struggles to keep up with damage against most opponents. But Pyke can help out by constantly being in the front line and controlling the 2v2 matchup.

No matter which build you prefer on Senna, she still depends on her soul stacks to boost her power in the mid and late game. She can often end up not having enough damage to finish off her targets, so Pyke is a natural fit in this regard too. His R is one of the best abilities for securing kills in League of Legends, so we definitely recommend you trying them out.

Although Senna and Pyke can play aggressively, they’re much better at disengaging than engaging. Both Ghostwater Dive and Curse of the Black Mists are incredible spells for running away from enemies, especially the jungler early on. Combined with Pyke’s and Senna’s stun and root effects, they can always get away from a sticky situation!

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3. Zyra

And lastly, we have Zyra. For many Senna mains, Zyra is the absolute best support in League of Legends. The reason for this is because Zyra is a hyper-aggressive champion herself and can help Senna win the bot lane very early on.

For example, Zyra’s E + Q combo can be pretty deadly, especially if plants spawn. These plants can deal damage while simultaneously blocking incoming projectiles. It is highly effective when playing against champions like Ezreal, Morgana, or Blitzrank, in the bot lane, so keep that in mind!

As we mentioned above, Senna really lacks damage during the laning phase. On the other hand, Zyra has enough damage for both of them as long as she keeps even in levels. She will always go for damaging mythic items such as Luden’s Tempest or Liandry’s Anguish, so you shouldn’t worry about damage output.

Just like with the other two supports on this list, Zyra is also great for disengaging. Her snare is on a relatively short cooldown, and her ultimate can be used to stop enemies from reaching her too. So you have no reason why not to try this combo!

4. Morgana

Anything that gives Senna an easier time collecting her passive wraiths is a shielding support equipped with some sort of CC. Morgana is one of them, since every time she lands her Dark Binding, it’s a quick auto-attack Q combo for Senna to collect a passive stack from that champion, not to mention it’s a nice bit of poke to be whittling down your opponent.

Senna does not have many escape options; her wraith form is just a small movement speed bonus, which is helpful sometimes but won’t work miracles for you anytime soon. Having a Black Shield on you, on the other hand, may just save you from getting caught out.

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5. Nautilus

Senna goes well with Nautilus as they can chain their crowd control well, and they both deal good amounts of damage. With a frontline mastodon such as Nautilus and a long-range damage dealer like Senna at the back, this duo is set up for success if played well.

Nautilus’ shield allows him to tank some damage without having to trade health back, and even if he does, Senna can bring right back with the healing effect on her Q. Naut being covered by Senna’s E cloak is also a brilliant setup for a surprise attack, catching the enemy off guard as they won’t be able to see Nautilus cast his Q until it’s already hit them.

6. Soraka

This combo is just nasty. Senna and Soraka are a really poke-oriented duo that you’re definitely not going to out-trade or out-sustain as they can heal each other. Senna has her Q and Soraka; well, she’s just Soraka. There is no way they can be pushed out of the lane. The only way they’re going back to base is for shopping or in a body bag.

As you may guess, they’re squishy, so they can get one shot. So if you opt for this comp, do play carefully, especially during the early and mid-game. Once Senna gets a decent amount of stacks, she has enough range to engage comfortably from a distance.

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7. Nami

Play it safe and scale well; Senna must make sure she stacks her passive as efficiently as possible, as a good part of this partnership revolves around that. Once Senna has stacked enough to have a considerably long range, she may abuse the combination of the movement speed granted by her auto attacks and the slow on Nami’s E ability to harass an opponent from a distance, making it hard for them to escape or trade back.

Nami is also nice for peeling; a good Nami can help keep Senna safe during the laning phase, where she is at her weakest. Senna’s inability to reliably escape threats makes her an easy target for many junglers that may want to take her out of the game from the beginning, and Nami has some CC tools to interrupt these engages.

Those are the 7 best supports for Senna in LoL season 12!

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