Top 7 Best Supports for Sivir in Season 12

When it comes to choosing a good support for Sivir in League of Legends, you don’t have a lot of choices. Sivir is a very simple champion and her ability kit doesn’t offer too many different playstyles. And even though she can build two different ways in season 12, she is quite limited to what type of support suits her. So today we’re talking about the 7 best supports for Sivir in LoL!

The champions that are listed below all have one or multiple ways of enhancing Sivir’s damage and survivability. You should heavily consider them when communicating with your bot lane partner or locking in Sivir when your solo queue support has already selected them. These combos are powerful enough even without communicating, so they’re worth checking out!

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1. Morgana

Since the dawn of time, Morgana and Sivir have been an incredible pair. Sivir, in general, goes very well with supports that either provide a lot of crowd control or a lot of healing. Morgana’s Q is an obnoxious ability in League of Legends, especially in the laning phase. If She can bully her opponents with the snare, Sivir can keep poking them until they die.

Another element of the synergy between these two champions comes into play after level 6. Sivir’s R grants movement speed to her allies and Morgana can use this effect to get near the enemy champions. Players usually try to get out of the range of Morgana’s ultimate, either by using Flash or running. But with Sivir’s movement speed, Morgana can chase them down and secure her stun.

It may not seem like it, but the fact that both Sivir and Morgana have a spell shield is really OP. The reason for this is because it opens more opportunities. When Morgana is paired with another ADC, she usually spends her E on them. But with Sivir, Morgana can cast the shield on herself so they both become immune to CC in team fights or when the enemy jungler ganks their lane.

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2. Leona

When paired with Leona, Sivir tends to perform incredibly well too. Both of these champions have ways to help one another during the laning phase and later on in team fights.

One of the biggest weaknesses that may set Sivir behind in a game is the fact that her enemies can dodge her Q. This is the only damaging ability she has and she depends on it, especially if she goes for Dark Harvest and Lethality items. Well, Leona has 3 separate abilities to either snare or stun their opponents so Sivir can successfully throw her boomerang. 

On the other hand, Leona struggles when she can’t reach her enemies. If she misses her ultimate, the only long-range ability she has, she can’t really create plays. But thanks to Sivir’s R, Leona can quickly get into range for her E or Q. And this helps this combo get more kills around the map.

In team fights, Leona can help Sivir in kiting by continually stunning enemy champions that are trying to get her. And that makes her one of the best supports for Sivir in season 12.

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3. Yuumi

Compared to Morgana and Leona, Yuumi doesn’t bring nearly the same amount of crowd control to the table. However, Yuumi has one of the most potent healing in League of Legends, especially in the late game. And when attached to Sivir, Yuumi can be a real nuisance to the enemy team.

But besides the amazing healing, Sivir benefits a lot from Yuumi’s R as well. Snaring multiple enemies in place is the perfect scenario for throwing her boomerang with Q and spreading her auto-attacks with W. Yuumi can also slow enemies down, which is also pretty useful for chasing down enemies and securing kills.

The Sivir + Yuumi combo excels in team fights because of all the survivability these champions have. Sivir’s E can prevent them from getting caught while Yuumi’s E will heal them when they do. And experienced players will always be aggressive when playing Sivir and Yuumi in the bot lane.

4. Braum

So the game plan for this lane is pretty simple. Pre-level 6 focus mostly on CS and poking with Sivir and Braum’s Qs. Once both reach level 6 is where the fun begins. Sivir can ult, and Braum can simply run up to the opponent and basic attack using the bonus move speed to apply his initial passive stack. This should be pretty simple to proc, given both are moving pretty quick still. Once the target is stunned, Braum can R for a sweet crowd control chain, giving Sivir more than enough time to do some serious damage.

Thankfully, Sivir doesn’t solely rely on Braum for peel; she has her own E, a spell shield, allowing her to escape sticky situations if used well. Should this not be enough, Braum has plenty of ways of helping Sivir out, including his W, which grants armor, and his projectile-blocking shield.

5. Nami

You can call this a high-risk, high-reward combo because it’s more than an uphill battle to get back into the game if they fall behind. However, if they manage to play the early game well, it will be a highly annoying duo to deal with, as Nami can set up Sivir very well for kills.

Nami hitting her bubble basically guarantees a max damage Q from Sivir, and if it’s available, chaining her Tidal Wave for a longer CC duration. An E from Nami will make Sivir’s basics apply a slow and deal bonus magic damage, making her much more sticky. All of this crowd control and buffs, plus the fact that Nami has a heal to help Sivir with sustain, makes this duo harder to deal with as the game goes on.

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6. Alistar

Alistar’s passive compensates for Sivir’s lack of natural sustain, allowing them both to stay in lane longer, waiting for powerful item spikes. Ali’s combo can set Sivir up for a decent amount of poke, but hang on until level 6, which is where this duo starts to shine brightly.

Their ultimates combine splendidly as they leave the opposition stuck between a rock and a hard place. Option one is running away, which they won’t be able to since Sivir’s ultimate gives a move speed bonus that is hard to ignore, giving Alistar an easier time to engage. Option two is staying to fight, which will definitely not be easy given how annoying Alistar is. When his ultimate is activated, there’s no way he’s going down quickly.

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7. Nautilus

There are a few mind games when it comes to playing Nautilus, or any CC champ with a skillshot, for that matter. You see, there’s gonna be a lot, and I mean A LOT, of players thinking they’re auditioning for an LCS team, constantly sidestepping trying to predict when you will cast your ability to dodge it. This is the type of player that allows a Nautilus to walk up to them and bonk them in the head with an anchor, rooting them for a brief moment, leaving them no room to dodge the point-blank Q that is definitely following.

Now I want you to picture that same Nautilus walking towards you when suddenly you hear a Sivir yell out a battle cry. This Nautilus is now a nuclear submarine coming at full throttle towards you with only one objective in his mind: send you to Saint Peter.

And those are the 7 best supports for Sivir in season 12 of League of Legends!

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