Top 3 Best Supports for Tristana in Season 12

Top 3 Best Supports for Tristana in Season 12

As is the case with Lucian, Tristana’s role in season 12 of League of Legends has shifted more to the mid-lane from bot. However, Tristana is still one of the hardest-hitting marksmen on Summoner’s Rift and ADC players should pick her way more often. The current meta is all about dealing massive burst damage and that’s exactly what Tristana is good at. So you need to know which are the best supports for Tristana in season 12!

As one of the few marksmen champions with such a simple yet effective tool kit, Tristana is your safe carry in the bot lane. Once you understand how this champion works, when to jump in, and when to jump out, you’ll instantly start climbing. And similarly, once you pair Tristana with a support that can aid her in carrying, you’ll start winning more and more games. 

So let’s examine the top 3 support combos for Tristana and how they work!

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1. Taric

Taric Top Best Support for Tristana in Season 12

Taric may not be the most popular pick in the support role but he is simply incredible when paired with Tristana. This duo has a tremendous amount of peeling and kiting potential that people often forget their damage output. True, Taric doesn’t do much damage himself, but with all of his defensive abilities he allows Tristana to stay alive and 1v5 the enemy team. (

The first thing that you should realize is how Taric’s E works in combination with Tristana. He and his marked ally both attempt to stun all enemies in a straight line. This means that Tristana has the freedom to jump forward and get into melee range, stun her opponents, and burst them down. Skilled Tric players will always try to activate their E while Tristana is in the air, so by the time she reaches her destination the stun effect is instant.

Besides the stun, Taric can also heal Tristana, grant her bonus Armor and make her immune to any damage. Obviously, Taric’s ultimate is one of the best defensive spells in League of Legends, so it’s always good to have it in your team.

2. Leona

Leona Top Best Support for Tristana in Season 12

Leona is another player-favorite support for Tristana. The reason for this is that Leona is a much more aggressive laner than Taric. And the early game for Leona and Tristana usually means a lot of kills and a lot of gold.

One of the biggest power spikes that these two champions have is level 2. This is the time when Tristana has both her bomb and her jump available, while Leona has her long-range engage and the point-click stun. Experienced Tristana and Leona duo will almost always try to score a kill on level 2, simply because of how easy it is. Leona stuns a target while Tristana puts a bomb and kills them. That’s how easy it is!

Once the laning phase is over, Tristana and Leona become a nightmare around the map. They can invest their time in invading the enemy jungle or taking down turrets left and right. Tristana’s E allows her to destroy objectives in a matter of seconds, and Leona can protect her while she does so. They both have tools to dive enemies and get out safely.

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3. Janna

Janna Top Best Support for Tristana in Season 12

Janna offers quite a different playstyle in combination with Tristana than both Leona and Taric. For starters, she isn’t a tank and typically doesn’t engage first. In fact, the reason why Janna is among the best supports for Tristana in season 12 is that she can aid her from the backline.

One of the things that Janna shines at is peeling from a safe distance. Shields, heals, and crowd control – Janna can do all kinds of things to help Tristana overpower their opponents. She has a slow effect on top of a knock-up to keep people away from Tristana, while her shield has a very low cooldown. Her ultimate can also be used as a pushback in case she and Tristana are trying to run away.

You generally want to pick Janna as a support to Tristana into matchups that you know you can’t beat by being the aggressor. Combos like Xayah and Rakan or Nautilus and Sivir are simply too hard to one-shot, so you’re better off farming and scaling. And that’s what Janna is good at!

Those are the top 3 best supports for Janna in season 12 of League of Legends.

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