Top 7 Best Supports For Twitch In Season 12

Twitch’s comeback in the bot lane was surprisingly popular in season 12. Despite his high win rate in the jungle, Twitch is an obnoxious carry from downtown too. His damage has never been higher than now and that’s all thanks to the item changes Riot brought us this year. So to say the least – Twitch is a solid ADC pick right now. And if you’re looking to climb the solo queue ladder with your Twitch partner, here are the top 7 best supports for you in season 12.

Keep in mind that we chose these champions based on performance, win rate, and overall synergy. This doesn’t mean that you can’t pair Twitch with other picks, but you’ll lose on some obvious benefits. Twitch is a type of marksman that doesn’t go particularly well with wombo-combo team compositions, since he doesn’t have a one-shot playstyle. Instead, he grows much stronger when multiple champions are there to protect him, so make sure you draft accordingly.

Let’s talk about the 7 best supports for Twitch in season 12 and why you should play them!

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7 Best Supports For Twitch

1. Lulu

Twitch and Lulu have always had a place in the bot lane meta thanks to their incredible synergy. Both champions are dependent on each other, but that’s exactly what makes them strong too. You can often see experienced duo partners smurfing on these two picks even in high elo.

For starters, the Lulu + Twitch lane should almost always be passive. Thanks to Lulu’s shields, Twitch can stay in the backline, safely farm, and prepare for the mid-game. Lulu can also poke opponents and chase them off before they even attack.

One of the most popular tricks that this combo can do is for Twitch to hide in invisibility and Lulu to walk alone into the enemy territory. This is often a good bait since Twitch can surprise the opponent and secure the kill. Spotting a squishy Lulu is usually an easy target for junglers or mid laners, but that’s exactly where Twitch can intervene and change the odds.

Once a team fight breaks, Lulu can amplify Twitch’s damage with her passive. The fae Pix does a considerable amount of damage, especially when Twitch is using his ultimate. Lulu’s R can be used defensively when the enemies retaliate, so Twitch can feel pretty safe in all possible scenarios.

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2. Janna

Janna has a very similar style to Lulu, with a couple of differences here and there.

First off, Janna’s damage output is a bit lower than Lulu’s, so you should always think twice about starting a fight before your Twitch is fed. Obviously, Janna can do a fantastic job of protecting Twitch in the bot lane, but she shouldn’t rush to engage in skirmishes that shouldn’t happen at all.

Once the mid-game kicks in, this duo can unleash mayhem on Summoner’s Rift. Twitch’s invisibility is a real advantage that can create many opportunities. As mentioned above, Janna can roam freely to lure in enemies so Twitch can come out and spray them all to death.

Janna’s R is another tool that you have for saving Twitch from trouble. You can either use it to heal Twitch during a fight or push enemies away as they’re trying to reach him.

3. Yuumi

Twitch and Yuumi is probably the most fun combo that you can play in League of Legends. These two characters are a total blast and can int anyone on the opposing team.

The key synergy here is the fact that Twitch’s camouflage also puts Yuumi in invisibility if she’s attached to him. You can use this ability to become invisible as you’re coming to the lane and surprise your bot lane opponents. After level 6, when Yuumi unlocks her root, this combo is even deadlier since Twitch can freely attack the crowd-controlled targets.

During the laning phase, the cat and the rat should be particularly careful since Twitch doesn’t have any way of avoiding CC. He’ll always be the primary target of the enemy team, so it’s up to the Twitch player to be tactical. However, the Yuumi player can help by walking up to the enemy for auto-attacks and being overall offensive. She always has her W safe card, so she shouldn’t be afraid at all!

4. Braum

Twitch has plenty of ways to proc Braum’s passive stun. He can position to the opponent’s side with the stealth from his Q, he can W to have an AOE slow on the enemy as well, and when Twitch reaches 6 and has the extended range from his ultimate, it becomes child’s play. You may try to guess what happens to a champion that is stunned in front of an ulting Twitch.

As an added bonus, Braum has excellent peel and tankiness with his W, E, and R abilities to keep Twitch safe since the Plague Rat lacks any sort of viable escape tools to get away from danger.

5. Soraka

Twitch is good at trading, thanks to his passive and his E ability. He needs some time to stack it and cast his E on a fully stacked target, which opens him up to the enemy trading back. Soraka can help mitigate the health Twitch trades back thanks to her unparalleled sustain.

Thanks to her Q, she can sustain herself as well (provided she lands it, of course), and her E silence is excellent at stopping champions that need to cast their abilities to be impactful in fights, which are pretty much all champions except some ADCs.

6. Nami

Remember Twitch needed time to stack his passive? Nami makes this easy thanks to her E. This empowers Twitch’s basic attacks and applies a slow to the target, enabling him to catch up if they attempt to flee.

Nami’s Q is an excellent tool for both offense and defense, as it can catch and lock down an opponent for Twitch to stack his E, and she may also chain it with her ult when it is available.

7. Blitzcrank

Twitch and Blitz have a pretty nasty combo they can perform if the situation presents itself. Whenever Blitz does his trademark Q E combo, Twitch can Q for the attack speed steroid and W on the opponent to have them slowed for the duration, allowing him to stack for a sweet chunk of damage.

During teamfights, the disruption that Blitz can cause is fantastic for Twitch to be able to ult and hit multiple targets, giving his team an advantage. If Blitz stays nearby, he should fend off attackers with his Q and E to protect Twitch.

Those are the top 7 best supports for Twitch in LoL season 12!

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