Top 7 Best Supports for Varus in Season 12

Varus’s popularity spiked a lot in season 12 of League of Legends. A couple of buffs to his damage combined with the mythic item changes opened a way for this marksman to shine on the Rift. Currently, there are two different build paths for Varus. One focuses on his on-hit damage and attack speed. And the other build favors Lethality items and funnels all the power in Varus’s Q. But whatever is your preference, you still need to know which supports are the best for Varus in season 12!

Varus has a very specific playstyle in League, one that only a few other marksmen have. He requires a certain type of support that can enhance his ability to carry. Generally, the support champions that best suit Varus offers a lot of crowd control effects. But there are some that excel in this, way more than the others.

Let’s check them out!

1. Morgana

Whenever players see Morgana + Varus in the bot lane, they’re usually terrified. This bot lane combo is simply overloaded with damage right from the start of the game.

Level 1 as Varus and Morgana should be aggressive. This means that you can always go for an invade or a sneaky snare from the brush. The combined power of Morgana’s root and Varus’s arrow is enough to secure a kill in the early game. And experienced players try to take advantage of it.

But Morgana comes with another benefit for Varus – her spell shield. Varus doesn’t have any mobility and no defensive abilities either. His build is always offensive, so having a spell shield to keep him out of trouble is almost mandatory. 

After level 6, Varus and Morgana have a way easier time dealing with their opponents. Varus’s R travels faster than Morgana’s Q, so he can always take the first turn in snaring their opponent. Morgana can follow this either with Q or her ultimate to lock the target down. This makes it easy for Varus to hit his empowered arrow and get the kills.

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2. Leona

Leona has a very defined playstyle in the bot lane – crowd control and tanking. And it’s quite obvious why she perfectly fits Varus and how he usually plays the laning phase.

Leona provides a long duration of crowd control, which Varus desperately needs for successfully landing his Q. But the advantage of Leona over other supports is that she doesn’t rely on her ultimate to do this. Both of her Q and E abilities can hold a target down as soon as level 2. This opens fantastic opportunities for early kills in the lane.

The kill potential of Varus and Leona doubles when they unlock their ultimates. Combined, they can chain CC a target for over 5 seconds, which is more than enough to kill anyone in the game

On the other hand, Leona is extremely good at kiting in team fights. She can stop multiple enemy champions as they try to attack Varus. And since Varus doesn’t often build defensive items, this is very welcomed.

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3. Zyra

Zyra plays a similar role to Morgana when she is paired with Varus. However, Zyra offers a lot more damage than Morgana throughout the game and it’s usually considered the very best among the supports for Varus in season 12.

One of the biggest advantages that Zyra has over Morgana is the fact that her root travels through minions. This makes it way easier to land the ability, which in turn lets Varus secure his arrow. After level 6, Varus can enhance Zyra’s damage by locking people in place so Zyra can damage them with her ultimate. But this works the other way around as well.

Many players in the lower elos underestimate the power of Zyra’s plants. But experienced players will always think twice about engaging Varus or Zyra when these plants are up. In short, they do massive amounts of damage to champions, especially in the laning phase. So make sure to spawn Zyra’s plants whenever the enemies are preparing to engage. They can sometimes turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

4. Nami

Varus goes really well with Nami’s kit, regardless of what build path he chooses for the match. Her E is sort of a double buff, where the bonus damage goes nicely with on-hit Varus, and the slow is of course a very welcome addition, especially for lethality Varus, helping him find his target more often.

Nami does also bring a hefty amount of sustain to the lane, which Varus really lacks. This helps him stay longer in lane to farm and trade. Also, Nami provides a nice movement speed bonus with her passive, meaning Varus will have an easier time dodging abilities and positioning well to deal damage.

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5. Yuumi

When talking about sustain, we cannot leave Yuumi out of the picture. Bringing both healing and shielding into the game, she does an excellent job at keeping her carry healthy. This does, however, come at the cost of redirecting the grand majority of focus onto Varus in this case, since she does become untargetable when attached, so the enemy will only be able to target Varus when coming in for a poke.

Yuumi does also amp Varus’ damaging stats thanks to the passive portion of her W ability, further increasing Varus’ damage output in general. Last but definitely not least is the crowd control chain that these two can set up. Three hits from Yuumi’s ultimate root the target long enough for Varus to hit a free ult, locking the target down for a considerable amount of time.

6. Lulu

Similar to various supports in this list, Lulu has an on-hit bonus that helps Varus immensely. She has an attack speed steroid which also serves as a small damage amplifier. Shields for sustain and her ever-annoying polymorph ability to abruptly shut down any dive onto Varus.

Her ultimate, Wild Growth, is a sort of lifeline ability that would allow either her or Varus to survive very sticky situations with its bonus health on cast. Lulu by herself is really one of the most annoying supports in Season 12, but paired with an ADC she synergizes well with, and you have a recipe for a dreadful laning phase for the opposition.

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7. Janna

This partnership is one of the best for Varus. Janna is capable of keeping Varus safe thanks to her many tools to break an engage. Whirlwinds are useful for setups or escapes, and her ultimate can halt even the most daring assault, giving her allies some much-needed space between them and the enemies, as well as a generous amount of healing.

Janna also boasts an AD steroid that Varus can make great use of, especially with his range. All in all, this is an excellent duo to have down in the bottom lane.

And those are the top 7 best supports for Varus in season 12 of League of Legends!

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