Top 6 Best Supports for Vayne in Season 12

Top 6 Best Supports for Vayne in Season 12

Vayne is a very unique ADC champion in League of Legends. Not only is she able to 1v9 games, but she’s also a difficult champion to master. Vayne doesn’t have any AoE ability, and her playstyle mostly revolves around kiting the enemy with her tumbles. And although she’s powerful on her own, she does extremely well with a few supports in particular. So, who are the best supports for Vayne?

With so many champions able to fill the support role, it’s difficult to find the perfect one for Vayne. Yes, she typically requires a “supportive” support, someone who can get her through the laning phase, but that’s not always the case.

Generally, Vayne works best with enchanter supports such as Lulu, Soraka, and Yuumi, but she can also do really well with tank supports because they can peel for her. And so, here I’ve chosen the top 5 best supports for Vayne in League of Legends. All of these champions have a great level of synergy with Vayne’s kit, so they’re always a good choice. 

Take a look!

1. Taric

Taric Top Best Support for Vayne in Season 12

Taric may not be the most popular champion in League of Legends, but he’s damn good at supporting late game ADCs. Naturally, Vayne falls in this category, so this makes her and Taric a perfect pair. 

In season 12, Vayne has the best win rate with Taric. It circles around 56-57%, which is one of the highest numbers you can find among the bot lane synergies. In other words, Vayne and Taric win way more than they lose in all servers and elos of League of Legends.

Why is This The Case?

Well, Taric has a few tools that turn Vayne into a monster marksman. For starters, Taric’s heal and bonus armor allow Vayne to safely farm in the laning phase. And thanks to it, she can quickly scale and reach her power spikes.

Additionally, Taric has a great stun mechanic. It can be used as a counterplay in situations where enemies jump on Vayne. It will allow Vayne to get away or gain enough range to start hitting back.

But Taric’s ultimate is what makes the biggest difference here. His Cosmic Radiance is one of the best abilities in the entire game. It turns Vayne invulnerable, allowing her to damage their opponents without losing HP. This is incredibly helpful in all situations, especially in games against assassins or fighters. 

So, when should you play the Taric and Vayne combo. Honestly, any matchup is good as long as you aren’t particularly aggressive in the early game. Taric doesn’t have too much damage, and Vayne’s power depends on levels and gold. So, it’s best to take it slowly and farm for the late game.

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2. Soraka

Soraka Top Best Support for Vayne in Season 12

Soraka has a similar function when it comes to supporting Vayne. And the biggest reason why she and Vayne have such a high win rate together (around 56%) is that Soraka can keep Vayne alive all the way to the late game.

In other words, Soraka’s best asset is her heal. She’s able to continually top Vayne’s health in lane, making it almost impossible for their opponents to slay them. This is particularly handy in those aggressive matchups, such as Caitlyn, Brand, Leona, and Draven. 

However, Soraka isn’t just a heal bot in LoL. You can often see experienced players completely outplay their enemies on the champion. Soraka can silence champions and put them into a root. But she can also damage them and slow them down. All of these tools go well with Vayne’s playstyle, so you have to apply them too.

In team fights, the power of Soraka and Vayne is almost unmatched. This is because Soraka has nearly unlimited healing to support Vayne with. And unless you’re playing a very bursty assassin, you can’t really slay Vayne when Soraka is healing her.

Their endurance is further backed up by Soraka’s ultimate, Wish. This ability is an AoE heal that can single-handedly win a team fight. If used right after Soraka’s W, Astral Infusion, it can regain 60-70% of Vayne’s lost health.

And the best part about it is that Grevious Wounds no longer works against Wish. Soraka’s R heals the target no matter the Grevious Wound percentage. And this means that as long as Soraka has her ultimate ready, Vayne simply can’t die.

So, that’s why Soraka is one of the best supports for Vayne in League of Legends.

3. Yuumi

Yummi Top Best Support for Vayne in Season 12

Although Yuumi is a ridiculous champion, she’s also one of the most broken ones. Not too many champions can stay untargetable during the entire fight and still influence it in their favor. So, she and Vayne are a great pair when it comes to team fighting.

When you analyze Yuumi as a champion, you can see that she doesn’t go well with any champion either. But if her bot laner is weak, she can choose to attach herself to a carry ally. However, in this case, she doesn’t have to. Vayne is one of the strongest carries in League of Legends, no matter the sore.

Yuumi can tilt players out of their minds simply by keeping her attached ally alive. It’s insane when you think about how much value she brings to the table while being nearly invincible.

While attached to Vayne, Yuumi can use her ability to kit to slow their enemies down, so Vayne can chase them. She can also root their opponents, making it easier for Vayne to take them down. But most importantly, Yuumi can keep Vayne alive with her heal.

Yuumi’s E, Zoomies, is one of the most potent heals in the game. It rivals Soraka’s heal, despite being a single ability. And it’s incredibly useful to Vayne, especially in the early game.

And the thing that many players forget about Yuumi is the fact that she grants up to 20% AD or AP to the champion she’s attached. For Vayne, this is very helpful because it amplifies her damage significantly in the late game. And that’s why her DPS is the highest when paired with Yuumi.

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4. Zyra

Zyra Top Best Support for Vayne in Season 12

Zyra doesn’t have a heal, a shield, or invulnerability for Vayne. But, she has damage! And a lot of it! Seriously, Zyra is one of the most broken supports in the game and one of the best ones for Vayne. 

You can’t often see an exceptional Zyra player in solo queue, but believe me, there are. And when you’re matched against that kind of a Zyra player, plus a Vayne next to her, it’s all pain and sadness. Why?

Well, Zyra is a highly aggressive champion in lane. Her abilities are designed in such a way that she can always apply her damage, no matter whether there are minions in the lane or not.

What do I Mean by This?

For example, Zyra’s E, Grasping Roots, travels through minions and damages every target it hits, no matter the number. Similarly, Zyra’s Q, Deadly Spines, also damages all enemies in a line for the same amount. This makes it easy for her to poke Vayne’s opponent and keep them away from her.

One thing that experienced Zyra players also take advantage of is her plants. You can use Zyra’s plants to block skill shots or torment the enemy ADC when he’s trying to farm. This alone can win you the lane, so make sure to constantly apply them.

On the other hand, Vayne has a different playstyle when she’s around Zyra. Although she can engage in a fight from time to time, it’s often the Zyra player who creates all the kill opportunities for Vayne. It is actually the opposite when playing Vayne with Taric, Soraka, and Yuumi, but it’s very interesting too.

So, Zyra is one of the best supports for Vayne in League of Legends, without a doubt!

5. Janna

Janna Top Best Support for Vayne in Season 12

 Janna is one of the most versatile support champions in League of Legends. And you can always pick her to try and enable your teammates to carry you to victory. But this is especially true if you have Vayne in your team.

The way Janna and Vayne play the laning phase is very simple. Vayne usually focuses on farming while Janna is there to either poke or protect Vayne while she’s collecting gold. There aren’t usually too many 2v2 opportunities that these two champions can take, but they can certainly get a double kill if they outplay their opponents.

Once the laning phase is over, Vayne and Janna can show their true power. During the mid-game, Vayne becomes a monster. And with Janna by her side, Vayne can indefinitely kite and deal damage to anyone in range. On top of a low-cooldown shield, Janna has two knock-up effects and a slow. This is more than enough to keep Vayne safe from all kinds of trouble.

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6. Brand

Brand Top Best Support for Vayne in Season 12

And finally, we have Brand! Brand’s role in the bot lane is similar to that of Zyra’s, but it also has differences. He and Vayne have a high win rate of 53%, which is great, considering the fact that Brand can’t support Vayne in the traditional way.

Now, Brand’s damage isn’t as good as Zyra in the early game. However, he has a stun instead of root, which is usually more effective in the 2v2 fights. And if Brand stuns an enemy near a wall, Vayne can use this opportunity to stun that enemy as well.

As the game progresses, Brand’s damage becomes almost unbearable. In my opinion, his passive is totally broken, especially in the late game. This helps Vayne shred tanks even quicker, so it’s a great bonus to her damage too.

During the laning phase, Brand is the one that dictates the tempo. Vayne can safely farm if Brand is chasing her opponents away with his W, but that isn’t always the case. Brand is a short-ranged champion himself, so it does take knowledge and skill to make this combo work.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t win with this duo. In fact, I would say that it is one of the easiest bot lane combos to play after the 15th minute. Vayne can kite enemies all day long. And Brand only needs to activate his ultimate to spread his passive.

All in all, Brand is one of the best supports for Vayne if played correctly. He provides damage and peeling, two things that not all support champions can provide at the same time. So definitely this duo out! 

And those are the top 6 best supports for Vayne in season 12 of League of Legends!

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