Top 7 Best Supports For Xayah in Season 12

Xayah never really got to the point of power that players wanted for her in season 12. The mythic item changes didn’t give her anything new while simultaneously buffing multiple aspects of other ADC picks. This and similar reasons pushed Xayah in the last place of the bot lane tier list in terms of win rate. However, Xayah isn’t a weak champion. She packs a lot of damage in her tool kit and can be pretty effective in particular matchups. So let’s talk about the best supports for Xayah in season 12 of League of Legends!

Keep in mind that Xayah is still picked in professional play. This isn’t only because of her survivability (because of her ultimate) but also because of her overall playstyle. So you need to know which supports best suit Xayah and how you can make her work!

7 Best Supports for Xayah

1. Rakan

Everybody knows that Xayah and Rakan were released as a packaged product. They are the first official duo that was actually meant to be played that way since the very beginning. So Riot Games gave them a lot of synergies, some of which are 

The first bonus you get when playing Xayah and Rakan is the shared recall. We can’t stress enough how powerful this can be in given situations. For example, Rakan can linger in the lane while Xayah is recalling to give false information to the enemies as if they’re staying in the lane. Or, Xayah can finish off her minion wave and then jump onto the recalling Rakan to instantly get back to base. This helps when clearing wards as well. Really, just get creative here!

The Rakan + Xayah combo can play both aggressively or defensively. Rakan has good tools for engaging and disengaging, so it’s more about picking the right time to attack. His W is the perfect setup for Xayah’s feathers, and his E is a reliable defensive option in team fights.

After level 6, the pair grows even more robust due to their additional way of outplaying their opponents. Both of their ultimates can turn the tide of the battle if timed correctly!

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2. Thresh

Thresh is perhaps the second-best support Xayah in season 12. He is already great with other ADC champions, but he can also enable Xayah to become the carry.

First off, Thresh is an excellent pick for controlling the laning phase. His Q is one of the scariest abilities in League of Legends, so positioning is essential for Thresh. On the other hand, Xayah can play peacefully since Thresh will always be in the front line. This is really a must for her in season 12.

Xayah also struggles with movement speed deficiency and is prone to ganking before level 6. Thresh can help by throwing her the lantern. This is also useful when Thresh is playing aggressively, and Xayah needs to get near the opponents as fast as possible.

In team fights, Thresh is simply the greatest. His crowd control abilities can open the way for Xayah to deal massive amounts of damage while also protecting her. As long as the enemies cannot lock down Xayah, she is a very effective champion in League and can easily solo carry games!

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3. Braum

And lastly, we have Braum! Braum is a fantastic choice for supporting Xayah because he can protect her throughout the game. Xayah needs a bit of time to scale, so surviving the early game is really the key to her success.

Well, Braum has multiple tools for this. His Unbreakable wall can soak all incoming attacks and give Xayah enough time to either run away or deal damage. Additionally, Braum’s passive synergizes well with Xayah’s W, and the additional attack speed helps to quickly put an enemy in stun.

Once they unlock their ultimates, both Xayah and Braum can be pretty helpful in team fights. Xayah’s R is one of the best abilities for a marksman in LoL because it can save her from anything. And Braum’s R can stop anyone from trying to reach Xayah, which is always suitable for an ADC.

4. Nami

Nami goes well with Xayah due to the synergy of Xayah’s W and Nami’s E. Xayah’s W grants her attack speed and movement speed when she hits an enemy champion. Nami’s E empowers her ally, making their subsequent three attacks or abilities deal bonus magic damage and slow the target. The bonus movement speed and slow on the enemy make it very easy to stick to your target, and the bonus attack speed and magic damage make your DPS output a lot higher than usual.

Also, Nami can set up Xayah quite nicely. If Nami can land her Q, Xayah can follow up with a Q and an auto to stack three feathers from her passive right behind the target. Xayah can then cast E to chain a root onto the target and deal a hefty lot of burst. If Nami has her ultimate available, she can stack it on top of this to further the duration of CC on the target.

5. Alistar

Alistar is yet another champion that can stack crowd control with Xayah. His W Q combo that knocks up a target makes it easy for Xayah to follow up with damage. Alistar will more often than not be able to charge his E since his target is not moving, enabling him to end the chain with an aggregate stun.

Alistar is also a really beefy frontline, especially when he reaches level 6, where his ultimate grants him damage reduction to all incoming damage, making him much tankier than he looks. His passive does provide some sustain in lane, allowing him and Xayah to farm and trade more.

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6. Blitzcrank

Xayah struggles in reaching enemies she is not already engaging. How can we counter this? Well, pulling the enemy right into us, of course! Blitzcrank is infamous for pulling champions into his team with his Q, granting most ADCs enough time to initiate a favorable trade, and Xayah is no exception to this, especially if she can set up a root on the target.

Blitz also has his abilities as a disengage tool; if an opponent is chasing Xayah, he may pull them toward him, E them for the knock-up, and immediately use his W to get himself out of danger. Even if he gets burst down, Blitzcrank is a challenging champion to kill if he has his passive shield ready.

7. Leona

Leona is no stranger to engaging and tanking; she is exceptional on both fronts. Leona has arguably one of the best kits to engage or disengage fights in her Q E R abilities, and her W makes her nearly impossible to kill once it is appropriately ranked up.

Sometimes, all Xayah needs is a tanky frontliner who can soak up tons of damage and just annoy the enemy in general, and Leona certainly fits that bill.

And those are the top 7 best supports for Xayah in LoL season 12!

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