The Best Syndicate Comp & Strategies in TFT – In-Depth Guide

The Syndicate composition is one of the strongest compositions in patch 6.5, called The Neon Nights. The Syndicate comp isn’t a new thing that the new patch brought us since it was already with us with patch 6, called The Gizmos and Gadgets. 

In the early stages of patch 6, they were unbeatable, and people were spamming The Rabbadon’s Death Cap, Hextech Gunblade, and The Blue Buff on Darius, who would work as a never-ending carousel of death, slashing all that crosses his path and healing 100% of his HP with every ult, which, since you got The Blue Buff, was every two seconds. 

If you had Darius level three, he could basically go one vs. nine and beat everyone. Luckily Riot has seen their mistake and balanced them in a pretty nice way. They are now one of the best-balanced compositions in the game, especially since the release of many new traits and classes with the arrival of The Neon Nights. 

That means that they aren’t likely to get buffed or nerfed in the times to come. And that is good news since the worst thing that can possibly happen is for you to learn one comp and spam it constantly, for Riot just to nerf it, and it becomes useless and pointless. 

The newly added champions make this composition very strong since they are the ones from the higher costing scale. When combined with The Bodyguards, and if you have any luck of scoring The Syndicate Emblem, chances are you are most likely to win that particular game.

The Syndicate offers a very powerful team synergy that works really well on high damage dealing units because of the innate bonus to omnivamp, as well as additional Armor & Magic Resistance that makes hyper-carries survive fights much better. 

Not getting an Ahri isn’t necessarily an instant loss, which means that you don’t need luck in order to pull off a decent Syndicate Build that performs consistently. In this Teamfight Tactics Syndicate Build Guide. 

I will showcase the most popular beginner-friendly TFT Syndicate build and how to play it throughout the early, mid, and late game, which are the best Hextech Augments for this comp, as well as how to gear and position your units. 

Certain allies are cloaked in shadows, gaining 55 Armor, 55 Magic Resist, and 20% Omnivamp (healing for a percentage of all damage dealt).

  • 3 – The Syndicate champion with the lowest percent Health
  • 5 – All Syndicate champions
  • 7 – Your whole team, and the effects are increased by 60%

Without Further Ado, I Would Like To Introduce You To The Squad

Arranged according to their respective In-game prices, the list goes:

  • Darius
  • Ashe
  • Zyra
  • Morgana
  • Ahri
  • Braum

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Darius is one of the strongest gold coin costing champions, and when patch 6 called The Gizmos and Gadgets first came out, he was unbeatable. He would be like a blender just spinning around the board with the incredible healing and damage power. 

Since he is part of both The Syndicate and The Bodyguard traits, his sustain is only topped by Braum, who shares both of those traits as well. If you didn’t understand perfectly, Riot has made two champions with two same traits, which are both in incredible harmony with each other and can create incredible synergy between themselves. 

What a coincidence? Both of the champions are front-liners as well and will most likely stand next to each other on the battlefield. Those two champions alone make this composition one of the strongest there is since with just two champions on the board, you have two Syndicates and two Bodyguards. 

Darius is better damage-wise, while Braum is more focused on the defense-utility field. Combined, they have the strength of 4 champions, I promise you. When he came out, you could easily stack The Rabbadon’s Death Cap, The Hextech Gunblade, and The Blue Buff on Darius, and the game would be pretty much over once he hits level three. 

Now that has changed, and he doesn’t do very well with those items. When I say he doesn’t do or perform very well, I mean, it can not be compared with the damage he had before nerfs, but I promise you, even now, with those items equipped on Darius, he can do some pretty sick stuff. 

But, those items now go much better with some actual AP scaling champions, so for Darius’s items, I would go for The Warmogs Armor, The Titan’s Resolve, The Sunfire Cape, The Redemption, The Bramble’s Vest. You get the point. 

Although I have to say the disclaimer that I wouldn’t equip Darius with any items unless you have The Magnetic remover since there are a lot more champions in the Syndicate composition, which can do much more and benefit more from them than Darius can.

For positioning, you should go straight on, face to face with the enemy. He should be placed in the front row of your battle arena so he can do some damage while taking aggro instead of your team. Talking about taking one for the team, eh?

Since he is a relatively low-cost unit, Darius shouldn’t be a problem getting to level three. If you are still in the early game, you should make that a priority, but if you are somewhere towards the mid-game, I wouldn’t bother to be honest.

Dariuse’s ability and stats:


Darius swings his axe in a circle, dealing magic damage, then heals himself for each enemy hit.

  • Damage: 100/150/200
  • Heal: 50/75/100
  • Health 650 / 1170 / 2106
  • Armor 40
  • MR 40
  • Damage 60 / 108 / 194.4
  • Speed 0.5
  • DPS 30 / 54 / 97
  • Mana 70 / 120


Ashe, along with Zeri, is the newest part of set 6.5. Along with the Sniper trait, Ashe has found her place with Syndicates, but she benefits far more, damage-wise, with her friends in the trait of snipers!

She is quite a looker too! Many of us expected Ashe’s ability to be her ult from the Summoners Rift, but guys from Riot have decided for her Q. The scaling on the spell is 100% of her attack damage, so she scaled well with some heavy ad items.

Ashe does work well with the Sniper comp as i said earlier but that doesn’t mean she is worthless with The Syndicates. When you have at least 5 Syndicates and a level two Ashe she can get you out from a lot of sticky situations. Her enormous range is the tool that will always come handy in any fight you have versus any opponents.

The main thing you should understand that you should never let Ashe take the initial aggro, since she will be wiped from the face of the Earth, or should i say Runterra?

The items I would recommend are Infinity Edge, Deathblade, and if you opt for her as your carry, then some kind of sustain, in the form of Quicksilver or The Edge of the Night. If you already have a carry, and you just want your backup damage deal who shreds enemies from far away, I would opt for Last Whisper.

If Ashe is your carry, she is best placed around the corners at the back of the field with quicksilver and on the inside of the backline if you do not have one on her. She is pretty cheap, and I would recommend maxing her asap whether she is your primary carry or not.

Ashe’s ability and stats:


Ashe fires a volley of arrows centered on her target, dealing 100% of her Attack Damage as physical damage per arrow and slowing their Attack Speed by 15% for 3 seconds.

  • Arrows: 6/7/8
  • Health 600 / 1080 / 1944
  • Armor 20
  • MR 20
  • Damage 70 / 126 / 226.8
  • Speed 0.7
  • DPS 49 / 88 / 159
  • Mana 30 / 60


Zyra is one of those champions that stayed with us through both sets of The Gizmos and Gadgets and The Neon Nights. She is a two gold coin costing unit that has some punch to it. While she is inexpensive, she does pretty nice damage considering her low cost. She rock both The Syndicate and The Scholar traits.

They aren’t that compatible and in harmony but can come useful if you get a hold of The Syndicate or The Scholar emblem, depending on your respective composition for a particular game you are playing. Zyra will benefit from both her compositions but in a different manner.

With The Syndicate comp, she will have higher sustain in the form of armor and MR and the Omnivamp, of course, while in The Scholar composition, she will receive huge amounts of mana, making her being able to spam her ult every couple of seconds. She is quite a strong pick that you can grab early in the game, and it’s the one you should hold onto if you have at least one Syndicate or Scholar in the field. 

She benefits from AP and Mana items, like The Blue Buff, The Spear of Shojin, The Rabbadon’s Death Cap, and The Jeweled Gauntlet.

She should be positioned somewhere in the mid or the backline, preferably in the middle, since she doesn’t have enough power nor strength to carry all by herself and has some utility with her ability to provide some support to your frontline. She will be relatively easy to max since not a lot of people are playing The Syndicates nor The Scholar comp.

Zyra’s Ability and Stats:

Grasping Spines

Zyra summons vines in the row with the most enemies, dealing magic damage and stunning them.

  • Damage: 200/300/500
  • Stun: 1.5/2/2.5
  • Health 600 / 1080 / 1944
  • Armor 20
  • MR 20
  • Damage 50 / 90 / 162
  • Speed 0.7
  • DPS 35 / 63 / 113
  • Mana 60 / 120

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Like many other champions, Morgana came with the arrival of patch 6.5. Riot has made her such a strong pick for a relatively low amount of money since her price is only three gold. I say only, not because that is little, but because you get a four or even five gold cost quality. 

She has a shield, a stun, and does damage. This is basically what you get in The Summoner’s Rift, but even more, since her shield is the part of her ultimate, and it is not a spell shiel but an overall shield that protects against AD, AP, and even true damage. 

These are all the reasons why she is an incredible pick, but that is not all. She also rocks both The Syndicate and The Enchanter traits and goes along so great for both compositions. You can go for The Enchanter – Socialite – Syndicate composition any time of the day and have incredible amounts of defensive stats and unit healing while dishing out some respectable amounts of damage. 

You can even go for The Syndicate – Enchanter composition, and you will have a very good game, I promise you. Morgana is very important everywhere, and you can easily put her in The Socialite spot if you have any Socialites in the game. She will not disappoint, but she can’t be your primarily sustain champion. 

But luckily, she is available to be the prime damage dealer since if you upgrade her with a lot of AP, she can eliminate many targets at the same time with her AOE damage and stun.

Morgana is, as I said, three cost champion, and I wouldn’t expect her to be difficult to upgrade to level three once the later stages of the game come in place. You can always prioritize her if you equip her with some good items.

When we are already talking about items, let me give you some pointers. Morgana can benefit from AP, Mana, and even some tanky items as well. It really depends on what you are going for and what the game itself has brought to you. 

The items that I would recommend are The Rabbadon’s Death Cap, The  Blue Buff, The Archangel’s Staff, The Titan’s Resolve, and The Chalice of Power.

As for positioning, Morgana should be in the first hexes behind the front line, even to the flank, so she can protect some squishier units than herself. Ultimately you want to place her somewhere. She won’t take the initial aggro but will be capable of withstanding the pressure once your frontline is gone.

Morgana’s Ability and Stats:

Soul Shackles

Morgana grants herself a shield for 3 seconds and shackles herself to all enemies in a 2 hex radius. She then deals magic damage per second to them, as long as the shield holds.

If the shield expires without being broken, all targets are stunned. If the shield is broken, Morgana instead refunds herself 30 mana.

  • Shield: 425/550/750
  • Damage: 80/125/175
  • Stun: 1.5/2/2.5
  • Health 800 / 1440 / 2592
  • Armor 50
  • MR 50
  • Damage 50 / 90 / 162
  • Speed 0.6
  • DPS 30 / 54 / 97
  • Mana 60 / 120


The newest addition to the patch 6.5 is also Ahri. She belongs to the S tier, and for a good reason. She is mental. She is so damn strong. I don’t know what Riot was thinking when they were making her. I mean, yes, she does cost four gold coins but still, come on, she is like the better version of Orianna and Jhin.

Along with Ahri came her two traits, and those are The Syndicate trait and The Arcanist trait. She holds onto them with a big smile since she works so well with both comps. With The Arcanist trait, her AP has such a high jump with more Arcanists you have. The Syndicates focus more on utility, but that works as well for her.

Depending on what composition you are going for, you should decide between AP and Omnivamp items or Sustain and Omnivamp items. You get the point. Her ability is a copy of her Summoner’s Rift Q, and it does wonder on the battle arenas of TFT.

He is a strong pick for every comp, and even equipped with some augment and trait, she can work wonders in some different compositions. Her items should be The Rabbadon’s Death Cap, The Hextech Gunblade, The Blue Buff, The Quicksilver.

She should be levelled asap when you have the possibility and resources. She should be positioned far away from the action so she can stack up to her mana and do some serious damage from behind. 

Ahri’s ability and stats:

Orbs of Deception

Ahri fires an orb in a line, dealing magic damage to all enemies it passes through on the way out and the way back. Ahri fires additional orb(s) for each time she has cast this combat. Enemies already hit by an orb now take 80% damage for each subsequent orb.

  • Damage: 125/190/450
  • Additional Orbs: 1/1/2
  • Health 800 / 1440 / 2592
  • Armor 30
  • MR 30
  • Damage 45 / 81 / 145.8
  • Speed 0.75
  • DPS 34 / 61 / 109
  • Mana 0 / 50

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This guy has been with us since The release of The Patch 6. He has been one of the strongest champions in The Gizmos and Gadgets when it comes to defense, and I can safely say that it had stayed the same when The Neon Nights came that it has stayed that way. Braum is with Galio, the best tank in the game. 

His whole kit is focused on the defense, utility, and support of his teammates. He is there to take all the aggro since it is less likely that he will die in the first moments of the game. And even if he does, in the late game, that should leave enough time for your carries to deal some nice damage to your opponent and possibly win you the fight or even the game.

Braum is like a father figure in any composition, protecting his imaginary children that stan behind his mighty Freljordian shield. His looks give you some kind of comfort as well. Like Darius, Braum shares both of those traits as well. 

If you didn’t understand perfectly, again, Riot has made two champions with two same traits, which are both in incredible harmony with each other and can create incredible synergy between themselves. As I said earlier, both of the champions are front-liners as well and will most likely stand next to each other on the battlefield. 

Those two champions alone make this composition one of the strongest there is since with just two champions on the board, you have two Syndicates and two Bodyguards. Darius is better damage-wise, while Braum is more focused on the defense-utility field. Combined, they have the strength of 4 champions.

And again, like Darius, Braum is a tanky frontliner bodyguard that benefits from standard tank items such as being The Warmog’s Armor, The Sunfire Cape, The Dragon’s Claw, The Titan’s Resolve (being the best tank item there is).

His position is in the front line, blocking every shot that comes towards your squishy team. The center or the edges, it doesn’t matter. Nothing can bypass this wall of defense, made from pure ice. He needs to take that aggro because if he doesn’t, you are pretty much toast.

He is a tough one to level, and of course, it should be a priority since level three Braum is pretty much unkillable, but you are going to have a hard time doing that since he costs 4 gold coins and there are relatively few Braums in the collective pool in the game. Be happy if you manage to get him to level two.

Braum’s ability and stats:

Vault Breaker

Braum slams his vault door into the ground, creating a fissure towards his target. Enemies within 2 hexes of Braum, and those struck by the fissure, are stunned and take magic damage.

  • Stun: 1.75/2.25/8
  • Damage: 100/125/1000
  • Health 1100 / 1980 / 3564
  • Armor 60
  • MR 60
  • Damage 70 / 126 / 226.8
  • Speed 0.6
  • DPS 42 / 76 / 136
  • Mana 120 / 200

This concludes our basic units of the Syndicate composition. But, this composition wouldn’t have worked all by itself because of the sheer lack of units. You are going to need a helping hand. 

Two of them, to be exact, one of them being a rocket arm yup, I am talking about our favorite robot from Zaun. If you are among the lucky ones and along the game, you receive The Syndicate emblem. With this guide, you are going to have an amazing team.

Let’s meet our helping units:

  • Blitzcrank
  • Galio


Ah, what would TFT be without him. He has been present in almost 60% of all TFT sets, and his rocket grab has become something like a legend. The rusty robot doesn’t deal a lot of damage, although I can be proven otherwise since I have been budling him with some AP items, and he can one-shot squishy targets, but it works like a one-time deal. 

So I am going to stick to the phrase that he is a non-damaging but high utility unit that every single comp can benefit from, even if he isn’t in harmony with the traits of your current composition. When we are talking about traits, Blitz rocks two of them. Those are The Scrap trait and The Bodyguard trait, with him working great with both of them. 

The most important thing about Blitz is that you have to know how his rocket grab works. The Blitz will pull any champion from the rear-end corner across the side of the map. If there isn’t such a champion at that particular hex, he will pull the one that is in the closest hex to that one. 

Blitz has suffered from a huge nerf along the way of patch 6.5. Before, he would pull a champion directly across the field, not only the ones in the corners. Obviously, this was a huge advantage for anyone that was playing Blitz at the time because he could always just spectate his opponents to the last couple of seconds before a fight and just swap his Blitz and place him in the hex where he would always pull the enemy’s carry.

Blitz is neither front liner nor backliner, but somewhere in the middle of the field, both literally and figuratively speaking. He is a utility-only champion, and his only job is to pull one champion and knock him in the air. After that, his mission is complete, and if he doesn’t die instantly, anything beyond that is a bonus!

I usually don’t equip Blitz with items, but if you would like him to have a chance to pull the opponent twice, then you should go for The Blue Buff, The Spear of Shojin, The Titan’s Resolve.

His position should be in the first or the second row directly across the corner you want to pull the enemy champion from. 

As for leveling, he is an easy champion to level to the max, and bear in mind that the more you level him, the longer he will live and the more chances you get more than one pull per fight.

Blitzcrank’s ability and stats:

Rocket Grab

Blitzcrank pulls the farthest enemy, dealing magic damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. His next attack after pulling knocks up for 1 second. Allies within range prefer attacking Blitzcrank’s target.

  • Damage: 150/300/900
  • Health 650 / 1170 / 2106
  • Armor 45
  • MR 45
  • Damage 65 / 117 / 210.6
  • Speed 0.5
  • DPS – 33 / 59 / 105
  • Mana – 175 / 175

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Galio is one of the strongest Bodyguards and tanks in the game. Period. That is highly expected since the champion itself costs five gold. This amazing champion is ranked A tier now according to Mobalityics, but in my opinion, he is definitely an S Tier. 

Galio rocks even three traits, believe it or not, and it is one of the rare champions that cost five gold that has three traits, making him highly compatible for many compositions and a strong pick as an off-comp champion since he brings Socialite trait to the fight. 

As is said, he rocks three traits, and those traits are The Bodyguard Trait, The Socialite trait, and The Colossus trait. The Colossus trait as itself is a little bit problematic since it requires a small sacrifice in the form of having to liberate two fields in the arena instead of one. 

That is enough for champions that aren’t part of The Colossus squad. Being also The Bodyguard and The Socialite, along with The Colossus, Galio is one of the strongest sustainers and front liners in the whole TFT universe. 

He is great in any composition, but he is also a mighty solo pick, and when you max him to level three, his ult deals a whopping 9000 damage, or to be precise, AOE damage to the opponent side the field.

His items are the standard tank items, so you can always equip him with The Bramble’s Vest, The Warmog’s Armor, The Redemption, The Sunfire Cape, and The Gargoyle’s Stone plate. As I said, he is a mighty front liner, so that is his place in the team. The Centre of the front line, to be precise, is a place where Galio shines the brightest.

Since he is among the most expensive units in the game, I don’t expect you to be able to get lvl three Galio every game, but his leveling is a priority, so even at level two, he is very strong, and you should have that in mind.

Galio’s ability and stats:

Colossal Entrance

Galio becomes invulnerable and leaps into the sky before crashing down on the largest group of enemies. Enemies within a large radius take magic damage and are knocked into the sky. 

The lower the enemy’s maximum Health is compared to Galio’s, the further they are knocked up. Passive: Galio’s critical strikes slam the ground, dealing bonus magic damage to enemies around his target.

  • Damage: 150/225/9001
  • Passive Damage: 100/150/500
  • Stun: 1/1.5/10
  • Health 1200 / 2160 / 3888
  • Armor 70
  • MR 70
  • Damage 110 / 198 / 356
  • Speed 0.65
  • DPS 72 / 129 / 232
  • Mana 200 / 300

Suggested Builds For The Syndicate Composition In TFT

Playstyle Guide

Early Game

Syndicates have a decent early game because of the fact that the core three Syndicates: Darius, Zyra, and Ashe are very easy to get. You’ll always want to run this comp: Darius, Blitz, Zyra, Ashe, and Morgana. 

Though, in some cases, you might not get Morgana early on and a good placeholder for him is as we mentioned previously, Zyra. The main goal is to keep a healthy economy so that you can, later on, get to level eight and rush for a three-star Ahri

Mid Game

During the middle game, you should keep in my with your econ since you will need a lot of gold if you are going to get Ahri, Braum, and Galio. Try focusing on not rolling much and try to get The Syndicate Emblem either through Augment or The Spatula + Chains vest. Tome of traits works great as well.

Late Game

Ideally, the late-game core units of your team should consist of: Darius, Zyra, Morgana, Ahri, Braum, and Ashe. Galio and Blitz are sugar on top as they add additional synergy with bodyguards.

If the gods of TFT smile upon you and you get a +1 Syndicate Augment you will be able to get 7 Syndicates.


The Syndicate composition is among the strongest ones out there but requires a lot of gold, since the most important champions both damage, defense, and utility wise are one of the highest costs in-game. 

You need to save as much gold as you can, and do everything in your power to get the hold of The Syndicate Emblem any way you can, and let’s be honest there are a lot of ways and the Riot has made it pretty easy for you to do so. 

This comp isn’t played that much so that is a revelation when it comes to leveling up your units. The problem starts with Ahri since a lot of players are playing The Arcanist composition now, but that is where your extra gold can certainly help you. 

If you follow this guide, you are going to have an unbeatable force of 7 Syndicates and 4 Bodyguards, protecting both your HP and your LP as well. 

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