5 Best Teamfight ADCs in League of Legends

The one thing people often forget about League of Legends is that it’s a multiplayer game. Individualism plays a massive part in how a match goes, but teamwork matters the most. Cooperation and communication between players can alone decide a game’s fate before it even begins. 

Though a good, healthy team environment is nearly perfect, what you pick is vital. Picking Champions that rely on single targets or solo gameplay might not be a good idea in the long run. While that might net you a ton of kills and even allow carrying, you should always seek to have a good team fighting roster.

This is where this article comes in. We’ve compiled the 5 best team fighting ADCs in League of Legends. Often viewed as a solo-carry-oriented role, ADCs can be just as good at team fights. 

We’ve covered all other roles in the game in this regard. Be sure to check out our website better to grasp team fights, their importance, and their mechanics. 

Without further ado, let’s begin! 

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Who Are The Best Teamfight ADCs in League of Legends?

5. Xayah

Way back in the day, when the game was in its infancy, to get a Champion every other month was considered a godsend. At one point, Riot started releasing Champions on a bi-weekly basis, it seemed, and no one was surprised when Xayah came out. As if one Champion wasn’t enough, Riot gave us two – an ADC and Support combo with unique mutual interactions. 

Xayah is the better of the two. While Rakan has his quirks, mechanics, and powers, Xayah is the domineering force that can change a game’s outcome singlehandedly. Her Laning Phase is good, and Xayah can easily harass her opponents from a distance. If things get heated, Xayah has her way of answering to that, too, with a ton of damage and mobility. 

What makes her team fighting insane are her feathers. They can spawn through a few ways in Xayah’s kit, primarily her Ultimate. When she recalls the feathers to her, they deal massive damage on their way back and can even root. Xayah’s Ultimate, with the broad cone of feathers, can thus root and chunk an entire team in a single button press. 

Her basic piercing attacks can also hit multiple people simultaneously, giving Xayah the additional AOE that everyone loves. She focuses attack speed a lot in most of her builds, which only means that she’ll be shredding through the enemy team like they’re butter. 

Overall, Xayah is an excellent Champion to pick up. If you happen to stumble upon the ADC role soon, make sure to give her a try. 

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4. Jinx

As the star of the recent smash hit anime Arcane, Jinx was bound to appear on a list about ADCs. People might be surprised at her inclusion since Jinx doesn’t precisely scream “team fighting” with her kit or playstyle. However, there are good reasons for my choosing to do so, and I’ll discuss them shortly. 

First of all, Jinx is completely busted in Laning. She has a super satisfying basic attack animation, accompanied by solid attack speed, that makes farming a charm. Though the range might be shorter, she can extend it through her Q. The extended and more powerful auto attacks will cost her mana per attack, but it’s inconsequential as she’ll recover it faster than she can expend. 

That rocket-launcher mode on her Q can be insane in the late game, giving Jinx the power of a considerable range and even more damage. She can wreck opponents from a vast distance which makes kiting an afterthought. Usually, you’d see ADCs running away, but Jinx chases her enemies. 

This aggressive playstyle can, and often does, get Jinx fed quickly. She can then use that might to dominate the opposing forces with ease. Team fighting prowess only comes naturally, and there’s some specific stuff she’s good at as well. 

Her rocket launcher does AOE damage. It’s not that much, but it’s enough to peel the enemies slowly during a prolonged altercation. Her E can stun up to three people at once, and her Ultimate is an AOE nuke that does a ton of damage. Jinx prioritizes attack speed above all else, and she’ll be dishing out those attacks rapidly. 

All in all, she’s absolutely amazing. Both character and Champion-wise – Jinx is a top-tier pick at the moment. Due to her anime-induced popularity, she’s likely to remain at the top for the foreseeable future. I highly recommend you make use of the situation while you still can. 

3. Twitch

Likely the best pick on the list, this god damned rat is a marvel. Starting off slowly, Twitch picks up the pace as the game progresses and eventually reaches a godly level that no one can fight against. This power pinnacle is absolutely insane, and Twitch becomes unreachable and unkillable once he gets there. 

His Laning Phase is, as I’ve mentioned above, slow. He doesn’t have much of an attack speed, nor are his abilities useful here. He can nuke people with his E, but it’s situational and takes a bit to wind up to be that impactful. Twitch gets a chance to deal massive damage in the early game only during prolonged and actual fights. 

Once he gets to the mid-game, things begin to change. Twitch relies heavily on his items and Ultimate for viability. Before he gets them to a decent level, he’s gonna have to take things down a notch. The mid-game is a turning point as Twitch will have likely bought at least a mythic and leveled his Ultimate a couple times. 

That Ultimate gives him so much damage that he can wipe an entire team singlehandedly. Its piercing bullets, or bolts, eviscerate people’s health bars like they were nothing. And it only keeps getting worse. By the time Twitch has a full build, you’ve already lost the game. There’s almost no way of playing against a full-build Twitch. 

His range, damage, attack speed, and elusiveness are impossible challenges to overcome. If there’s a good Support buffing him like Lulu or Yuumi, you can kiss goodbye to killing Twitch. A few attacks from his Ultimate and, boom, you’re all dead and gone. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Twitch. Whether you want to play him as an ADC or a Jungler, there’re not many Champions like him. A true scaling beast, Twitch is undoubtedly the best team fighting ADC. But our others aren’t too shabby either, so keep reading for that. 

2. Ashe

One of the oldest Champions in the game, Ashe is the OG ADC that everyone loves to hate. She’s had her ups and downs over the years, and that’s only natural considering her age. If you had a kid when Ashe and LoL were released – they’d be finishing elementary school by now. Things are bound to be a little volatile in such a long time span. 

AS things stand, Ashe is a perfectly fine ADC capable of doing so much both individually and in team fights. Her Laning Phase is pretty nice. She has her W for safe harassing, annoying auto attacks that slow people every hit, etc. She’s the queen of slows, and no one can escape her easily once she gets on their tails. 

Though she focuses much more on doing single-target damage, Ashe is an absolute beast. With the proper positioning and movement, Ashe players can pick off players one by one, even in a chaotic team fight. Her damage is insane, especially when she activates that deadly Q. It turns her bow into a rapid-firing submachine gun that dishes out damage like it’s free. 

Keen-eyed Ashe players can also utilize her Ultimate. It has a stun that can last up to 4-5 seconds, enough to kill any target, no matter how fed and robust they are. Using this spell on the right person, one button press can change the fight’s outcome – and, consequently, the match. 

I love Ashe, and there’s just so much that’s great about her. She’s so simple yet full of complex and deep mechanics that one section in an article just isn’t enough to cover it all. Go check her out right now; you won’t regret it. 

1. Kai’Sa

And now, last but not least, is the bread and butter of hyper carries. This overloaded beast is Riot’s most controversial release in League of Legends history, and for good reasons. I won’t go over those reasons now, as some might even poke their heads anyways. I will instead focus on the matter at hand, and we’ll leave detailed explanations and controversies for another day.

Kai’Sa starts the game solidly. However, she will take some time before reaching her full potential. Her spells can evolve, and said evolutions directly rely on itemization. As Kai’Sa gains power from items, so do her spells. She’s meticulously designed to be a scaling hyper carry that will reach her zenith in the late game. 

That is if she doesn’t utterly dominate her Lane. And, spoiler alert, she often does. Despite having a rough start, Kai’Sa is not to be underestimated. Her damage and range are good enough to fight early on, and people shouldn’t be approaching her lightly. Even if you’re far away, Kai’Sa has her W that can chunk you heavily from a vast distance. 

Her team fighting is way more fun than most other ADCs. Kai’Sa has solid AOE damage on a short cooldown on her Q, but that’s not the primary thing. Kai’Sa loves getting up close and personal with enemies, and her Ultimate is designed directly for this. It dashes her towards an opponent, granting a shield in the process. 

She can kill people in split seconds after jumping in front of them. While other ADCs like to run around and kite, she takes the fight to them. With heavy impact, a ton of damage, and general obscenity – Kai’Sa is genuinely a fantastic team fighting ADC. 

I love her, and you will, too. Just go ahead and give her a try – trust me on this one. 


With so many Champions in the game, it’s challenging to select five of the best. Even when we narrow the selection down by choosing only from a particular pool, it isn’t that easy. To be the best means something, and the Champions listed above are incredible. I would love it if you gave them all a try as they’re unique in every possible aspect. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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