Top 7 Best Teamfighting Junglers in League of Legends

In League of Legends, you will have to fight a ton. It is a crucial part of the game; there’s no pacifist approach to League. Individual skirmishes will be the most common, yet not the most important. You see, League of Legends games are often decided by who wins more *critical* team fights. 

Specific team compositions can inherently have an edge in team fighting, and each role has something to contribute. We’ve covered the best team fighting Champions for all of the other roles, and we’re only left with the Jungle unexplored. 

We’ve compiled the 7 best Team fighting Junglers in League in this list. We hope to give you deep insight into which Champions can have the most impact on a team fight while still being good Junglers. It is hard to balance two great mechanics, but these Champions do just that.

So, with the introduction out of the way, let’s begin with our list! 

7. Nunu

Nunu has recently had an insane resurgence in the game. I remember a time when Nunu was considered an explicit troll pick. If you saw a Nunu, paired with Ghost and Cleanse, you already knew what was going on. However, this has dramatically changed throughout the past few Seasons, and in Seasons 11 and 12 especially, Nunu has garnered quite a reputation. 

From the very start of the game, he can utilize his snowball to great advantage. He can cross a great distance quickly using the extra movement speed and crash into multiple opponents for massive damage. This crash will also dish out some good CC that can change the course of the battle. 

He is a Champion that comes in last but hits like a train. The damage can be deadly if Nunu builds up some AP alongside his usual kit. Once he’s in the fray, he can use his insanely powerful Ultimate for a tremendous slow and obscene AOE damage. A fully charged Nunu Ultimate is something no one wants to experience. I can’t even begin to mention what I’ve seen this ability do throughout the years. 

Nunu’s Jungling overall is outstanding. With fast clears and great sustain, he can consistently stay above the enemy Jungler in terms of XP and farm. I recommend you give Nunu a try if you happen upon the role any time soon. 

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6. Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks is probably among the best-known Champions in League of Legends. His ability to dominate and achieve a good map presence is unprecedented, except for a few examples. He can clear the Jungle with blazing speed while remaining at full health for the duration. This gives him some extra edge over the enemy Jungler, which he can then use to control the map. 

In team fights, before level 6, Fiddlesticks doesn’t do too much. He can dish out some damage, fear an enemy or two, and generally, his impact isn’t that great. However, once he reaches level 6 and above, Fiddlesticks immediately becomes one of the best team fighting Champions in League of Legends proper. 

His Ultimate can utterly decimate entire teams. When he builds up some AP, he will have no trouble almost one-shotting people with this spell. If he Ults from the fog of war, Fiddle will also fear the enemies he lands on. It is insane how much utility this one spell has, and it truly makes Fiddle a dreaded demon of the Rift. 

For all of these reasons and more, I highly recommend Fiddle. He’s super fun and not too challenging to learn. When you do get the hang of him, you’ll truly understand the praise I’m giving him here. 

5. Amumu

Amumu was always present among the League of Legends Jungle community. He was sporadically picked by people every now and then. However, he never achieved that great level of importance like some of the others on here. When he got updated and received the second Q charge – that’s when things changed. This simple change propelled Amumu to the top of the Jungle game, in every rank, where he remains today. 

Ever since, and even before, Amumu has been recognized as one of the best team fighting Champions. Among the Junglers, he certainly stands out in this regard. He can join the fight from great distances, apply heavy CC and completely change how battles turn out. Like Fiddle, his true potential is unlocked once he reaches level 6 and gets the Ultimate.

This AOE spell can stun an entire team for a substantial time. Amumu and his team can use this to clean the enemies up easily. One single button press – and it’s game over. 

Amumu’s overall Jungling is also pretty nice. With a lot of AOE and substantial damage, he can clear camps quickly and efficiently. Ganking is also kinda his thing, and he will have a great map presence throughout the game. I recommend you check him out, as he is pretty unique. 

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4. Rammus

Rammus is definitely one of if not the most hated Jungler of mine. I just hate seeing him in the opposite team. This is especially so if I’m playing an AD Champion or a Champion reliant on basic attacks overall. He has a knack for deflecting damage back to you. Playing against Rammus is just a game of “why are you hitting yourself” that lasts for 40 minutes. 

Anyhow, he’s also great in team fighting, despite my best effort to degrade him. Using his powerful CC and taunts, he can disable vital targets for a good while. This can help his team get an advantage and easily win the fight in a 4v5 scenario. 

This is not his only tool for team fights, however. He also has his Ultimate, a powerful ability that has recently received a massive change. It is no longer a simple pulsation beneath Rammus. No, it is now a vast jump that scales with movement speed. He can do massive damage and CC with the spell, quickly disrupting entire teams. 

Rammus’ Jungling is also solid. He can clear camps without too much issue, while his primary focus is ganking. Using his movement speed, he can charge into a Lane and make short work of any Champion. I strongly recommend you give him a try; he can be some great fun at times. I also suggest you pick him in URF. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience. 

3. Zac

Zac has been known around the bloc for being among the best engaging Champions ever. He has received many changes and had the same reverted. This caused him to be quite chaotic, and people did avoid him for a while. Today, he is genuinely a great Champion and Jungler. He can control fights, make amazing ganks, and much more using his powerful kit. 

He has a ton of AOE CC, which comes from most of his kit. He is strongly focused on AOE disabling and consistently disrupting multiple opponents. His E, which he can use from insane distances, can also stun multiple people. This consistent CC gives Zac some significant control over how the fight goes and makes the enemies fear his engagement. 

In the Jungle, Zac does what most Junglers do. There isn’t much to be said about his overall ability to clear camps, as he doesn’t focus much on that anyways. His primary focus will be ganking, as he can use his E to jump over terrain from a vast distance. This range makes his ganks unexpected in most situations since he comes basically out of nowhere. If he lands his E, it’s game over for the enemy ganked, lest they burn their Flash. 

Zac has always been a fun Champion. At every stage of his existence in the game, he has always found a way to be viable. In the game’s current state, he’s excellent, and I highly recommend you play him. 

2. Sejuani

Sejuani is a Champion that focuses solely on being as annoying as possible. It’s incredible how mind-numbingly insane this Champion can act at times. She is possibly the entry that stands out the most on this list, as she has some gameplay mechanics that are vastly different than the rest. All of the Champions on this list do something extraordinary – either farm or gank. Sejuani does both, and the team fights are something else entirely. 

Her primary focus is applying as much CC as humanly possible. She has so many stuns on her kit that she can basically lock you into place while she smashes you down. During fights, she will focus on doing this exact thing – stun enemies for as much and as long as possible. Her Ultimate can freeze multiple people into place, dealing massive damage in the process.

In the Jungle, she can quickly clear camps without breaking a sweat. While she does great in this regard, she will also focus primarily on ganking. Her ganks are super easy to perform and almost always warrant a Flash burn. She’s inescapable at times and becomes very annoying in the process. 

Sejuani was always a popular pick in the Jungle. For multiple Seasons now, people have deemed her among the better of Junglers. And rightfully so – she does everything you’d want from a Jungler, and she does it well. I recommend you give her a try and see what I mean for yourself. 

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1. Hecarim

Hecarim is a dominant force on the Rift and has been for multiple Seasons. He has had a rise in prominence and power during the past two. Honestly, I’ve never seen Hecarim be as powerful as he is right now – with the ability to one shot and basically obliterate people’s HP like it’s paper. 

In team fighting, Hecarim has his mechanisms. Before level 6, he can do significant single-target damage and CC, while post-6, he has some great AOE to go alongside. He can fear the entire enemy team, with massive damage, using only his Ultimate. Afterward, he can proceed with the usual single target-focused gameplay. Hecarim is best known for his speed, and he does everything blazingly fast. Sometimes, you wonder what happened after his engages. 

In the Jungle, he can do everything just fine. With his 0 cooldown AOE Q, he can quickly decimate even the largest of camps. It takes no time for him to farm up and get on a reasonable level. He will primarily focus on ganking due to his blazing speed. It takes Hecarim no time to reach any part of the map, allowing for some excellent map presence overall. 

I recommend Hecarim to everyone right now. He is having the time of his life, so be sure not to miss out before he is inevitably nerfed. 


As we can see, the Jungle has its own roster of Champions equipped perfectly for team fighting. Like the rest of the roles, the Jungle is full of various Champions with unique mechanics and playstyles that can work amazingly in many different situations. Be sure to check out our best team fighting Top, Bot, Mid, and Support Champions to grasp the topic better. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift. 

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