The Best Teemo ARAM Build in Season 12

Everyone thinks that Teemo can't do well in the ARAM, but they couldn't be more wrong. Here's what makes Teemo so great in the ARAM and here's the best build for him!

When it comes to Teemo in ARAM, season 12 is his time to shine! The little devil has recently received an indirect buff in the form of a patch note. In fact, Riot Games did remove the Oracle’s Extract potion, which made it possible for us to see invisible traps and champions. And Teemo is now unbeatable! There is almost nothing that can uncover him or his mushrooms, so nothing to counter him with! So if you want to know how to best build and play Teemo in ARAM in season 12, then you’ve come to the right place!

But, the “no counterplay” detail isn’t the only power spike that Teemo received in season 12! His go-to mythic item, Liandry’s Anguish, now not only boosts the damage of his R – Noxious Trap, but it also provides him with mana and ability haste! This is crucial for his early game strength because his Q – Blinding Dart becomes basically free to cast.

Teemo excels in every situation, really. He is good at hitting enemies from afar, and he is good in melee range. Hell, he doesn’t even have to appear on the map to kill you! With the right build, Teemo can take down squishy champions from 1 to 2 well-placed mushrooms. As long as you follow this guide, you’ll be able to dominate your games, if not win them all! So let’s learn how to best build Teemo in ARAM in season 12!

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Best Runes for Teemo in ARAM

Teemo can be played in multiple different ways, but we feel like that the Dark Harvest keystone is the perfect rune for him in ARAM. Since ARAM is a fact-paced game mode, Teemo will be able to proc the Dark Harvest very fast, which will turn him in an unstoppable beast!

Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest is the keystone you want to pick up on Teemo. Because ARAM is a much more chaotic and fast-paced game mode than ranked Summoner’s Rift, things like Dark Harvest stack exceptionally quickly. This just means that every time your enemies will step on one of your mushrooms, the initial burst will be almost tripled. And that plays a key part in doing as much damage as possible as Teemo in ARAM in season 12!

Cheap Shot

And the second mandatory rune is, of course, Cheap Shot. Cheap Shot adds true bonus damage to your traps, so it will maximize the potential of every individual mushroom. The crazy thing about it is that this rune has only 4 seconds cooldown. So by the time an enemy champion steps on the next trap, it will activate again!

Eyeball Collection

In the third row, we choose Eyeball Collection for two reasons. First, the other two runes are all about warding, which you can’t do in ARAM. And second, Eyeball Collection is the only damage increase. So it’s a nice buff to possess.

Ultimate Hunter

And Ultimate Hunter just doubles the fun of playing Teemo in ARAM. With every kill or an assist you take, Ultimate Hunter will lower the cooldown of your R. The more enemies you slay, the more traps you can put out! And the more traps you can set, the more people you’re going to kill! Honestly, this is the best-performing rune for Teemo, and you’ll be wise to play with it!

Presence of Mind

Presence of Mind will provide you with enough mana throughout the game. It boosts the mana regeneration during combat tenfold, while restoring 15% instantly after scoring an enemy takedown. This is a way too useful rune to pass out on, so make sure to select it. 

Coup de Grace

Coup de Grace plays a vital part in finishing off enemies. It will make you deal more damage to targets under 40% HP. In other words, no enemy will ever survive on 1 HP. Instead, you’ll be able to score those kills way more easily.


The bonuses are the easiest part of Teemo’s ARAM build in season 12. Two Adaptive Forces plus an Armor/Magic Resist rune will get the job done in almost every game. 

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Best items for Teemo in ARAM

Liandry’s Anguish

As we mentioned above, Liandry’s Anguish is the only mythic item to consider on Teemo. It just completes his ability kit and the way he is supposed to be played. Once you complete the item, the passive burning becomes almost unplayable for any champion in the game. And unless they buy a bunch of magic resist, they’re going to melt away!

Sorcerer’s Shoes

And to help you out with the magic resist problem, Sorcerer’s Shoes will be your first choice. The amount of magic penetration they bring to the build is enough to last you to the late game. The upgrade is only 800 gold, so make sure to get it as soon as possible.

Demonic Embrace

The third best item for Teemo in ARAM is Demonic Embrace. This item is ridiculously strong against tanky champions. It burns them with damage based on their maximum health, so the more HP they purchase, the more damage you’re going to deal with them!


Morellonomicon is your best friend when it comes to dealing with healing comps. And Teemo is excellent with it because the Grevious Wounds effect takes place as soon as his enemies step on his traps. So not only will they burn, but they will also not be able to heal the damage up!

Void Staff

As a fifth item, Void Staff will be the best option! By the time you reach this stage in the game, the chances are that your opponents will already have one or more magic resist items. So adding Void Staff will nullify their purchases and make you even deadlier!

Rabadon’s Deathcap

And Rabadon’s Deathcap is the ultimate item to end the game with! Adding it lastly on top of all that ability power is a massive power spike that makes it almost impossible for Teemo to lose. A well-placed mushrooms, and the game is yours!

Summoner’s Spells

The first thing to take care of is Summoner’s Spells. For Teemo in ARAM, Flash and Heal will always be the best choice. Flash is helpful in every scenario, and it’s a mandatory spell in League of Legends. And no other choice performs better than Heal since Teemo has no need for mana regen or slow effects, for example.

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