Best TFT Overlays You Can Find in 2023

Best TFT Overlays You Can Find in 2023 2023

With the success of Teamfight Tactics during its brief history here, it should be no surprise that several developers have created apps that not only breathe some quality-of-life features into the game, but also help you improve your game by a large margin. 

How you may ask? Well, there are apps out there that do a variety of things, but today, let’s focus on overlays. If you’re not sure what overlays are, don’t worry! We’re going to be discussing what they are, what they do, and some of the best ones you can find right now in 2023. 

What is an Overlay?

Like the name suggests, an overlay is something that sticks to the surface of your screen. More often than not, these overlays focus on real time information projected on your screen. The advantage that overlays have over more traditional informational sheets, say on a website, is that it doesn’t require you to juggle and multitask windows. 

Because it’s on the surface of the screen, it gives the illusion that it is part of the game, and therefore offers a more streamlined, seamless experience. However, like we mentioned before, there are a lot of developers and apps out there. 

For the uninitiated, it may be a daunting task. While we do realize that different overlays serve different purposes, we have taken the liberty of compiling some of the best overlays we personally enjoy, as well as some we know to be good. 

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1. TFTactics

TFTactics Best TFT Overlays You Can Find in 2023 2023

Topping off this list has to be TFTactics. In our opinion, it is one of the best overlays available for Teamfight Tactics. The user interface is very clean, to the point it looks to be integrated into Teamfight Tactics itself. Most of the overlays on this list will share several features, but we feel that TFTactics does it beautifully and doesn’t lack many features. 

It offers recommendations for best itemizations on champions, showing team compositions, some in-depth champion stats, and even the statistical probability of drawing champions!

2. Blitz

Blitz Best TFT Overlays You Can Find in 2023 2023

Blitz is another popular option, particularly with streamers. It has some useful features like checking potential opponents. Blitz attempts to be your personal coach, and in some aspects, it succeeds in doing so. 

It allows you to check team comp rankings and popular pro builds, view recommended items that work well with champions, see who you’ve previously faced for future reference, and even tells you how to improve your usage and keep track of your gold after every match. It doesn’t lack for features, and that’s what makes this one of the most used app for Teamfight Tactics.

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3. Mobalytics

Mobalytics Best TFT Overlays You Can Find in 2023 2023

Mobalytics is another solid option, though some of the more advanced features are hidden behind a paywall. Still, it is still very usable and works fine. 

It offers most of the same features the others do and also works on the base game of League of Legends as well. It also works very similarly to the others and shows you things like the ideal units to place, where to place them, and generally just offers tips for how you should proceed throughout the game. 

4. Lolchess

Lolchess Best TFT Overlays You Can Find in 2023 2023

This is another in-game app that serves as an alternative to others. Much like TFTactics, you can also find this on Overwolf, which is basically a platform that helps developers and users alike through discovery. Most of the TFT apps at this point do the same thing. 

Where they mostly differ is in the user interface and how the items are presented to you. It offers goodies like pro builds and stats, but mostly this serves as a decent mobile or pc overlay for the most part. It also has a nice little synergy simulation where you can experiment and discover what works best in theory. 

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Overlays are very useful tools that really help out in certain situations. Some people think it hinders your growth as a TFT player, but like most things, it depends on how you use it. 

This is a strategy game, after all, and using tools like these can help you improve your game. When you’re feeling a bit more confident, you can slowly wean yourself off your dependence toward it and grow as a player. 

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