Top 7 Best Top Lane Champions for Beginners in LoL

Top 7 Best Top Lane Champions for Beginners in LoL League of Legends

League of Legends has over 150 Champions in its ever-expanding roster. For a new player, it might be difficult to find the right one to play initially. 

The game itself offers you some good options during the tutorial part, but never really goes deep enough into explaining said Champions. Thus, a beginner would be entirely dumbfounded when met with the nearly endless pool of Champions to choose from.

Some Champions are inherently easier than others, and that will always be the case so long as the game exists. With simpler kits, intuitive gameplay, and a frustration-free design, these Champions are best suited for newer players. 

They will be their gateway into the more complex and intricate mechanics that League of Legends has to offer, as there is always something new to discover in the game.

This article will go over the five best Top Lane Champions for players just starting their League careers. Long may you prosper, dear readers. While you’re here, we will make sure that your newbie days are as short as possible with the best beginner Champions. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin with our list! 

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7. Jax

Jax Best Top Lane Champion for Beginners in League of Legends

Jax is undoubtedly one of my favorite Champions in League of Legends, and I have so many games on him that I have lost count nearly a decade ago. He was my first main, and should definitely be yours, too – and for a good reason. His might supersedes him, and he is well known far beyond the borders of the Top Lane. 

Jax has one of the most simplistic ability kits in the game, making him incredibly accessible for players of all skill levels, utmost beginners included. 

It takes no more than a single match to be familiar with all his kit has to offer, at least on surface level. There is a surprising amount of depth in his abilities that remains to be discovered as you play him more. 

He has everything you could wish for – defense, severe offense, escapes, engages – you name it. With such a simple yet effective kit, Jax can become an ultra-hyper carry that can singlehandedly win games. 

And due to his skill set being so straightforward, a new player will get adjusted to him in no time, allowing even them to become a dominant force on the map. 

I think Jax is the best Champion out there to give you a total power trip, which would serve to motivate a new player greatly. What every beginner needs is some extra wind in their backs to continue through the initial struggle and try to reach the real game. 

No other Champion I know of can do this, or at least not to the same degree. There are some others on this list which might come close, but Jax is Jax and that’s that. 

I cannot stress enough how much I want you to play this Champion as a beginner. There is a lot to learn from this rather forward Champion, so long as you pay attention and give him time. Go on, do it. 

6. Tryndamere

Tryndamere Best Top Lane Champion for Beginners in League of Legends

Tryndamere is a close second to Jax, performing similarly in almost every regard. Tryndamere takes things a step further in some ways, especially when it comes to sheer resilience and undying will. OR, rather, it’s the undying rage that keeps him aflame, allowing him to turn the Summoner’s Rift into his own bloody playground. 

Tryndamere’s kit is, like Jax’s, simplistic. It takes just a game or two to get adjusted to everything, but the real deal comes much later. 

Tryndamere is perfect for new players as he removes the risk factor almost entirely, allowing for much more relaxed and reckless gameplay than usual. His Ultimate literally makes him immortal, and you can’t be more risk-free than that. 

There’s also a ton of survivability, mobility, and offense built into his kit. He can do whatever he likes, but most of all the loves fighting.

He’s one of the best Champions for direct engages ever created, and all builds will revolve around him going in, wrecking the hell out of his enemies, and quickly retreating to safety. That aforementioned immortality makes things even more obscene, and perfect for beginners. 

I love Tryndamere and have for 10 years now. He was, next to Jax, one of my favorite Champions when I started playing in 2012. I mean everything I say here – go and play them, you’ll have so much fun that you won’t even know where your hours went. 

5. Malphite

Malphite Best Top Lane Champion for Beginners in League of Legends

Malphite is a bland, direct, and straightforward Champion that even a baby could learn. While the guys above had quite the depth hiding behind their apparently unintuitive kits, Malphite doesn’t really do that kind of stuff. 

He’s a God damned boulder, walking around and hauling himself at enemies whenever he can. However, while he is a bit bland on the design part of things, that doesn’t mean he isn’t fun. 

Malphite is incredibly accessible for new players, as his kit takes mere minutes to learn. On the plus side, there is also a single skill shot that could potentially teach players how to use them. 

While not a real skill shot, it still takes timing and planning to use, which is a great tool for improving a player’s skill quickly. 

When a kit has no skill shots, there is much less focus on any methodical approach. Players will only take the direct path, likely sticking entirely to basic attacks. 

That messes with the skill curve, and while they will advance at first, they will hit a brick wall eventually. Those who learn how to use skill shots and other difficult skills are the ones who will make it. 

Malphite is an amazing team fighting Tank that any player should try out. Beginners especially will love how approachable and usable his kit is, helping them climb those levels quickly and efficiently. 

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4. Nasus

Nasus Best Top Lane Champion for Beginners in League of Legends

Nasus is a Champion that is ironed into the Top Lane so heavily that he often refuses to leave it. While there have been Nasus builds that saw him go elsewhere, he is the primal Top Laner that stays on it no matter what. 

This is genuinely excellent for new players that won’t have the understanding of roaming, rotations, map presence, and all that jazz. 

Nasus players can simply take the approach of staying on Top, farming up their Q stacks, and getting stronger by the minute. He’s also a fool-proof Champ, meaning that you could build almost anything and it will still find a way to work out. 

Nasus can be a full Tank and still dish out massive damage thanks to his Q and Ultimate. He could go full AD crazy, or even AP. Whatever he does, it turns out good. 

His kit is easy to understand, won’t take up any time to learn, and is immensely powerful. Players, as I’ve said above, have to dominate every now and again for the game to remain fun. 

Nasus is one of the best Champions for this, as getting brutally overpowered is incredibly easy to pull off with him, especially against opponents that have low knowledge of the game. 

He’s an amazing Champion that any new player and beginner should try. There is a whole ton to learn with him, most of all how to effectively Tank and split push. 

Those two things will be your primary focus while playing him, and I’m sure you will do wonderfully. Go on, give him a match or two and then leave feedback of how you did below. 

3. Garen

Garen Best Top Lane Champion for Beginners in League of Legends

While Jax and Tryndamere are popular as “first” Champions for newbies, I am pretty sure this one was the real first Champion for almost everyone in League. Garen, Riot’s second posterchild trailing just behind Lux. 

Everyone has played him at least once, and he’s everyone’s initial pick in that tutorial part of the game. Not only that, he’s the default option these days, which goes to show how popular he actually is. 

Garen’s kit is as simple as any other, with people not needing to take even a second to understand it. It has everything ranging from mobility, damage, defenses, you name it. 

It is incredible how such a seemingly basic skill set could be so overloaded. He can heal, deflect damage, do thousands of true damage, silence, and so on. 

It seems that the more you look into him, the more there is. And that’s actually pretty good for new players. He has a kit that is basic in use, but very deep in nuance, giving the newbies an opportunity for some exploration and learning.

The more a Champion has to themselves, the better they are for a beginner. Learning from experience with a Champion is the best way to progress and improve your skills initially. 

Like Nasus, Garen can opt to stay in Lane for as long as he wants. He can effectively clear waves and push towers, allowing for easy solo Top split pushing. While he’s not as good at it as Nasus, he can do it well enough. 

I would suggest against that, however, as you might find yourself doing much more for yourself and the team by roaming around. Garen is exceptional at team fighting, so why not make use of that? 

Anyhow, I cannot recommend him enough. 

2. Darius

Darius Best Top Lane Champion for Beginners in League of Legends

Darius was a Champion that I aspired to buy as soon as I laid my eyes upon him in Season 3. There was something just so empowering about him, and as soon as I bought him, I dominated every single match I was in. 

I mean, that’s not even hard to do – it’s Darius, what else did you expect? For this exact reason I must recommend him to any new player, as they will never feel stronger than when playing Darius. 

He is the absolute bane of existence for any player under the Gold Division. So, if you were to master Darius early, you’d be on record pace for glory. 

There is not too much about him that is expressively complicated. His ability kit is very much straight forward and serves to do nothing but assist in murder. 

After only a match or two you will figure out the Darius danger zone, a pretty name for his E range. As soon as someone gets within your zone, they’re pretty much dead. 

And with how new players think and play, you will be accruing dozens of kills per game, making you an unstoppable force on the rift. 

Darius is an exceptional Champion that can do so much it’s insane. Whether it be solo carrying games, Tanking thousands of damage like it’s nothing, or doing thousands of damage in one spell – Darius is king. 

The dunkmaster himself can be nothing less than king in all of those aspects, and playing him for a while will show you why I make such claims. 

I recommend Darius to everyone, beginner or not. 

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1. Teemo

Teemo Best Top Lane Champion for Beginners in League of Legends

No one in this world could ever imagine a list about beginner or noob Champions without Teemo. He is the absolute most insane Champion that Riot has ever designed, and it would be best for new players to get adjusted to him right away to avoid having an aneurysm later. 

Rarely do I speak of personal hate about Champions in lists, but Teemo is a special occasion. This little rat is more harm than good, but still amazing for new players. 

Teemo’s kit is easy and unique, allowing for some very different gameplay. He’s also one of the strongest Champions in the game, giving you a ton of space for that dominance I speak so much about.

Pressuring your Lane opponent will be an afterthought with Teemo due to his range and basic attack damage. If they get a minion, they’re lucky. 

What makes him amazing for new players are the Mushrooms. They require a ton of thought, strategy and planning for effective use. 

As I’ve said, methodical approaches teach you the most about the game, and the Mushrooms are as meticulous as they get. You will be scouring around the map, looking for the best spots to plant these poisonous bombs. 

But what you will passively be doing is learning about choke points, ideal positioning, enemy trapping, and so many more things just by simply strategizing and thinking about Mushrooms. 

It is incredible how such a simple spell and task can teach you so much. But they do, and that’s why Teemo is an amazing Champion to propel beginners into the high levels and divisions. 

Go and play him, you will learn more. 


League of Legends Champions are many, and choosing the right one for the situation might be difficult. This is especially true when you’re a new player facing the ever-expanding roster of 160 Champions. 

The Champions above have stood the test of time when it comes to helping new players get accustomed with the game. 

As we can see, all have their own ways of teaching you how to play, and it’s up to you to pick which suits you best. Just make sure never to give up and just continue playing no matter what. Unless, of course, you don’t like the game. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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