5 Best Troll Bot Lane Combos in Season 12

The bot has historically been the most chaotic lane in League of Legends. Because there are 4 players instead of 2, it’s usually the place where most of the action happens, at least in the early game. Traditionally, the lane has been played with a support and a carry champion in each team. But with over 150 champions in LoL currently, the bot lane combinations are nearly endless!

However, today we’re not talking about the best bot lane duos in League of Legends. In fact, we’re even going to throw away the idea of playing the lane with a mix of a support and an AD carry. Instead, we’re going to show you some of the best troll bot lane combos for season 12 of LoL!

Why should you try these combos?

The simple answer is – they’re fun! But the truth is that even with a troll combo in the bot lane, you can still dominate your opponents and secure a victory. The champions on this list work well together and have obvious advantages when paired with each other. You can try them with your friends in a few normal games and get the rhythm going!

So let’s check our 5 favorite troll combos in the bot lane!

5 Best Troll Bot Lane Combos

1. Morgana and Lux

If the idea of facing a Morgana in the bot lane is terrifying to you, what about Morgana and Lux at the same time? These two champions are so obnoxious together that they usually break the game right at the start!

But what exactly makes this combo so powerful?

Double the crowd control and double the damage! Combined, Lux and Morgana can root a target for 4 seconds on level 1. This makes them one of the best champions to invade or set up kills with early on. All you need to do is time Lux’s Q right after Morgana’s Q (or the other way around) for maximum snare duration. This will give you the opportunity to land your other damaging abilities and enough time to secure a kill.

If this strategy is applied correctly, there is a good chance that the enemy ADC will rage quit after 5 minutes. Or at least int and throw the game your way!

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2. Heimerdinger and Shaco

If there is one rule thing that every jungler respects, then it’s this one – “never gank Heimerdinger”! The reason is that Heimer’s turrets are nearly impossible to beat in the early game. They deal so much damage and can constantly be renewed. So simply add an AP Shaco to this recipe, and you’ll get one of the hardest trolling combos in LoL!

Shaco’s boxes can be stupidly powerful on their own. Not only do they deal an insane amount of damage, but they also fear the primary target. This gives Heimerdinger enough time to unleash his W, E, and R abilities.

United, these champions can swarm the bot lane with turrets and boxes. This gives them both offensive and defensive strengths. The support and ADC will be forced to play passively while the jungler and the mid laner won’t be able to gank. A true nightmare to play against!

3. Veigar and Ziggs

If you’re looking for a fun combo to troll and win bot lane, then we highly recommend Ziggs and Veigar! The way these two champions work together is so ridiculous that you’ll win games while laughing all the way through!

The key thing to understand here is the interaction between Veigar’s wall and Ziggs’s satchel. You see, Veigar’s W stuns his enemies, but only if they touch the ring’s wall. Most experienced players either run away from this ability or circle in the middle until it disappears. But Ziggs can put a satchel under their feet and toss them into the wall. And this is one of the best ways to troll people in League, especially if they aren’t aware of it!

There are other obvious ability combinations between Veigar and Ziggs. Ziggs can slow the opponents down so Veigar can stun them. Ziggs can also throw a successful ultimate if the enemies are already inside Veigar’s W. And they have more damage than most traditional bot lane combos. So pick them up and have fun!

4. Ivern and Rengar

Ivern and Rengar is a popular troll combo in season 12. We’ve seen it in the top/jungle roles a bunch of times already, including in pro play. However, these champions work best in the bot lane, where they can endlessly terrorize the enemy ADC.

The strongest point of this combo is the synergy between Rengar’s passive and Ivern’s W. So whenever Ivern spawns a brush, Rengar can use it to leap to their enemies. This gives him much more damage and mobility. Ivern can also root enemies and shield allies, which makes him the ideal support for Rengar.

When people play against Rengar and Ivern, they usually get very annoyed. Ivern spawns a brush in the middle of the lane, and Rengar starts abusing it. Maybe it’s because Riot didn’t initially intend for these two champions to be in the same lane. But no one can deny that they are one of the funniest combos to play in LoL!

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5. Thresh and Blitzcrank

Supports are generally the most fun champions to pilot, simply because of the tools they have. And Both Thresh and Blitzcrank are very popular because of this. But put them together in the same team, and the trolling can officially begin!

If we forget the details, Blitz and Thresh are very similar champions. And the signature move of both of them is their “pull” mechanic. Blitzcrank’s grab allows him to displace champions while Thresh’s hook can launch him to the enemies. When they’re together, they can sync their Qs to unleash absolute chaos in the bot lane!

But the most important element of this combo is mastering the Lantern + Grab move. If you can successfully grab an enemy champion with Blitz while simultaneously flying away with Thresh’s lantern, then you’ve reached the highest level of troll in LoL! This move can be executed near allied turrets for the biggest effect!

Other than tossing the enemy ADC left and right, Blitz and Thresh have knock up effects. These are perfect for setting up their ultimates which can do massive amounts of damage with enough AP.

And those are our top 5 best troll bot lane combos for season 12 of League of Legends!

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