Top 10 Best Ultimate Abilities in League of Legends

Recently we went on a quest to find out which are the absolute 10 best ultimate abilities in League of Legends. And we considered all champions from each role!

We also took into account which champions hit their power spikes earlier than others. Some become monsters at level 6, and some at level 16. This means that not all ultimate abilities in League of Legends are equal, but the 10 best ones that we’ve chosen are considered powerful throughout the game.

And lastly, we want to clear out that the “shapeshifting” champions like Nidalee and Elise didn’t make our list. That’s because their ultimates aren’t the biggest source of their powers, so we decided to leave them out. So, without further ado, these are the 10 best ultimate abilities in League of Legends to date!

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10. Karthus

Let’s start off with Karthus, shall we? His R – Requiem is one of the hardest-hitting abilities in the game, but that’s not even half the reason why it’s so scary. When Requiem is activated, Karthus channels a strong attack on every enemy champion. This ability has an unlimited range, and it will affect everyone, no matter if they’re sitting in the base or running in invisibility. And you know what the best part about Karthus’s ultimate is? He can use it even after he has died!

Requiem is a fantastic ability that is helpful in both pro play and solo queue. Many players don’t pay much attention when Karthus is on the enemy team, so experienced Karthus mains know how to take full advantage of this. You can’t dodge Requiem except with Stopwatch or Zhonya’s Hourglass, so you have to be prepared at all times!

9. Twisted Fate

Next, we have an ability that doesn’t possess damage at all, but it’s still one of the most feared buttons in the entire League of Legends. Twisted Fate’s R – Destiny is a global true sight effect. It simply reveals all enemy champions for a few seconds, no matter where they are.

But what makes Twisted Fate’s ultimate OP is the fact that he can teleport next to the revealed enemy champions (or wherever he likes). Usually, this wouldn’t be so scary, but when you understand the TF always comes with a gold card ready, then you begin to see what we mean. The 2-seconds stun effect provides a “free kill” for his team, and it’s almost impossible to miss. And not to mention that you don’t know when or where Twisted Fate will arrive.

8. Zilean

Here is another no-damage type of ultimate that also breaks the game. R – Chronoshift is an ability that Zilean can use to revive himself or one of his allies. This is essentially the same effect as Guardian Angel, but it’s an active one, and Zilean can choose whether to use it or not.

One of the greatest things about Zilean and his Chronoshift is that he is a direct counter pick to all assassins in League of Legends. No matter how strong your all-in is, if Zilean decides to save your targeted enemy, then they will just come back to life! But in any team composition, Zilean’s ultimate is one of the strongest additions to the game!

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7. Mordekaiser

When Mordekaiser got reworked, everyone was in total awe. And not because his damage numbers were so high, but by the design of his ultimate – Realm of Death. What makes Realm of Death such a successful ultimate is that it almost assures Mordekaiser’s success. 

This ability locks Morde and the selected enemy champion in a limited circle for a few seconds, where they must fight 1v1. But, Mordekaiser will always have the upper hand since he steals a portion of the enemy’s base stats. And that’s why you rarely see a defeated Mordekaiser out of his ultimate. 

Realm of Death can be used to isolate a potentially dangerous enemy away from your teammates. And if used so, Mordekaiser will magnify the chances of his team winning the fight!

6. Sylas

When talking about ultimates, Sylas is a champion that can’t go unmentioned. He has one of the most unique designs in League of Legends, and his ultimate is a real game-changer.

Sylas’ R – Hijack copies the ultimate from his selected enemy, making it his own. He has only one use of it, but in the case of the “shapeshifting” champions we mentioned earlier, he gets access to the rest of their abilities.

This makes Sylas such a great champion for all possible situations in the game. And when you play as Sylas, it is no longer important whether you have a big team fighting ability like Karthus’ ultimate or a single-targeted one like Moderkaiser’s because you can have them both when you choose to!

5. Amumu

In the fifth place, we have Amumu and his Curse of the Sad Mummy. This is one of the strongest ultimates in the game because of two reasons: crowd control and burst damage. If Amumu can connect to only one of his opponents, then the whole enemy team is in danger!

His ultimate has a great range that usually catches three or four members at the least, rooting them in place for a few seconds. It is also packed with incredibly high damage, allowing Amumu to be a nightmare to any squishy champion in the enemy team!

4. Malphite

Somewhere along the lines of Amumu is Malhpite too. His R – Unstoppable Force works both as a dash and a knock-up effect. In other words, Unstoppable Force lets Malphite jump very quickly to a targeted place, knocking all enemies up in the air and damaging them for a significant amount.

Anyone who has played League of Legends for a while can tell you how scary it is to have a fed, full AP Malphite charging at you from the opposite side of the screen. And even with a full tank build instead, this ultimate will utterly crush you if you don’t try to dodge it will Flash or Zhonya’s Hourglass. But what makes Unstoppable Force such a feared spell is its quickness and unpredictability. So even you think you’re ready to Flash away from it, the chances that it will get you are still very high!

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3. Miss Fortune

In LoL, the most powerful abilities are often the ones that can overpower an entire team. And that’s certainly the case with Miss Fortune and her Bullet Time. Bullet Time is one of the highest damaging ultimates in the game, if not the highest. No matter if Miss Fortune is in the ADC or the support role, a good placed Bullet Time will almost always win her the team fight.

The thing that characterizes this ability the most is the potential for critical strikes. You see, Each wave of Miss Fortune’s ultimate can critically strike, putting the enemies on the other end in serious danger. This spell is simply amazing for securing objectives and forcing entire teams away, which is why it’s on our third place!

2. Orianna

In the second place, however, we have Orianna. This shouldn’t be a surprise at all since many of the biggest turnarounds in League of Legends have happened because of her ultimate – Shockwave. Shockwave is such an infamous spell in this game that every player respects it, no matter what.

This ultimate pulls every enemy champion in range of Orianna’s ball towards it, damaging them insanely much! It might not be the most impressive spell at level 6, but since Orianna is a scaling champion, her ultimate grows with power as the minutes tick and tick away. 

So what makes Shockwave such a great ultimate ability is its potential to influence the team fight and the game itself. You might have seen Faker winning an essentially lost game just because he has executed a good Oriana’s ultimate. And if so, that should perfectly illustrate to you why you should fear Orianna and her ball!

1. Lee Sin

And finally, in the first place, we have Lee Sin. His R – Dragon’s Rage is perhaps the most complex ability in the entire game. When Lee Sin came out, people were first using his ultimate only to damage the enemy champions. Then the inSec become popular, so Lee Sin’s final blow was used to deliver enemy champions into your own team so that they would finish them off. And lastly, the “Flash+Kick” technique spread around, and Lee Sin mains began kicking people in every direction they wanted.

Needless to say, there are many more Lee Sin moves that require his ultimate. And there are a hundred different things that make Dragon’s Rage the best ultimate in League of Legends! But our favorite one is that no matter how old this champion gets, there is still room for us to improve on! And that is precisely what we want from a well-designed ultimate ability in League of Legends!

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