Top 7 Best URF Items in League of Legends

The URF game mode is undoubtedly Riot’s best addition to the game since Jax was released alongside the other 39 original Champions. It’s a play on the well-known DOTA WTF mode, which allowed players to use spells without cooldowns and at no Mana cost. 

It’s as fun as it can be, and there are so many builds and playstyles unique to URF that I can’t even begin to mention them all. 

There are some items in this game that just work wonders when purchased on URF. Things are, by default, wild in URF, and the itemization system is no exception. (valium)  

So, since we’re speaking about fun – I won’t bother you with the introduction anymore. Let’s begin, shall we? 

(This list is in no particular order.)

1. Luden’s Tempest

Stats: +80 AP, +20 Ability Haste, +600 Mana, +6 Magic Penetration

The first item on our list is a mythic, starting it off strong. It’s more or less the best AP item in the game (if you want to burst, that is). In URF, where everything revolves around doing as much damage as possible – it becomes even better. 

Luden’s passive gives you extra damage on your spells, and that damage even hits units close to where you landed your spell, giving you also some AOE. As a mythic item, it, of course, comes with some extra kick added to your Legendary items

The extra magic penetration (flat MP, mind you) will make you shred through enemy health bars like no tomorrow. Since very few people, if anyone, will build defenses and focus solely on damage – you will likely be able to penetrate through their total magic resist, allowing you to do even more damage than before since they’ll get a negative multiplier. 

The new rendition of URF made it, so there’s no actual cap on the ability haste (differing from the previous 80% CDR maximum.) The extra 20 would make you cast spells even faster if it wasn’t already obscenely fast enough in the game mode itself. 

Great item, pick it up. It’s only 3200 gold which is poor man’s cash in URF. 

2. Liandry’s Anguish

Stats: +80 AP, +20 Ability Haste, +600 Mana

One stat, namely the Mana, can be ignored entirely when looking at this item since there is no Mana cost in URF. However, the other two are fantastic, virtually identical to the previous item, and have the same base effects. 

Where they differ, and I even think Liandry’s is better, is the unique passives. Liandry’s will make your spells hit hard and do a ton of damage both instantly and over time (the latter is much more emphasized). Playing Champions like Teemo on URF and buying this item will make the game a living hell for the enemy team. 

It is also a mythic item, and its passive fits URF as well as one can. It gives your Legendary items five extra Ability Haste. This item alone will total 40 Ability Haste, an insane amount to have extra over the 300 Ability Haste you already get. 

If you weren’t already fast in casting spells, you would be now, and it’s going to get a hell of a lot crazier the more items you add to your build. Liandry’s is great on Champions capable of applying serious over-time damage effects – such as Brand, Teemo, etc. 

It costs the same as Luden’s – 3200 gold, a cheap amount for an URF mythic. 

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3. Trinity Force

Stats: +35 AD, +20 Ability Haste, +30% Attack Speed, +200 HP

Ok, I know I said that I wouldn’t compare these items and make this list in order. However, Trinity Force is likely the best URF item out there, and it would only be dethroned by the Spatula that was unfortunately not added into the game mode. I mean, the Spatula is designed around the formula of Trinity, so I believe it’s fitting to say that it’s the best. 

The URF buff that everyone gets in the mode buffs a ton of things. Everything is sped up, from spells to attacks to movement. This item adds an extra kick to both of those, stacking well with the insanely powerful buff. 

Its unique passives will make you a dueling beast, adding extra damage to all of your basic attacks in various ways, whether increased base damage or the Sheen effect. 

Of course, being a mythic item, it also packs some goodies along the way with the rest of its stats. I believe it might just be the best mythic in the game as it adds damage, ability haste, and movement speed to your Legendary items. It will make you attack fast, run fast, and cast abilities fast – what else would you need. It is an AD item, so I’d recommend taking it on the likes of Jax, for he is a true beast on URF. 

It symbolically costs 3333 gold, not much expensive than the rest and yet so much better. 

4. Void Staff

+65 AP, +45% Magic Penetration

Our first, but indeed not the last, non-mythic item on the list is everyone’s go-to tool against high Magic Resist. It’s the best thing to buy when you want to obliterate people as fast as possible with your AP spells, and it combines wonderfully with flat magic penetration items like Luden’s Tempest. 

It will help you ignore the enemy’s magic resist for enough to make the flat penetration pierce through it, giving you a good damage multiplier against the weaklings. In non-URF games, it’s also a fantastic item to have, especially on Champions like Kassadin that get their power-spike after buying this insanely powerful item. 

However, it’s also straightforward and doesn’t warrant much discussion about it. It is clear and does what it says – shreds defenses. 

It costs 2800 gold, a bit expensive perhaps, but still worth it. 

5. The Collector

Stats: +55 AD, +20% Critical Chance, +12 Lethality

The name of this item says everything you need to know about it, but I will elaborate nonetheless. It is more or less the Ender Dragon buff but small-scale. It will execute everyone you get to less than 5% max HP with your abilities or attacks. 

Now, I know the item is oriented around AD and Critical Strikes, but hear me out. Since the damage needed to execute people is only categorized as post-mitigation and not specifically AD or AP – it will work with any Champion, spell and attack in the game. 

Naturally, the item is much more suited to Champions that can use its powerful Critical and Lethality buffs to obliterate enemies in an attack or two. Good examples are Jhin and Gangplank, two Champions that can use this item to its max potential. Jhin’s basic attacks already scale well with Critical Chance and deal massive damage per hit. On the other hand, Gangplank has his infamous barrels that can remove people from the game in a single attack, the Collector only acting as sugar on top. 

However, picking it up on a strong AP Champion wouldn’t be a mistake in a troll and fun environment like URF, so don’t be deterred from doing so just because the item is AD. 

It costs 3000 gold and is worth every penny. 

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6. Seraph’s Embrace (Archangel’s Staff)

Stats: +80 AP, +250 HP, +860 Mana

Seraph’s Embrace is the upgraded form of Archangel’s Staff, and it works a bit differently in URF. I mean, the difference isn’t much – it only stacks a bit faster to accompany the faster nature of the game since the Tear effect has various balancing mechanics in real matches. 

But, stay with me – it grants ability haste based on bonus Mana. This is utterly insane and is an entirely new mechanic in the 11.23 pre-Season patch, replacing the previous AP from bonus mana stat. This can amount to an insane level of Ability Haste, something that you can’t get enough of in URF games. 

Since it isn’t even a mythic item, you can stack it with whatever you want from up above to get yourself into the 400s or even 500s of ability haste in total, which will draw you to a spitting distance of 100% Cooldown Reduction. 

It does take a bit to stack up, primarily because it’s built to balance constant ability spamming, but it works wonders once you get it up to the max stacks. Also, there’s a lot of healing in its second unique passive, as if the other one wasn’t enough already. 

Archangel’s Staff costs 3000 gold, a steal if you ask me. 

7. Muramana (Manamune)

Stats: +35 AD, +15 Ability Haste, +860 Mana

The AD counterpart to Seraph’s Embrace is Muramana, an item that has retained its damage bonus, unlike the former. It functions similarly to the pre-11.23 Seraph’s Embrace, giving increased damage based on bonus mana and extra damage on-hit equal to a certain amount of max Mana. 

The best thing about it is the extra damage from Mana, which can make AD casters insanely powerful and menacing to face in URF. One of the best examples of a powerful Muramana user is Ezreal, which, even without items, can be a true nemesis of the Rift when played on URF. 

Muramana is his bread and butter, and there are even a few more that can utilize this item to its full potential, obliterating everyone with the non-existent cooldowns. 

It costs 2900 gold, a bit less than its counterpart, but it is a tad less powerful. 


We can see that URF, though a fun and troll game mode, has a lot of mechanically functional and crucial items in its gameplay and various playstyles. There’s still a lot of intricacies that can go into an URF build, and we’ve proven that with this list. We hope you enjoy your time on URF with this extra knowledge and wish you all the luck on the Rift. 

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as guides, lists, and articles. 

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