Top 5 Best Valorant Agent Pick-Up Lines

There are a number of things that have enabled Valorant to gain such massive popularity since its release in June 2020, the fast-paced gameplay, creative maps, a wide array of weapons but not too wide and most importantly, the agents with their own unique personalities. 

Voice lines are an important part of an Agent’s personality and the first time your agent interacts with you vocally is when you lock them as your selection before a match. 

These voice lines really reflect the character of the agent and sums them up in a sentence for you, so stick with us as we dig deeper and find out the best agent pick-up lines in Valorant.

The most fan-favorite agent pick-up lines are mostly of the old-school agents, Brimstone, Jett, Viper, and Pheonix have pre-game voice lines that really preserve the essence of their character in them.

There are a number of agent selection voice lines that seem pretty cool and kind of threatening, so stick with us as we find the best agent pick-up lines and see why they have made it on the list.

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All Agent Pick-Up Lines

All agents have one unique line when you lock them as your selection for a game, these lines unlike the in-game voice lines have no variants. There is only one voice line per agent. 

Pick-up lines for all agents are given below in the table.

Agent Pick-Up Line
Brimstone “They think I am an old dog? Hah, I’ll show them just how many tricks I know”
Pheonix “Just take a seat, I got this”
Sage “I am both shield and sword”
Sova “Wherever they run, I’ll find them”
Viper “No one can hold their breath forever”
Cypher “Nothing stays hidden from me, nothing”
Reyna “They have no idea how heartless I am”
Killjoy “Relax, I’ve already sorted of everything”
Breach “Stand in my way, I dare you”
Omen “I am the beginning, I am the end”
Jett “Cool, let’s go”
Raze “Yes, I am pumped”
Skye “Alright, where’s the fight?”
Yoru “I’ll fight anybody, I’ll fight everybody”
Astra “I am on a higher plane chale, literally”
KAY/O “Let’s do this”
Chamber “You have good taste my friend”
Neon “Move or get zapped”
Fade “Everyone is afraid of something”

Best Agent Pick-Up Lines

Labeling some agent pick-up lines as the best is a little hard as pretty much all of them are good and it really depends on the on a players personal choice, but let’s head in and find out which ones really stand out.

1. Viper

Voice Line: “No one can hold their breath forever”

Viper is portrayed as a serious and somber character, all of her abilities have an element of poison in them. She uses a green poisonous gas to damage and blind the enemy, and in this regard, her agent selection voice line is pretty on point. 

She threatens the enemy that she has enough poisonous gas in her ability arsenal and that no matter how much you try to evade it you can’t hide from her poison forever it will get you one way or another.

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2. Sova

Voice Line: “Wherever they run, I’ll find them”

Sova is a hunter by nature, his character is designed to be humble and calm but that doesn’t keep him from being the best hunter on the team. 

The thing that makes Sova’s pick-up line so special is that he uses the word ‘run’ in it and Sova’s specialty as an agent is to find the location of the moving targets, his recon bolt, drone, and even his ultimate give you the real-time location of enemies, so even if you run this Russian hunter will find you.

3. Astra

Voice Line: “I am on a higher plane chale, literally”

Astra is a lively and talkative girl from Africa with cosmic powers, she can rise to cosmic planes and cast her abilities, her ability structure is different from all the other agents. When she is casting her abilities she is on a higher plane just as she says in her voice line. 

Another cool thing about her voice line is that she is the only agent that expresses her culture in the voice line. She used the word “chale” which means friend in Ghanian.

4. Omen 

Voice Line: “I am the beginning, I am the end”

Omen is the most mysterious agent in Valorant, every agent in the game has a nationality and back story but omen is just a Phantom of memory, he and KAY/O are the only two agents who are not human (KAY/O is just a robot).

 He is portrayed as a confused and damaged being who himself doesn’t know the answer to his existence. Him saying that he is the beginning and the end is a warning to his enemies that he is everywhere, lurking in the shadows, waiting for his enemies to make a mistake.

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5. Sage

Voice Line: “I am both shield and sword

Sage is probably the agent that comes to mind when talking about defensive abilities, she can ‘wall off’ sights, slow down the enemy, heal and revive her allies but with a gun, she is as deadly as any other agent on the list.

She protects her teammates by healing them and reviving which makes her the shield but she is not only a medic of the team but an equally capable fighter which also makes her the sword. She conveys this message quite brilliantly before the match starts.

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