The Best Valorant Key Binds And Pro Settings in 2023

Hello, and welcome back to yet another LeagueFeed article where you get to learn a lot of things for your favorite games. Today, we will look at some of the essential vital binds and settings most pro players use. We will be looking at the settings of Shroud, one of the best players ever to play FPS Games.  

While having a fast reaction time and map awareness, settings and key binds are the most crucial part of an FPS game. Most players feel comfortable playing at default settings but little did they know everybody has their preferences. You can adjust almost anything in the settings of Valorant, including crosshair size, color, and effects. Some might even consider FOV adjustment helps them, but the most important setting you should get accustomed to is mouse sensitivity.

Without further ado, let us all look at the list of critical binds and settings of the current best YouTuber/former pro player out there.  

Things To Consider Before Proceeding

1. DPI

(Dots per inch) The lower your DPI is, the slower the integrated sensitivity your mouse will have and vice versa; in simple words, the lower your DPI is, the slower your mouse goes, and the same reaction goes when you have a higher DPI. This is a hardware-based setting and usually comes with the specification of your mouse. 

2. In-game mouse sensitivity

While it can be the same as the DPI, this setting is software-based and can be changed in the settings, windows, or any software manipulating application. This is simply a number that determines how fast or slow your mouse pointer moves.

Often, weapons have different sensitivities depending on what you are using. For Example, if you wield a sniper and use its scope, you will have much lower sensitivity as you can pinpoint accuracy the slower the mouse is. When it comes to close-range weapons, however, you will notice that default sensitivity is much higher, and this is because these weapons need to fire at different angles at a faster turning rate.

Who doesn’t know who shroud is? Remember when PUBG took the world by storm, and then there’s this former CSGO pro player just demolishing everybody he crosses paths with within PUBG. Yeah, that’s a shroud; he’s so famous he even got a brand of his own in Logitech gaming. 

He is the king of competitive shooter games, and he found his way onto Valorant and is still reigning supreme there. Being a CSGO veteran, the shroud is one of the best players in Valorant right now; his experience and critical bind from CSGO can be imported to Valorant as these two games are pretty much identical, with the addition of abilities in Valorant. 

People even suspected Shroud as a cheater because of his inhuman reaction time and pinpoint accuracy even when he is spooked. His ability to headshot most players in under half a second made people think he is a cheater, but he is just that good. Speaking of headshots and flick accuracy, let us talk about Shroud’s mouse settings first.

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Shroud’s Mouse Settings

  • 450 DPI
  • 0.78 Mouse Sensitivity
  • 1.00 Scoped Sensitivity

From what you can notice at Shroud’s mouse settings, he has a lower DPI and mouse sensitivity than most players; this is pretty normal because players who have competed in these types of tournaments before prefer to have slower mouse movement. 

Lower sensitivity gives better accuracy for most people; the fact that your mouse won’t go beyond your target when you move your it is much better than having it go beyond and having a hard time pinpointing the exact target location because it moves fast. 

The next thing we will talk about is Shroud’s key bindings; one thing to know about critical bindings is that you have the default setting, but setting it up to your preference makes you feel comfortable with your finger and hand positioning. 

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Shroud’s Key Bindings

  • Walk on Left Shift
  • Crouch on Left Control
  • Jump on Space Bar or Mouse wheel down
  • Default key binds for abilities

Shroud doesn’t tweak the settings that much and prefers some of the default key bindings, like having left shift to walk and left control to crouch. These are pretty standard stuff, but when you look at his jump key, he has a setting that lets him jump when he scrolls the mouse wheel down. 

When you think about it, it’s unusual and might feel very uncomfortable, but here’s why he has it set like that. In FPS games, there is a technique called bunny hopping. This is a mechanic where you crouch and jump, allowing you to move fast. Having to smash the space bar repeatedly for long periods might make your thumb feel tired, so having your finger scroll instead is much better and more manageable. 

Shroud’s Crosshair

  • Cyan colored
  • On Outlines
  • Opacity 1
  • Thickness 1
  • Center dot OFF
  • ALL outer lines 0
  • Inner line opacity 1
  • Inner line Length 8
  • Inner line Thickness 3
  • Inner line Offset 4
  • Fade off
  • Movement error OFF
  • Firing Error OFF

This is the most awaited part of this article as everybody wants to play like Shroud. These settings will make your crosshair pretty static with no movement reaction to it at all. He has turned off all the movement of the cross-hair that he has memorized or familiarized himself with all the movement reactions of the cross-hair. He has mastered how a walk and a jump or a run will affect the weapon’s accuracy and no longer need the visual representation. 


If you are a new player to Valorant or any FPS games at all, then these crosshair settings might not be for you. Having an indicator when a weapon is accurate is an excellent practice o you can hit your shots more and improve your accuracy. Moving makes the bullets divert from the center, so you need to stop walking or moving every time you want to fire accurately. 

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Shroud’s Radar Settings

  • Rotate
  • Player Centered OFF
  • Minimap size 0.978
  • Minimap Zoom 0.843
  • Minimap vision cones on

This is a setting that you can copy and is not based on self preference. This setting allows you to have an excellent scope of the whole map and where your allies and enemies are. The visible cone gives you an idea of how much you see from the minimap and gives you an advantage on enemies as you can calculate where they will appear or where they are hiding. 

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While there are many pro players out there with their very own key bindings and settings, we chose Shroud as he is a player that you can often watch as he has many youtube videos and is currently playing games as a streamer. 

If you want to ask him questions, you can go to his Twitch page and ask him yourself. Some pro players only play the game competitively and don’t interact on social media. The fact that you can observe Shroud’s gameplays and mechanics Live or on youtube makes him a great example as you can examine his videos anytime. 

These are the settings of Shroud, thus making it the settings where he is comfortable; if you want to get better yourself or even possibly beat Shroud, experiment on your key bindings and settings where you find things comfortable. 

When that happens, practice on those key bindings a lot, and you will find yourself winning more games. Valorant is not a simple game where you only need to point and shoot; this game requires focus and patience, two crucial factors that you need to improve to climb the ranked ladder in Valorant. 

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