Top 7 Best Valorant Knives in 2023

Valorant has been released for less than a couple of years now, and a handful of cosmetics have already been released. Now we all know that skins are the epitome of competitive gaming for most of us because besides the skills you can flex, the better your weapons look, the more people envy you.

Valorant has a lot of weapons, and each of them has its unique skin lines; most change the color schemes of the gun, while some change the overall look of the skin; the rarest ones are cosmetics that change all of the effects of the weapon. Some premium skins change the visual effects, audio effects of the skin, and even its entire animation. The same goes in Destiny 2, in case you haven’t tried playing Destiny 2 yet, here are the best trace rifles for it.

The list that I will be presenting to you right now is based upon the overall design of the cosmetic as well as the change in animation and pricing. These skins are the ones we consider the best, and if you think otherwise, that’s fine. Let’s start with the first one being a unique skin serving in homage to the league of legends.

7. Ruination Broke Blade of the Ruined King

Viego is League of Legends’ overarching villain to all of its harrowing events; he has a uniquely designed sword and has been in the game’s item shop for quite some time now. So when Viego is released, it is expected that he will wield the same weapon named after him. 

The ruined king sword in Valorant has a hefty price of 4350 VP, making it one of the most expensive skins in the game. But the pricing comes with quality and unique animations; This melee weapon changes the animation from your typical knife stabbing one to a sword slashing goodness. 

Ruined King Sword also has a fantastic design and can be seen by your enemies every time you wield it, another way to flex your account besides having a high rank. For some, this might also be a buff to their playstyle because of the animation change; some might not be comfortable with the animation of typical knives, so having this sword can be considered pay to win to some players. 

6. Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat

Oh, the VGU effects on this melee weapon are just out of this world. Coming at a 3550 VP pricing, this baseball bat, along with all the weapons within the same bundle, has a highly noticeable VFX. It has a powerful comic vibe, from the weapon’s overall look to its effects every time you try to swing it. 

Each time you use this baseball bat, a trail of comic callouts follows it. Of course, if you’re going to consider the range, even though it appears longer than knives, it still has the same range. But the fact that you can imagine it being longer may buff your playstyle as it simply gives you a different vibe than the shorter variants of knife skins. 

If you love reading comics or appreciate the aesthetics of comic art and callouts, then this should be an excellent purchase for you. The amount of effects and unique design of this weapon is just incredible; the pricing also suggests that few people have this, making you one of a kind if you have this in your inventory. 

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5. Prime 2.0 – Karambit

After a year of Valorants release date, Prime 2.0 Karambit comes with all the other Prime 2.0 skins. It was released along with the act 2 battle pass and is one of the earliest premium skins presented in the game. So owning one is quite hard, especially if you are a new player. 

Prime 2.0 Karambit’s overall design is based on the real-life weapon, also known as Karambit; it is a knife held in the opposite direction, so the blade comes out from your pinky side. It has a unique animation, and using it is just the same as using it in real life. 

It has a Regal design sporting white and gold with black handles; it also has a unique animation when switched in and out. When Switched in, it unfolds from the handle and has a very sleek sound. Wielding it also gives the user an elite special force vibe knowing as badass characters in the movies use this weapon. 

4. Butterfly Knife: Recon Balisong

Based on the Filipino-made weapon, “balisong,” this weapon is a unique one, and it also comes at the fair price of 3550 VP. Balisong has a rich history of Filipino culture; it was invented back in 800 AD and was initially used as a tool but often used as a weapon.

Balisong is a foldable knife that the user can immediately wield in case of emergency; same as in the game, Balisong makes for quick and easy assassinations when you close contact with an enemy. It has an excellent switching in animation where the user unfolds and spins the knife before wielding it. The user can also interact with the knife and spin it coolly, giving you more style points as your allies watch you perform an ace. 

Balisong’s attack animation is similar to the base knives of the game, but the animations and unique look are the main reasons this skin is in our top 4 spots. 

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3. Celestial Fan

Talk about a unique weapon to put in the game; like in those incredible Chinese kung fu movies, this Fan can be used as a weapon to slice through your enemies. It has a fun animation where the wielder uses it as a typical fan, but it can turn into a deadly weapon when enemies are in sight. 

Coming at 3550 VP pricing, you will undoubtedly get your money’s worth with this skin. Upgrading it to level 2 will unlock new animations for the weapon and achieve a new slash animation where the fan opens up and slaps enemies with the fan. 

2. Catrina Knife

The Catrina knife, coming at a pricing of 2550 VP, has a nice and sleek oriental design. This weapon is a must-have if you like traditional Japanese designs or samurais in cherry blossom. 

Similar to that of the Karambit, the wielding position of the weapon makes it so that the user holds the weapon like the Karambit. The attack animation of the weapon is also the same as that of the Karambit, but the real money on this skin comes from its overall design.

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1. Sovereign Sword

This is one of the earliest cosmetic items of Valorant. Even though it is one of the oldest ones, it doesn’t mean it has a sloppy design. The sovereign sword has an excellent design that gives off a premium vibe when wielding it. It shines blue when you wield it, and it also has a unique animation. 

Coming at a 3550 VP, most players have this weapon because it is one of the earliest premium skins. Being released in the early phases of the game, Sovereign Sword is a classic to Valorant players. 


Now that we have seen all the weapon skin, we should remind ourselves that these weapon skins do not buff the melee weapon at all or change the way it works. It still has the same range, damage, and attacking speed. So if you think that the sword of the ruined king will deal more damage than the base knife, you’re only fooling yourself. 

Remember, if you can’t afford a skin, that’s fine; after all, the main competition and proper game flex come from skill. Regardless of your rank and your cosmetic items, your skill will always be the one that matters and will get you in the pro scene if you want that kind of thing. 

If you enjoy having cosmetics, then, by all means, buy as many as you like; after all, this is your hard-earned money, and nobody can tell you how to spend it. 

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