Top 10 Best Vandal Skins in Valorant (2023)

Say what you want about Riot Games, but you can’t deny that the teams in charge of designing cosmetics for their games are constantly knocking out of the park with their fun and inventive designs.

Like most other FPS games, Valorant has a wide array of unique skins that you can acquire to add an extra layer of aesthetic value to your experience.

Vandal skins are some of the most desirable cosmetics in Valorant, and for a good reason. You will likely be getting a ton of use out of it during your games. Every full buy round is an opportunity to flex your favorite skin and show off your personality.

Here is a list of our Top 10 Vandal Skins Ranked from Worst to Best.

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10. Forsaken

Even though the Forsaken Vandal finds itself in 10th place, there isn’t anything that makes it an undesirable skin.

It sports a re-shaping of the original Vandal model with sleek accents, a couple of hue options, and unique sound effects for pulling it out, shooting, and reloading. Kill the last enemy alive to summon a murder of crows that erases them from existence.

The fact that the Forsaken Vandal ranks here shows how good the rest of the skins are.

  • VP Cost: 1,775
  • Variants: Gold

9. Origin

The Origin Vandal features thick metallic firing noises, and an eye-catching reload animation, plenty of moving parts, and a finisher that disintegrates your opponent. 

What puts the Origin Vandal just a notch above last place in this list is its fun inspect animation.

Inspecting your weapon will cause you to manipulate it telekinetically and spin it around before pointing it forward. If you’re trying to be flashy, this skin is perfect for getting a clean one tap with some added flair. 

  • VP Cost: 1,775
  • Variants: Green, Red, and White

8. Elderflame

Okay, I fully expect some people to disagree with me for putting the Elderflame Vandal so low on this list. 

I love the apparent effort and care put into polishing this weapon and making it worth the price tag. To be fair, it does have a lot going on to make it appealing to certain players. 

The designers behind this skin changed everything about the Vandal to fit it into the dragon theme. The dragon moves and roars when you pull out the gun; reloading makes it yank the magazine from your hands and tuck it under its belly as if it was some precious treasure. The sound effects and finisher are on point.

Although there’s not much to criticize regarding its aesthetics, I just can’t shake off how the gun feels when handling it. It has so much going on that it can become distracting and sometimes feel clunky.

It might not be the best skin for me, but I can respect those who picked this one up at the Shop.

  • VP Cost: 2,475
  • Variants: Red, Blue, and Dark

7. Glitchpop

The futuristic bubblegum aesthetic and neon lights of the Glitchpop Vandal might be a little much for some players, but you have to admit that it makes for a flashy gun.

This Vandal features some understated animations to counterbalance how visually busy the gun is. The more notable feature in this department is that the barrel bounces back and forth as it shoots for some added sense of motion. 

The entire gun displays a glitching animation as if you pulled it out of some digital world. 

The sound effects are clean, and the variants offer many options that capture different futuristic vibes. Some colorways are a bit silly, and others are slightly more serious, offering a broad appeal to many players.

  • VP Cost: 2,175
  • Variants: Blue, Red, and Gold

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6. Neptune

Riot released the Neptune Vandal relatively recently, but it has quickly risen to the ranks as one of my favorite skins. It has a fun concept and an excellent execution of the idea of wielding a water gun. 

Upgrading the gun adds an entire aquarium inside the gun, which even has live fish that you can watch float around as you play. It’s cute and pleasing without being too distracting.

Its sound design is magnificent. Shoot the gun to be rewarded with a satisfying wet noise reminiscent of shooting some thick water drops.

Sadly, Riot did miss out on the opportunity to have a unique finisher animation, which could’ve taken the Neptune Vandal even higher on this list.

  • VP Cost: 1,775
  • Variants: Black

5. Prime

Riot released the Prime Vandal when Valorant launched, and fans have loved it since it first appeared in the shop. Many consider it to have set the standard for the qualities that make a Vandal skin worth purchasing. 

It reimagines the original Vandal with a new shape and offers diverse color variants, laser beam sound effects, a unique reload animation, colorful tracers, and a stylish finisher.

Elegant and always in style, the Prime Vandal established the blueprint for creating high-quality skins. 

You cannot go wrong by adding this classic skin to your collection.

  • VP Cost: 1,775
  • Variants: Orange, Blue, and Yellow 

4. Reaver

Sharp edges, bold colors, heavy sound effects, and a whole lot of personality make the Reaver Vandal one of the premier choices for Vandal skins.

The dark vibes evoked by this gun may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you have to give credit where credit is due. The Reaver Vandal knows it’s an edge lord’s dream and wears that label as a badge of honor.

Its heavy sound effects might have you believing that the Reaver’s bullets hit harder than other Vandals. 

To add to its sinister aesthetic, the reload animation magically removes the magazine and displays ghastly effects, while the finisher will have you dragging your enemies into the underworld.

  • VP Cost: 1,775
  • Variants: Red, Black, and White

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3. Sentinels of Light

I might be a bit biased since I’ve put my fair share of time into League of Legends, but the Sentinels of Light Vandal merges Riot’s two universes in a way that I just can’t help but love. 

Its variants are all strikingly different and feature impressive colorways. Through creative sound design, the audio for shooting sells the idea that you’re sending out fantastical beams of compressed hard light.

Pulling out and reloading this gun causes it to reassemble the light crystals at the front to form the barrel, further immersing you in the fantasy that you’re wielding an ancient artifact that is more magical than mechanical.

Get the last kill in a round to cleanse your enemies of the Ruined King’s control.

  • VP Cost: 2,175
  • Variants: Pink, Red/Green, and Blue/Purple

2. RGX 11Z Pro

Nothing says you’re a real gamer like installing RGB lights on your Vandal. Even the bullets have lights individually applied! 

Adding to its customization capabilities, each RGX 11Z Pro Vandal variant comes with four unique light color settings that you can alternate between by activating the inspect animation. 

Its metallic and skeletal design adds some needed seriousness to the gun, balancing out the absurdly comical concept of adding customizable lights to a lethal weapon. It also has some delightful laser beam sound effects when firing the gun.

Another unique characteristic of the RGX 11Z Pro Vandal is that you can upgrade it to have a kill counter at the back of the gun that will track your kills throughout a particular match. Watch it go up as you frag out!

The RGX 11Z Pro Vandal falls a little short of the top spot on this list due to its underwhelming finisher animation.

  • VP Cost: 2,175
  • Variants: Red, Blue, and Yellow

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1. Champions 2021

The Champions 2021 Vandal was an exclusive limited-time offer released to promote the 

Valorant Champions 2021 Tournament. 

Aside from its dramatic golden shattered pattern, this Vandal has some truly unique features that make it stand out from the rest. Inspecting this gun causes the CHAMPIONS text to start flickering and plays a section from the world tournament’s theme song, Die For You Ft. Grabbitz.

If you find yourself as the team’s top fragger, your Vandal will become shrouded in a golden aura that will let everyone know who’s carrying the game on their backs.

As if that wasn’t enough, this Vandal has arguably the best finisher in the entire game. Kill the last opponent in a round, and you’ll get a light show accompanied by the theme song. However, if you stand under the enemy, you’ll reveal a secret animation where the sky turns red, and a giant version of Brimstone appears, trying to carry a massive boulder.

Unfortunately, you can no longer purchase this skin, which only adds to its allure and uniqueness. The only way to give it a try is to get a Valorant account with the champions skin or pick it up from a friend (or dead enemy) in your games.

  • VP Cost: 2,675 (No longer available for purchase)
  • Variants: No variants

So that was the list of our Top 10 Vandal Skins Ranked from Worst to Best. As you can see, there are a lot of excellent choices to pick from, and it’s pretty hard to go wrong with any of them.

What are your favorite Vandal skins?

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