Best Vi Skins – Ranked From The Worst To The Best

Vi may not be the leading character of League of Legends, but this champion is pretty popular as she’s one of the most recognizable champions. She first came out back in December of 2012, and since then, she has received a total of seven skins. Today, I am going to introduce you to the best Vi skins. I will list them from worst to best, so as the list goes down, you’ll start to see the best skins. 

1. Debonair Vi

Debonair Vi is one of the oldest skins for this champion, and I’ve noticed it’s also the cheapest skin. When Vi has this skin on, the style is attractive, but many would tell you that it is pretty bland. This skin doesn’t give the champion any new interactions or effects, which is a downfall. The only reason someone would buy this skin is that they think it looks fabulous on Vi.

The suit brings out a futuristic look to Vi, but I’m not sure if I agree with the multitude of colors used. In addition, the design of her shoes is coarse, and they don’t look comfortable at all. The hairstyle is okay and is stylish—a lot of people like her fists. The design of Vi’s clothes with this skin is just all over the place.


  • It gives a good amount of style and elegance


  • No new animations 
  • No new effects

The price of this skin is 750 RP

2. Warring Kingdom Vi

Out of all the costumes you could get for Vi, you probably don’t want to get the Warring Kingdom Vi because it doesn’t look attractive in the least. When this skin is applied to Vi, it makes her look green and sickly. The sark hues fade against the backdrop of Summoner’s Rift. Apart from the green/yellow indicator on Vi’s passive and new recall animation, there are no cool effects or animations. I really can’t see the reason to spend 1350 RP on the skin like this, so I’d say it’s a “no go.”


  • A new recall animation


  • This skin is underdeveloped

The price of this skin is 1350 RP.

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3. Heartbreaker Vi

Unlike the Warring Kingdom Vi, Heartbreaker Vi has everything required to justify the price increase. You have new effects on her abilities and an excellent addition of pretty sprinkling petals for her recall animation. Looking at this skin, I can say Riot has put some thought into it, and it isn’t one of those skins that have been tossed together.

Some say that the Heartseeker/Valentine’s skin aesthetic doesn’t go well with Vi, but it’s a decent skin. Vi is supposed to be portrayed as a tough enforcer, so it’s weird to see her get some feminine treatment with this skin. When Riot created this skin for Vi, it seems as if they have some type of love interest in some other champion, which doesn’t work well. 


  • New animations


  • The look doesn’t suit Vi

The price of this skin is 1350 RP.

4. Officer Vi

The concept behind this skin goes excellent with Vi. With officer Vi, as you probably already guessed, Vi is wearing a police uniform, and there are sirens and red lights whenever she dashes forward. On recall, she twirls a baton around. The Officer Vi skin was released back in 2013, but I’d buy this kin so that I could use that unique recall animation.


  • Unique recall animation


  • This skin only has looks going for it

The price of this skin is 975 RP.

5. Demon Vi

The idea and execution work, but unfortunately, the theme doesn’t. With Demon Vi, this champion is transformed into a demon, and she has the purple skin to go with it and bat wings. Each time Vi dashes forward, her bat wings open up, which is always cool to watch. The effects and model are amazing, but for some, transforming Vi into a demon doesn’t sit well. 


  • Bat wings that open up when Vi dashes forward
  • Neat effects


  • The costume is a bit too simple for the price

The price of this skin is 1350 RP.

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6. Project Vi

The project skins may not be catchy on some of the champions, but on others, they work out. I believe with Vi; they work out. Her clunky gauntlets have been transformed into cybernetic, futuristic gauntlets that go good on Vi.

This is a Project skin so that you can count on slick animations and effects on her dashes and strikes. The torso has a nice dose of blue that looks good, even if it is a brief dose of color. With this skin on, Vi’s hair is stylish, and the visor gives her a severe yet deadly appearance. The cost of this skin being 1350 is the only downfall I can find about it. 


  • Slick animations


  • The cost

The price of this skin is 1350 RP.

7. Neon Strike Vi

When Vi puts on this skin, it exposes her lean figure, but it isn’t revealing. 

Instead of just removing her clothes, the emphasis is placed on the skin showing a cybernetic take on the champion, and I believe it has been nicely done. Riot decorated this skin and avoided the plain look and her boots go well with her cybernetic fists (both have a practical and clean design). Everything about this skin, from her tattoo to her fist stickers and hairstyle, flows well together. Vi is a tough champion, and when she wears this skin, it’s apparent that she knows she looks good. 


  • The new recall animation adds a lot of personality to the champion


  • The particles aren’t precisely striking as they’re just a re-color

The price of this skin is 975 RP. 

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Final Words

Some released skins, like Neon Strike Vi, have re-imagined a champion under an entirely different light, and there’s nothing wrong with this. While adding an excellent futuristic appeal to Vi, it managed to retain the core features of the champion. It’s flashier than the Classic Vi but feels the champion nonetheless. 

Dressing Vi up as a sexy demoness is appealing to some, but because of the uneven nature, I’d get Demon Vi when it goes on sale. The Demon Vi skin is excellent in many aspects, but in relevant areas, it can be a letdown. 

As for Officer Vi, in terms of looks, it has an exciting alternative, but if you’re looking for more, you’re not going to find it in this skin. If you’re looking to add something to Vi’s good looks, then Neon Strike Vi isn’t going to disappoint you.

Unfortunately, Debonair Vi doesn’t do much good for her appeal. Sure, the skin has its charm, but it’s not elegant. Warring Kingdoms Vi is an uneven skin. It has a great model and recall aided by shy sounds and particles. The cartoony design gives a funny look and can be appealing, but it lacks something (like color). 

Project VI is a suitable skin for the champion, even if the particles are uneven and the sounds are not as effective as we’d expect them to be. This skin does catch the eye, even if there are some problems with it. 

Heartbreaker Vi is nice, but who would expect Vi to dress up like this? 

Out of all the skins made for Vi, which one is your favorite? Go ahead and let us know in the comment section below.

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