Top 5 Best Voice Lines in Valorant (2022)

Voice lines add depth to the game. If there were no voice lines in the game, it would feel silent and kills, and interactions won’t be fun. Imagine sitting through a game where everybody has to focus and stay silent to sneak on their enemies, and there are no voice lines to help you celebrate. The game would immediately feel bland. 

Valorant has a long list of voice lines that makes every one of us feel a slight tingle through our spines when we hear it. It is well-known that in almost all games, characters say their famous catchphrases from time to time, be it when they are walking, killing an enemy, or even healed. Overwatch has many famous voice lines that even made their way into memes and other famous entertainment sources. 

Here at LeagueFeed, we love to make our top lists, so you don’t have to search for those things one by one yourself, and as of that, we have compiled our top 5 best voice lines in Valorant. These are just from our perspective and based on other people’s research; if you disagree, we perfectly understand you. Now on to the list. 

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1. Yoru’s Ultimate Voice line 

Valorant has one of the best ultimate voice lines in any game. Adapted from games like overwatch, enemies and allies will differently hear your ultimate voice lines. 

When Yoru uses his ultimate, his allies will hear “I’ll Handle This,” kind of meh, but when enemies hear it, it’s kinda badass and is intimidating, so much so if the Yoru player is good. 

Enemies will hear “Who’s Next” when he uses it, giving enemies an idea that the Yoru player is coming; when Yoru players are good, hearing that Voice line would immediately send a huge threat to you. When you hear that Voice while playing, it will give you the head’s up to look at your corners and your back as his ultimate makes him invisible.

In this Voice line’s case, it is one of the best as it sends a strong signal to all players and impacts the playstyles of each team. 

2. Jett Match Start Voice line

All agents have a match start voice line that players hear every time the agents spawn, so Jett’s “Think you can keep up? Who am I kidding… You know you can’t keep up” is a very catchy phrase, especially when you are facing an excellent Jett player. 

This voice line sounds arrogant coming from Jett, and it’s great to hear, mainly because the voice acting is so good. Some players even say that Jett’s voice lines are so iconic that she’s on her way to replacing the famous voice lines of Tracer from Overwatch. 

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3. Viper’s Ace Voice line

Viper is a very intimidating Valorant Character, and harsh voice lines accompany her. Her character looks like a severe agent that has very sadistic things going on in her mind, but at the same time, this aura makes her look fabulous. 

Viper is a control agent, which means her abilities are extensively used to control enemies’ movements and positionings, especially in spike games. Her AOE damage and area denying abilities make her a great support player, but if you manage to score an ACE on her, she says her intimidating voice line being, “You wanted a Villain? I Gave you a Villain!” 

The way she says her voice line, along with the face mask effect, makes it a feel-good achievement every time you score an ACE. This is even better because she is a support player, meaning she is not expected to score an ace altogether. 

4. Brimstone’s Ultimate Voice line

Brimstone is one of the first agents released for the game, he is a badass-looking bearded old man that packs heavy artillery, and when I say heavy artillery, I mean HEAVY. His ultimate orbital laser instantly obliterates any agent standing inside its influence range. You will see the area get lighted up when his ultimate hits.

The remarkable thing about Brimstone’s ultimate is his voice line when casting it, especially when enemies hear it. Brimstone says, “Prepare for Hellfire,” just before lighting up the area. It sounds badass, especially when you hear it along with the sound of the orbital laser hitting the area. 

Hearing Brimstone’s voice saying, prepare for hellfire just instantly makes you want to check if you are inside the orbital laser’s range or not. A huge indicator will appear on the ground, so if you hear his voice line and see the indicator, you better wish you were not in the center of it and could run away. 

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5. Sova’s Ultimate Voice line

This is one of the most iconic voice lines ever in any game out there. Some of the agents I have mentioned above have good voice lines when heard by an ally or an enemy, but Sova’s voice line is impressive in both the ears of an ally and an enemy. 

First off “I, am the hunter,” isn’t that just awesome to hear? And after he shouts his voice line, you will hear laser or futuristic sounds coming from his bow when he casts it. The accent of the voice actor combined with the echo effect of the voice line in-game is just excellent. 

Let’s not forget the enemy variant of this voice line, as it is as unique as the one from the ally voice line. “Nowhere to run!” gives the enemies an intimidating vibe, and this alone makes them feel anxious and would feel the need to dodge each shot, as Sova can quickly one-shot them with this ultimate. 

Yes, it is hard to hit enemies with Sova’s ultimate as it has a narrow hitbox, but it can be used to control the enemy’s positioning, and that, along with the voice line, is just amazing. 


These voice lines are the best in our opinion and from most people out there. These are the ones that make players appreciate the effort the developers put into the game. Voice lines are essential as they impact the way players enjoy the game, not only in the visual and mechanical skill part of the game but also in the audio. 

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