Top 7 Best Voice Lines and Interactions in League of Legends

Hello, League of Legends fans, hope you are doing well in these pandemic times. And also, I hope you collect those S grades. Today there is no advice on a better game or on the best champions builds, today we will remember how League of Legends champions are actually funny, emotional, dangerous, and special creatures. 

And you wonder how we’re going to do that? Well, you must have heard expressions like “Size doesn’t mean everything” or “Have you seen my bear Tibbers?” a million times. This is exactly what we will talk about today – the best League of Legends voice lines and interactions. In Annie’s voice, this way!

One of the reasons why the League of Legends is popular is the personification of champions. The creators of the League of Legends franchise are working hard to make the League of Legends game better with each update and patch. Currently, the League of Legends champion collection has more than 150 champions to choose from. 

Each of these 150 champions has its own special story, where it comes from, what kind it is, what its virtues are, and what its flaws are. In addition, the diligent creators have made an effort to create interpersonal relationships between the champions, from family relationships all the way to touching love stories that add extra charm to the game.

Besides, each champion is a character for himself, and only when we add champion skins do we get a colorful opus of characters, some of which build a singing career, to some who are rulers of the kingdom or monsters who have a tragic story behind why they became fear and trembling among others. 

We already know how to recognize certain voice lines that champions say, and their quotes can sometimes be inspiring to make us analyze it further and maybe learn to play the new champion.

Kudos to Riot Games for really creating a game that takes the entire gameplay to a new level with the champion’s voice lines and interactions between them.

Now that we have announced the importance of the audio part of the game, we will move on to some of the best League of Legends voice lines that we can’t help but remember and repeat beyond Summoner’s Rift.

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7. Annie

We have already mentioned the super cute little girl who reminds us of the girl from the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood – Annie. Fearless Annie walks through all parts of Summoner’s Rift because she knows she has a chief guard behind her, her Tibber.

The sweetest is when she taunts her enemy and makes fun of it with her quote “Beaten by a little girl… ha!”

Her favorite joke is, of course, “You smell like burning!”

We can say, it’s really a shame when you are beaten by this little girl who jumps through the whole game with children’s steps.

6. Ezreal

This eternal blond boy just can’t be left out of the list. Ezreal is so honest and shy that sometimes it is unclear to us how he can have the heart to kill his enemies. With his famous statement “True explorers follow the compass in their heart.” we can see how much he values love and how much he is driven by sincere emotions (according to Lux, of course).

Except that no one told him the girl had to be conquered slowly, not like he approached Lux  “I’m a mage. You’re a mage. I’m blond. You’re blond. Doesn’t it feel like we were made for each other?”

He is convinced that he likes every girl he meets, but still he has limits, as he may have hurt little Zoe’s heart when he said to her “Gahh, I’m too young for you, Zoe. Cradle-robber.” and also “Zoe, you’re ruining my chances with Lux!” 

We hope Lux gives him a chance after all, but hush.

5. Aatrox

Who gets the title of the biggest joker on the lane? “I am like a demon, but more edgy, right? You know, cause I’m a sword. Hmm…”

But he is the best when he roasts his enemies, we can’t get enough of that. Quinn is often the target of his taunts “A bird? You would challenge me with a bird?!” *Laughs* “Come!”

And Maokai “Am I challenged by a tree?! Fine, let me build a pyre from you!”

And Kayn “Ooh, a shadow warrior! How edgy!”

Even Gangplank “Guns and oranges? Are you a cliché or a joke? Come! Fight! Die!”

Did we say he is the best at mocking other champions?

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4. Braum

Braum is not only great for his height and weight. He also has the biggest heart (other than Ezreal, but we think Ezreal still loves his hairstyle the most) on the entire Summoner’s Rift. Even when he loses, Braum is there to brighten the day for his teammates “The darker the night, the brighter the stars.”

Also, prepare to laugh if Braum meets Alistar “You remind me of Agatha. Best cow back home.”

He is also surprised when he sees Vi or Jinx, but we will forgive him because he is traditional, he doesn’t follow new trends “Your hair… we do not see things like this in the Freljord.”

“When life gives you curdled milk, be patient. You get very good cheese!” he is also wise, you should remember this quote.

“Hehe, life is good, no?” 

3. Caitlyn

“Someone call for a sheriff?” The award for best sheriff of Piltover goes to Caitlyn of course, with her there is no fear.

She always has a ready statement when killing his enemies, and those statements are a hillarious most of the time. Killing Seraphine, for example “I was so looking forward to your next concert, Seraphine.”

Or scoring a pentakill “Well that’s going to take a great deal of paperwork.”

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2. Pantheon

The Pantheon is one of those who always knows what to say, most often it is always smart  “We are privileged to breathe, to taste the air! It is the last gasp of all who have died before us.”

“You will not fail if it is worth it.” is surely one of the best quotes you can find in the realm of motivational quotes. We trust Pantheon with this one!

And if by any chance you end up demoted from a better tier to a worse tier, remember the Pantheon’s words “The best climbers know how to fall.”

1. Jinx

Jinx may be joking with you, but you can’t with her. Unless you want to experience her gun “I don’t even think once about blowing stuff up!”

“Three guns means never having to say ‘I’m sorry’. Well, we can’t say she’s wrong.

She said she is crazy and she also has a medical diagnosis so we are not surprised when she addresses her Fishbones “Fishbones, you know what we oughta’ do? ‘Do the laundry, wash dishes and pay some bills.’ Stupid dumb rocket launcher.” or “Hey Fishbones, think we can wreak havoc forever? ‘No, you should buy a home and save for retirement.’ You know I can replace you, right?”

Also, if you haven’t listened to one of the best hits, listen to Get Jinxed and see for yourself the uniqueness of this crazy girl with guns.

Final Thoughts

We could forever list the motivational, inspiring and funny, but also a bit sad lines of the League of Legends champions, which surprise us every game. The list is too long to quote them all, so we had to focus on just a few that made the best impression on us. 

As we said at the beginning, the story of each League of Legends champion is special and inspiring in its own way, and when their voices and mutual interactions are added to that, it gives extra charm to each champion.

You probably have your favorite champions too based on their traits and statements so feel free to share these lines with us.

And don’t forget to have fun playing League of Legends!

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