Top 10 Best Ward Skins in League of Legends

If you’re into different styles on League of Legends, then surely you already know about ward skins, but do you know about all of the ward skins? Particularly, the best? Today, we are going to introduce you to the top 10 best ward skins on League of Legends…

What are Ward Skins?

Okay, if you’re not familiar with ward skins, I guess we better cover that first. Ward skins are a form of cosmetic that League of Legends players use in order to alter the appearance of all Totem Wards, Stealth Wards, Farsight Wards, Control Wards, and Zombie Wards that are placed by the summoner.

When Ward skins first became a thing, Riot Games released them as a 7-day rental that players could stack up to 52 times. Some of the original ward skins could be picked up for Influence Point. However, in the year following their release, Riot games chose for them to be permanent cosmetics, which was a good call on their end.

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10) URF Triumphant 

First, I’d like to give you a bit of the history behind URF. Urf Day honors a tragic event that took place in League of Legends. On that day, April 1, 2010, to be exact, a friend was senselessly stripped from us before his time. This friend was Urf, the Manatee. Now, we may not have URF as a champion, but we can still have the ward – URF Triumphant. 

With its sturdy-looking design, you can expect it to show you the way. This ward skin has been embroidered with the popular URF Manatee – this is an exclusive collector’s item that is given out on URF releases, which isn’t common.

Characterized with the manatee, a crown, and a golden spatula, if you have this ward skin, your teammates are going to laugh – not at you, but with you, because it really is a cool ward skin when you think about the story behind it.

9) Battlcast Poro

How does this skin manage to look menacing, yet cute at the same time? Either way you stack it, the Battlecast Poro ward skin has received a lot of attention, which is why it is on the list of the top 10 best ward skins on League of Legends. The crimson eyes of the ward peek through the bushes of the map, waiting to scare off any enemy champion who dares to be spotted by its caster. 

When our fluffy, cute creature is tired of sitting on the sidelines, do you know what it does? It quickly slides its adorable armor on, gives its family a farewell kiss, and valiantly walks into Summoner’s Rift. The Battlecast Poro was meant to capture that scenario. It’s characterized by a dark metal polish outlined with red color – your enemies won’t know what to do with it. 

8) Mother Serpent

The Mother Serpent ward skin was released in mid-2015 during the Bilgewater lore event. Sporting this skin will make you feel as if you really are a member of Gangplank’s crew. You can get the Mother Serpent ward skin through the hextech chests, and it is well worth it. 

This ward depicts a Baron Nashor with its mouth open, ready to take in whatever passes by. If you’re a lore junky, then you’re going to want to pick this ward skin up.

7) Armadillo Ward

Who wouldn’t want a cute little armadillo ward? The armadillo ward skin came out during an Ascension event and is well remembered. Rammus may not be the most popular champion on League of Legends, but he sure does make a cute ward. The ward looks like it’s giving you a sweet little thumbs up – the armadillo has golden skin with green accents. 

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6) Riggle

Riggle is super cute and even cuter as a baby, which is believable. In our opinion, Riggle is one of the most unique ward skins in League of Legends. You can use him to kill those enemies…with cuteness. I mean, for real, just look at this ward skin. I couldn’t imagine anyone who would turn away from it. 

5) Ward of Draven

Here’s our favorite ax-swinging maniac – you know, the super egotistical one. Yes, Draven. During Draven’s pursuit of fame, he has done many self-serving things, so it doesn’t exactly surprise us that he managed to get a statue of his face put on a ward for everyone to look at and admire. Do we admire it, though? Of course, we do! Characterized by a nice set of red eyes, this ward will catch enemies’ attention on Summoner’s Rift, and we know that for a fact. 

4) Victorious Ward

After all your effort, you finally managed to make your way to Gold Elo. For your efforts, you get a Victorious skin, and wait…there’s something in the pocket of this skin. Oh, it’s a Victorious ward! The Victorious Ward skin is characterized by a crystal ball with a crown on it. 

3) Slaughter Fleet

Another good ward skin for those Bilgewater fans would be the Slaughter Fleet ward. The Slaughter Fleet Ward is used to display your grit and bear fangs at authority. It’s characterized by a saber entwined with a serpent and backed by two more sabers – this is the bare minimum required for you to call yourself a wards collector. 

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2) SKT T1 KK0ma Ward Skin

SKT T1, now named T1, has one of the best track records of pro LoL play. Many SKT champion skins are a testament to this, but what about the guy behind all of this? The former SKT coach KK0ma? Well, long story short, he got his own ward skin, and it’s pretty cool. This is a ward skin you’re going to want – you may want it so bad that you’ll be tempted to sell your car and everything else in between (just kidding, of course). 

This is one of the best ward skins out there – it has interactive emotions and a cute exterior, so it definitely deserves its spotlight on this list. 

Characterized by a little pink yordle in a suit with a headset flailing on a notepad, this is the ultimate ward skin.

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1) Tomb Angel

The Tomb Angel ward skin isn’t really seen in League of Legends today, so it’s a real piece of the past. The Tomb Angel skin is characterized by a figure that is grey and faceless. 

Bonus Ward Skin – Gingerbread Ward Skin

Yes, I understand this is a top 10 list, but I just couldn’t find it in me to leave the little Gingerbread Ward skin off of this list. In fact, many of the Snowdown skins should be on this list, but I chose to use the Gingerbread Ward skin as their flagship. I mean, for real, there’s just something about this cute little edible bear that makes the skin a bit more attractive than something like, oh say, a snowman.

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