Top 5 Best Wave Clear ADCs in League of Legends

Farming is the primary way of getting yourself more powerful in League of Legends. Farming is the act of killing minions or neutral creeps for those who don’t know. Honestly, if you didn’t know that bit of information by now, you should probably seek to cease your adventures; the game just isn’t for you. 

Jokes aside, farming is genuinely an essential aspect of Laning. 15 creeps are equal to a kill, and you’ll be getting that every two to three minutes. It isn’t easy to farm effectively, and many factors can influence how well you perform. Depending on which Champion you picked, you may have a ton or none. 

Some Champions excel in farming incredibly well. They can clear a wave in seconds or a single spell cast. For a role like the ADCs, clearing waves as fast as possible is the best thing that they could have. This article is here to speak about just that. 

We’ve compiled the 5 best wave clearing ADCs in League of Legends. These heavy-hitting Champs prioritize getting as much farm as possible and fast. We’ll go over their Laning, how well they scale, and their wave clearing prowess.

So, let’s begin, shall we? 

Who Are The Best Wave Clear ADCs in LoL?

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5. Jinx

Jinx was the star of the recently released anime Arcane. It was a massive success, spawning millions of new League of Legends fans across the globe. This has, consequentially, also given rise to Jinx’ popularity. With how Riot balances the game around what’s hot right now, Jinx was bound to appear in any ADC-mentioning list. 

Jinx’ Laning is strong and fast. Her short-range machine gun Q gives her a ton of attack speed and satisfying attack animation. She can use these two to easily and quickly farm up. Creeps can’t come sooner as Jinx will decimate them immediately, racking up a ton of gold and XP. This consistent ability to farm up eventually results in an advantage that Jinx can then use to dominate her opponents. 

Her wave-clearing capabilities, our primary concern here, come into play a bit later. She does have a solid wave clear right off the bat with her rocket launcher Q. However, the Mana cost and slight damage increase don’t shine before Jinx builds up at least half an item. Once she does, though, it becomes a great way of cutting down creep after creep for some juicy gold and XP. 

In the late game, farming becomes an afterthought for Jinx. A hit or two, and the wave is gone. It requires no description other than that, and Jinx games with 200-300 farm are the usual sight. I highly recommend you play Jinx while she’s hot; just make sure to grab her first before someone else steals the fun. 

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4. Sivir

Moving on to the Champion, whose sole purpose is wave clearing – Sivir. Though not too popular in recent Seasons, Sivir is a master of farming hundreds of minions fast. Her Q allows her to decimate minions from the game start, but let’s see how well she performs overall. 

Sivir’s early game focuses on safe farming and using her Q to harass. She can hit multiple minions at once with her W, speeding up her farm even more. Those bouncing attacks also jump to Champions, which can serve as a nice poke. Her overall fighting isn’t that great just yet, and it takes a while for her to get strong. 

As time progresses, so does Sivir. She can snowball exponentially, courtesy of League’s itemization system. A bit of lethality, and Sivir has a literal nuke in her hands. A single Q can deal 1000 damage like it’s nothing. She can go from Lane to Lane and cull every minion that crosses her path. 

She can push and shove Lanes constantly, so long as she keeps safe. Despite her having some pretty lovely mobility and defense, no ADC wants to be caught alone. Farming and wave clearing with Sivir are as easy as anything, and I recommend you give her a try. She might be an old one, but she’s definitely holding out. 

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3. Tristana

While on the topic of having nukes in your hands, Tristana takes that quite literally. Her wretched cannon allows her to blow stuff up around the Lane from start to finish. With a ton of AOE, attack speed, and everything else – Tristana is a true wave clearing god. There’re more than a few reasons why she’s considered one of the best ADCs currently

Her early game is super easy, filled with tons of damage. She can use her explosives to clear waves if she so desires. However, I think that focusing on using them for kills is much better at that moment. The explosives will find their uses against minions and towers when the mid and late games roll around. 

Speaking of the mid and late games, Tristana can be pretty lethal. The explosives I’ve just elaborated on can do over 1000 damage. And that’s not only to a single target; it’s an AOE spell, making her a dreaded team fighter. Her Ultimate can push away multiple opponents, also dealing massive damage. 

Tristana’s entire kit is focused on doing damage, damage, and damage. Whether it’s AP or AD, Tristana can blow people up like it’s nothing. Wave clearing comes as an afterthought, as every time she even kills a minion regularly, they’ll blow up. She really loves blowing stuff up, now doesn’t she? 

2. Xayah

When Riot releases two Champions simultaneously, you know something has begun to go wrong at the company. Around the period of Xayah and Rakan’s release, Riot started pumping out new Champions like they were nothing. Unfortunately, they were EVERYTHING, often broken and unbalanced. 

But I digress; we’re here to talk about the wave clearing capabilities of ADCs. Rants can wait for now. Xayah has a ton of AOE and multi-target attacks that cleave through minions with ease. From the game’s start, Xayah can use her spells to pierce minions and clear the wave fast. She can even use minions to hit the Champions hiding behind them. 

With a ton of harassing options, Xayah has a solid early game. When the game progresses, Xayah follows suit and gets pretty powerful fast. The sped-up farming capabilities surely help the process, and Xayah will reach her zenith in no time. She’s one of the best teamfighting ADCs for these exact reasons – speed, strength, and AOE. 

In the Late game, clearing waves becomes an afterthought. A few hits are all it will take for an entire wave to go down, or even multiple ones. The method is always the same – throw a few feathers, recall them and rake in cash. 

I love Xayah, and she’s always strong. Even if she falls out of the meta, Xayah will consistently be a viable pick. Go give her a try. 

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1. Lucian

Lucian is often the name you think of when you mention wave clearing. As an ADC, he has all the tools required for some insane wave clearing prowess. Farming up is his primary goal, and it’s no wonder why his kit would be tailored for that. Lucian can win the Lane and rake in as much cash and XP by using all of these tools. 

His early game is easy. Lucian has an AOE poke on his Q and W and incredible mobility with his E. Those double attacks on his passive are also a marvel, and he’ll use them to mow everything down. Getting a ton of farm is too easy for Lucian, especially later in the game. From the very start, he’s pretty powerful, but Lucian turns into Lucifer in the late game. 

AOE is the primary way of clearing ways and farming efficiently. When Lucian gets an item or two, his AOE really comes to light. A cast or two, and that’s it – the wave is gone. This can net Lucian hundreds of farm per game, and it’s nothing unusual to see. He will use this excess gold to build and get an insane advantage over his enemies.

He can even overextend, using his excellent mobility to get away just at the right time. This allows for additional aggressiveness, resulting in more farm, XP, and gold for Lucian. If there ever was a sound wave clearing ADC – it’s Lucian, and I cannot recommend him more. He’ll always be the meta, so long as you know how to play him. 


With so many Champions in the game, it’s challenging to select five of the best. Even when we narrow the selection down by choosing only from a particular pool, it isn’t that easy. To be the best means something, and the Champions listed above are incredible. I would love it if you gave them all a try as they’re unique in every possible aspect. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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