Best Yasuo Skins – Ranked from the Worst to The Best

In League of Legends, the skins are there solely for looks, they don’t do anything for your gameplay, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun to have. Wouldn’t you rather conquer the match in style? Of course, you would. 

When thinking about the most amusing champion in League of Legends, our mind instantly goes to Yasuo – he’s certainly not the most loved because players tend to “feed” when playing him as their champion, but he’s still popular. 

Yasuo has one of the most challenging kits, but this hasn’t stopped Riot from handing him new skins. In Unforgiven’s collection, he has a total of seven skins. 

I’m going to introduce you to the best Yasuo Skins, ranked from the worst to the best…

7. High Noon Yasuo

This skin right here is the first skin Yasuo ever received, and let me tell you, it’s the most basic one out of them all. If we’re going to start off with the worst skin, it’d definitely be High Noon Yasuo, no doubts about that one. 

With this skin, there are no new notable effects or animations to make it stand out from the crowd. Even if the skin does look nice on Yasuo, it’s not something we’d recommend getting.


  • Model looks good


  • Basic skin
  • No new animations or effects

Price for the skin: 975 RP

6. Battle Boss Yasuo

If you’re looking for the type of skin that will give you a lot of fun new animations to play around with, then the Battle Boss Yasuo is where it’s at. When Yasuo puts the skin on, he looks like you would expect him to look, like a battle boss.


  • New animations and effects


  • It doesn’t suit Yasuo
  • Character seems cartoonish

Price for the skin: 1350 RP

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5. Project: Yasuo

For those of you who play League of Legends, chances are you have heard of the Project skins before – these are one of the most popular skin sets in the game. When Yasuo has his Project skin on, he looks great. The theme is futuristic, which defines him to the dot. 

This skin offers many amazing animations, such as his Windwall transforming into a future computer screen. Taking a look at Project Yasuo, we can definitely say it’s worth the price Riot asks for.


  • The futuristic theme that people love
  • The skin has some really cool animations
  • Clean animations


  • Some of the particles on this skin are bugged

Price for the skin: 1350 RP

4. Blood Moon Yasuo

Next on our list of the best Yasuo skins, we have Blood Moon Yasuo, which many of you may be familiar with. This skin right here is tied with High Noon, which is one of the cheapest skins for him, but don’t let this fool you because the Blood Moon Yasuo looks stunning. When Yasuo strikes, the animations are gorgeous. 

I’m referring to it as being “gorgeous” because there are red petals that fall off of the target whenever he hits them using the tornados. If you don’t already have this skin and you’re a fan of Yasuo, then we highly recommend getting it. 


  • Beautiful dark red effects on his skin
  • Neat animations


  • Not incredibly unique

Price for the skin: 975 RP

3. True Damage Yasuo

When it comes to the True Damage Yasuo skin, you really can’t go wrong. Actually, we feel that when the video was released, Yasuo was one of the most overlooked members of the True Damage gang. Despite that, the skin is actually pretty cool. If you’re into skins with a lot of animations, then you’re going to like this one because that’s precisely what it has.

During his recall, his DJing looks pretty neat, and during his wind wall, there’s bass thumping. Sure, this may not be one of the best skins you can find for Yasuo, but it’s certainly not the worst out there.


  • A lot of awesome animations


  • One of the most over-looked skins

Price for the skin: 1350 RP

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2. Odyssey Yasuo

Now, this is the skin right here that you’re going to want if you’re into funky colors…because it sure does offer its fair share of funky colors. Oh, and the glistening aqua blade also adds some style to Yasuo. Looking at Yasuo, he appears as if he’s not from this world. The skin also comes with some cool chromas and animations that you’re going to want to see. 


  • Funky colors
  • Epic futuristic animations
  • Neat chromas 
  • Looks confident
  • New sounds for his abilities


  • The torso is somewhat messy
  • The skin looks unnaturally colored

Price for the skin: 1350 RP

1. Nightbringer Yasuo

The Nightbringer skin for Yasuo is one of our favorites as it’s obvious that a great deal of work went into him. This skin gives Yasuo some pretty cool animations. When he walks, there’s smoke trailing off him, which is an eyecatcher.

The one thing that turns people away from this skin is the price, they feel that even though the skin looks great and has cool effects and animations, the price just isn’t worth it. However, we will let you be the judge of that one.


  • Looks great
  • Nice animations and effects


  • The price

Price for the skin: 1820 RP


With the Unforgiven comes some pretty good skin. If you’re not worried about the price and have some RP to spare, then the Project: Yasuo skin is one of the most recommended skins. However, Blood Moon Yasuo is one of the cheaper alternatives that presents an attractive style.

In the end, we would like to go into the specifics of the skins we just discussed …

  • High Noon Yasuo is a decent skin. The problem with it is that it shows a high degree of fantasy when it already exists. Despite this, the look is attractive, and even if the particles don’t add up, they’re still eye-catching. While it’s a good choice if you’re a fan of Yasuo, it doesn’t precisely go past being a mere costume. 
  • Battleboss Yasuo, don’t get me started on this one. To us, when Yasuo has it on, we feel that it makes him look cartoonish. This one has got to be my least favorite, but I have friends who like it, so to each their own. 
  • Project Yasuo is quite stylish and striking. With nice particles and a fine model, this theme delivers in one of the most appealing manners. The price may be a bit high, but it comes with some great extra additions to make it worth it.
  • Blood Moon Yasuo gives the champion a more realistic samurai look – it’s imperfect yet attractive at the same time. The armor doesn’t really match the hair and the mask, but it’s still good. The red particles offer some nice visuals, and the way the blade follows the armor’s style is engaging.
  • True Damage Yasuo is a good choice. The thumping bass during his recall is actually pretty cute. 
  • With Odyssey Yasuo, it feels as if Yasuo went in for a change of clothes because his classic personal is still there. There are a couple of other features, but they’re not really elaborate like you’d expect them to be. 

What’s The Best Skin for Yasuo?

The Nightbringer Yasuo is really cool. The transformations are impressive and many will find it tempting to drop 1820 RP on this costume. However, I feel that this is the ultimate best skin for Yasuo, and it’s well worth the price!

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