Best Zed Skins – Ranked from the Worst to The Best

In League of Legends, Zed is a popular high-skill mid lane champion. In fact, in terms of pick rate, he just so happens to be one of the top champions. As of right now, he only has seven (including the classic one) skins in his collection, which is a bit strange since he’s a popular champion that was released about eight years ago. 

Half of those skins happen to be legacy skins, which means they’re not available to purchase, and looking at his last skin release, he hasn’t received one since last April. However, there are a lot of players in the League of Legends community who love playing Zed, so let’s go ahead and rank each one of his skins…

6. SKT T1 Zed

Going from worst to best, starting out, we have the SKT T1 Zed skin, which was designed in honor of Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok’s performance that took place back in 2013 during the League of Legends World Championship. 

With the red and gold accents, the skin is a direct representation of the SKT. Yes, this is an older skin, but even in today’s world, it looks amazing. This skin does a great job at upgrading those blades and gives him a unique style. 


  • Great looking skin
  • The jacket and headset models professional players


  • Only offers nostalgia

Price for this skin: 750 RP

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5. Shockblade Zed

Next on our list, we have Shockblade Zed. Like most released skins, this one right here isn’t all that impressive. In fact, one might claim that it is one of the least-impressive skins in his collection. This skin doesn’t have any unique effects or unique animations. 

However, it’s not all bad – the assassin design is pretty cool as Zed is dressed from head to toe in an assassin garb. He also comes with a set of chromas that range in colors from blue to green to pink – this allows League of Legends players to express themselves. 


  • Nice splash art
  • Chroma colors


  • Not impressive
  • No unique effects
  • No unique animations

Price for this skin: 975 RP

4. Championship Zed

Championship Zed was released back in 2016 as a way to commemorate the competitive year. This one right here is one of the cleanest-looking skins Zed has in his closet. Like some of the other skins that come from this line, Championship Zed features the assassin in armoring that is in the colors of gold and blue. 

When it comes to his recall (this is pretty interesting), he takes a step up onto his throne on the way to the base. The blue flames that surround his shadow are pretty cool, and this is actually one of the few skins of Zed’s that have chromas. 


  • Blue flames surrounding his shadow
  • Has chromas


  • It can only be purchased during competitive events

Price for this skin: 975 RP

3. Project Zed

Project Zed is a 3rd ranked skin on our list of the best Zed skins in the game. We've done an extensive analysis of this skin and we've agreed that this skin is his 3rd best skin!

This skin right here is one of the best skins for Zed that many people adore. Riot incorporated a futuristic theme in this one, and it’s really neat. The way his shadow is pixelated and vanishes in a shadow deleted manner is a real eye-catcher. 

As you would expect with a Project skin, the effects are top of the line – his Shadow Slash and Razor Shurikens feel as if they have a nice amount of weight to them when they’re in the pixelated form. The Project skin really makes Zed stand out from the crowd. 


  • Looks great
  • Futuristic theme


  • The cost of the skin

Price for this skin: 1350 RP

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2. Death Sworn Zed

Looking at the Death Sworn Zed skin, we couldn’t see why anyone would want to turn this one down, especially if they like demonic ghouls…that’s right, the Death Sworn Zed Skin looks like a demonic ghoul, and the new animations, along with the ability effects, go great with that look. 

The best part about this skin would be the shadow – it FEELS like a shadow. When it slashes, it swoops and zooms back to the champion instead of just bursting out of the model. 

The Q and ultimate animations are a bit on the underwhelming side, but that doesn’t mean the skin isn’t worth buying because it’s worth every penny. This skin is one of the best you’re going to get for Zed – as you may have guessed, it came out during the Halloween event and did a great job at fitting their theme. 

Both Zed and his shadow have a ghostly blue and pink aura to them. It features Zed slinging daggers in place of his shurikens for his ultimate ability.


  • Cool looking skin
  • New animations
  • New ability Effects


  • Q and Ultimate animations are underwhelming

Price for the skin: 1350 RP

1. Galaxy Slayer Zed

Galaxy Slayed Zed is one of the most expensive skins, but it’s hard to say the Galaxy Slayer skin isn’t worth the price because it’s more than worth it. This skin is by far the best skin you’re going to get. It’s packed full of new animations and can easily fit into the unique collection. 

Describing this skin’s theme isn’t exactly easy – what we can say is that it is a unique mixture of Marvel and Avatar movies. With this skin, Riot did a great job at taking what is usually a down-to-earth champion and transforming it into something out of this world. With the fantastic new animations, Zed feels like he’s an entirely different champion.


  • Lots of new animations
  • Epic look
  • A twist of Marvel and Avatar movies


  • The price may be a bit expensive for some

Price for this skin: 1820 RP

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the best Zed Skins from worst to best. Seriously, my two favorite skins are the Death Sworn Zed and Galaxy Slayer Zed – if you’re able to get at least one of those two skins, then you’re going to get a lot of attention.

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