Best Zyra Skins – Ranked from The Worst to the Best

Zyra has plenty skins you can choose from! And, luckily for all of us, most of them look very nice in the game! Stay tuned because we're presenting you the best Zyra skins in the game, ranked from the worst to the best!

Do you have Zyra as your main? If so, chances are you want to get her dressed up with unique skin. Zyra has quite a few cool skins that you can choose from – continue reading as I’m going to give you a list of the best Zyra skins from worst to the best. 

1. Wildfire Zyra

This is a regular skin, but it gives new particles (fire), so this skin is more than just a new model. However, the model itself is appealing, even though it’s kind of following Zyra’s classic style. The dress is less revealing than the classic counterpart – it resembles obsidian with lines of lava running through it as engravings. 

Her hair has been styled but looks almost like her classic version, and her face is on the plain side. The plants have the same style and appear as stones with lava flowing through them. Still, despite this, the lave has a simple look to it. The flame that burns over Zyra look pretty cool. 

The new particles help with making up for the appearance. 

Long story short, Wildfire Zyra isn’t a perfect skin, but it does have a lot to offer, and if you’re a fan of Zyra, it’s worth getting.


  • New particles


  • Classic Look

The cost for this skin is 975 RP.

2. Haunted Zyra

Instead of Zyra’s normal florid jungle look, she’s going for a more sinister look – Haunted Zyra has placed her roots in a dark graveyard where her twister tendrils take over the structure around her. The skin was a real success, and for a good reason. Her new abilities with their ghastly arms and ominous sounds fit this champion. I don’t normally talk about the splash art on the champion, but this one is just cool looking.


  • Neat look
  • New abilities
  • Fitting spectral presence


  • The price is a bit high.

The price for this skin is 1350RP.

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3. SKT T1 Zyra

This is a decent legacy skin that offers a new yellow tint for Zyra’s abilities. With this new look, Zyra has on some new clothes, which are fitting. Zyra looks pretty good when she’s dressed up in a casual style, allowing her hair to stand out. If you have never seen a plant girl wearing modern clothing, this is your chance. 


  • New abilities
  • Zyra is wearing casual clothing


  • Most fans may prefer something more elaborate for Zyra

The price for this skin is 750RP.

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4. Dragon Sorceress Zyra

With the dragon sorceress Zyra, we see Zyra as a dragon summoner, and it’s not disappointing. When idle, she has new wing animations and, when turning, a new tail animation. She has new sounds for her abilities, recall, and auto-attack. 

With this skin, I feel that they’re more focused on sex appeal than displaying her magical prowess and draconic might… Her forehead gem and crown-like horns are pretty neat looking. She has magical dragon pets that are curled around her arms, which appear more snake-like than dragon-like. Her animations aren’t spectacular, but the recall shows her flying skill. 

In a couple of abilities, the wings are only insinuated without anything magical going on. It’s obvious that there was a great deal of effort put into this skin, there are even some dragon-plants. 


  • New sounds
  • New particles


  • Animations are nothing spectacular

The price for this skin is 1350 RP.


So there you have it, the best Zyra skins ranked from worst to best. If you notice, as you got further down the list, the Zyra skins got better, but in my opinion, they’re all good and worth it. The Wildfire Zyra skin isn’t going to disappoint you; regardless of the normal concept used, it gives players enough new things to set it apart from the classic Zyra, so it is worth considering. 

The quality may not be superb, it the quality is still there. The same thing can be said about the spooky alternative called the Haunted Zyra. Haunted Zyra is scarier than the other skins on this list, which’s a good thing. That Dragon Sorceress Syra has an attractive yet classic theme. The skin doesn’t let go of that classic identity. 

All in all, you have four good skins that you could choose from – either way you go, if you choose one of these skins, you’re probably not going to be disappointed with it.

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