Top 5 Best Blind Pick ADCs

Top 5 Best Blind Pick ADCs Guide

Attack Damage Carry or as it is better known, “ADC” is one of the main damage roles in League of Legends. Naturally, if your ADC gets a mismatch in the laning phase and is weaker in the team fights than the enemy ADC, your team will be doing significantly less damage.

Having said that, it is clear blind picking an ADC can prove to be a tougher decision than you might think. You need to be sure of the different individual ADC matchups for lane as well as how they scale into the later stages of the game.

The scaling factor of ADCs can not be understated. ADCs are able to dominate the team fights because they scale harder than any other role and are able to do tons of damage in team fights. The longer the game goes, the bigger threat ADCs become. With that in mind, if you can blind pick an ADC that does not have easy counter picks and can play for advantage in lane can be an indispensable asset.

Therefore, let us look into some of the best blind pick ADC champions that will allow you to play without fear of being counter-picked into a losing lane matchup.


Ezreal Best Blind Pick ADC League of LegendsWhen you think about an ADC champion that can play the lane vs any other ADC champion and scale appreciatively as well, Ezreal is easily one of the first picks to come to mind. The reason behind this is that Ezreal is well known to be a safe pick vs any ADC champion in the game.

Another reason for blind picking Ezreal is the fact that he works well with a majority of support picks. You do not limit your support’s options when you pick Ezreal. As we know, Bot lane is all about which team has the better synergy between their support and ADC.

Furthermore, Ezreal always has great scaling options. There are constantly new and innovative builds coming out for Ezreal to adapt to the meta of that time. Ezreal’s incredible ability to adapt to different builds to be a prominent ADC option for any meta makes him an all-time favorite blind pick for the ADC role.

It is also worth mentioning that Ezreal can play safely in any situation thanks to the combination of “Mystic Shot” and “Arcane Shift”. You can farm and poke from a distance as well as have a dash to get to safety when needed.


Ashe Best Blind Pick ADC League of LegendsAshe is one of the oldest champions of the game and surprisingly enough, has undergone barely any changes over the years. The reason behind this is simple enough. Ashe is always a good choice to blind pick for any elo and even in professional games. She possesses one of the most solid laning phases for any ADC in the game.

There are different plus points for Ashe in the laning phase which combine to make her an ideal blind pick champion in any situation. Ashe has one of the highest base attack range for the laning phase as well as having the constant poke and ability to farm from range with “Volley”.

Ashe has the “Hawkshot” to be able to constantly monitor the positioning of the enemy jungle. This only adds more safety to the laning phase as you will have a much lower chance of getting off caught by a jungle gank if you use this ability correctly.

Furthermore, Ashe has her Ultimate, the “Enchanted Crystal Arrow” to not only add kill threat to the lane but the ability can also be used to set up picks across the map or to initiate team fights. The crowd control with the Ultimate can prove to be deadly at any stage of the game if it lands on a priority target of the enemy team.


Jhin Best Blind Pick ADC League of LegendsJhin has been one of the favorite picks of the ADC community ever since he made his first appearance in the game. With extremely versatile playstyle options that can range from a caster-oriented build to a classic ADC crit build, Jhin can be played as a secondary as well as a main carry for the team.

Jhin also has the ability to set up ganks and picks for his team with crowd control from “Deadly Flourish” as well as his Ultimate. You can use “Bouncing Grenade” to efficiently clear minion waves. Jhin can also put traps around the lane to spot the enemy champion’s position and rotations.

As you can see, Jhin has a lot of tools at his disposal to have a safe and even advantageous laning phase. He also proves to be an asset in the middle game with his ability to assist the team with long-range crowd control, all the while managing to stay safe himself.

As for scaling, once Jhin gets some of his core items he becomes a massive problem for the enemy team. Jhin starts to deal a lot of damage after he gets to these items because of the high attack damage he amasses due to his passive attack speed to attack damage conversion. If left to his devices in any team fight, he is sure to turn the tide for his team.


Caitlyn Best Blind Pick ADC League of LegendsCaitlyn is a no-brainer when thinking of ADC blind picks to have up your sleeve. The answer to why this is the case is easy to figure out. Caitlyn has the highest attack range of any champion in the laning phase. You outrange every single one of your counterparts in the bottom lane while playing Caitlyn.

To make Caitlyn an even better option for the laning phase, you have the passive “Headshot” to go with your high attack range. With this bonus damage after every sixth auto attack, you can not only poke down your enemy laners effectively but you can also use this for added damage on the tower and get early tower plates and start making your advantages from the get-go.

Admittedly Caitlyn’s animation feels relatively sluggish as compared to other champions in this list as compensation for the high attack range. However, if any enemy can get close enough to pose a threat, you can just use the”90-Calibre Net” to both get away from the enemy as well as slow that enemy and make them vulnerable to a counterattack.
These qualities combine to make Caitlyn a premier blind pick for the bot lane.


Draven Best Blind Pick ADC League of LegendsDraven might be considered an odd pick for this list, but there are many good reasons why Draven is a great blind pick for bot lane. As far as bot lane ADC matchups go, Draven has no equal in the laning phase. Draven is the biggest bully in bot lane.

In the early game, Draven can pretty much outmuscle all other ADC champions by simply dealing way more damage than them. The other ADCs can not get into a brawl with Draven since that is simply losing. You can not go toe to toe with Draven in the laning phase.

Having said that, Draven does not just become a pick-to-win champion. You need to be really proficient at Draven to make full use of the champion. Continuously catching the “Spinning Axe” is the only way to maintain your damage advantage over the enemy. Although seasoned Draven players do that effortlessly, it requires a lot of time and practice before you can get truly get the hang of it.

Draven also does not scale as effectively as some of the other AD carries and has to make up for it by getting leads in the laning phase with his starting advantage over the opponent. Draven’s position as the ADC to bully all the other ADCs in lane gets him a spot in our list for the best blind pick ADC champions.

Final Thoughts

With the list of champions and the reasons behind them being the best blind picks for the attack damage carry role complete, there is not much left to say. Now we need only look at the different champions’ play styles to conclude this brief review of blind pickable ADC champions.

If you wish to dominate your opponent in the lane Draven and Caitlyn are your go-to picks. If you wish to play out the lane safely and scale into the team fights then Ashe and Ezreal are your best options. If you want the best of kill pressure in the lane as well as good team fight ability, Jhin is the pick for you.

Although, it is worth noting that no ADC matchup is truly just an individual lane matchup like Top lane or Mid lane. ADC matchups for the most part also have to take into consideration the supports and how well they synergize with their respective ADCs. That is also a reason why the ADCs mentioned above are ideal blind picks as they work well with a lot of the support champions.

Fore more blind pick champions, check out this list of the best blind pick junglers in LoL.

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