When is the Best Time to Buy Boots in League of Legends

Buying boots in League of Legends is a straightforward process, owing to the importance of mobility. You improve your champion’s ability to avoid and land skillshots, position effectively, and rotate around the map by simply increasing one statistic. Furthermore, basic boots are one of the most adaptable items in the game, with Boots of Speed and Slightly Magical Boots being able to combine to make one of seven different options. This article will overview when and why each sort of boot should be purchased, as well as a brief discussion regarding their stats.

Base Tier Boots

Boots are one of the most important items in League of Legends. They provide only one statistic, movement speed, at their basic level. Because they are the only base-tier item that provides movement speed, they define how valuable this statistic is; therefore, taking into account gold efficiency when making a decision about whether or not to purchase boots is inaccurate.

Boots of Speed

Boots of Speed can be purchased as a precursor to purchasing tier-two boots since each kind of boot is made out of this item. While they only give minimal mobility, some champions prefer having more movement speed in the early stages of the game. Boots of Speed may therefore be an excellent early purchase for 300 gold despite their modest characteristics.

When to Buy: In the end, this issue is answerable from a variety of viewpoints. It depends on what lane opponent you’re up against and which champion you play if you want to know how to decide whether or not to buy boots. If you’re in a hurry to wear boots, they’re typically a good purchase between your first big component and first complete item. (Xanax) Otherwise, purchasing them between your first and second full items is acceptable. Delaying action for an extended period of time puts you at a significant disadvantage during teamfights and map rotations.

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Slightly Magical Boots

Taking the rune Magical Footwear allows your champion to receive free boots at 12 minutes into the game, reducing by 45 seconds for each takedown you earn. While you are prevented from obtaining boots early in the game by taking this rune, your level-two boots will retain the 10 extra movement speed provided by their passive, making them a better late-game

When to Take this Rune: This rune is most useful for champions who don’t want to spend money on boots before 12 minutes and will benefit from the increased movement speed late in the game. As a result, taking this rune is fundamentally inconsistent with the Predator rune, and it should be avoided at all costs. After obtaining your Slightly Magical Boots, this rune prevents you from purchasing tier-two boots for the next 20 minutes. Champions who wish to acquire Boots of Mobility early to jungle or roam should avoid this rune. To summarize, if you know that you won’t desire boots before 12 minutes into the game, then only take this rune.

Tier Two Boots

Second-tier boots can be created by combining Boots of Speed or Slightly Magical Boots with some gold and, in certain cases, an item component. Just as before, buying tier-two boots is almost always a good idea, so it’s mainly a question of which sort of boots you prefer.

Berserker’s Greaves

Berserker’s Greaves are a gold-efficient purchase since they provide 1415 stats for an asking price of 1100 gold. You should choose to focus on more attacks per second rather than a defensive option in order to let your champion dish out huge amounts of long-term damage throughout teamfights.

When to Buy: To sum up, buying these boots is to prioritize attack over defense. As a result, Berserker’s Greaves are best suited for marksmen who don’t want to take many hits in the first place. The 45 movement speed allows any marksman who purchases these boots to maneuver efficiently, and the enhanced attack rate allows them to deliver more damage overall. Buying these boots on a champion that doesn’t prioritize basic attacking may be a waste, as it would be with any other item.

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Boots of Mobility

In terms of gold efficiency, these boots are an odd case, providing only 300 gold in combat and 1380 gold outside of it. While their combat power is severely lacking, these boots shine outside of battle, allowing your champion to travel around the map quickly.

When to Buy: The only champions that want to buy Boots of Mobility are those who prioritize mobility and entering fights quickly over having high movement speed throughout teamfights. Boots of Mobility’s early-game roaming capabilities and jungle killers benefit from it, since they may move about the map and make game-altering moves that take full advantage of this item’s out-of-combat gold efficiency.

Boots of Swiftness

When considering the mobility of your champion, these boots’ passive ability to boost movement speed by an additional 80% might seem like a disappointment. Its passive, on the other hand, boosts movement speed by over 100% in a game where powerful slows are common. These shoes have the greatest in-combat movement speed of any type of footwear available, and

When to Buy: If your champion values maintaining the highest possible movement speed, you should choose this sort of boot over others. Champions that obtain movement speed from their own abilities and thus frequently have abilities that benefit from it, such as Ashe, will do better with the extra movement speed provided by these boots. 

Furthermore, if your champion relies on movement speed to use abilities or navigates fights, the slow resistance from these boots allows for them to perform more efficiently on a more frequent basis.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

This item, like Boots of Swiftness, only becomes considerably more gold efficient when you consider what makes it different: the cooldown reduction on summoner abilities. This item fits a very distinct category because it is one of the few methods to reduce summoner spell durations. Furthermore, the typical cooldown reduction it provides is quite significant, since these boots provide

When to Buy: When playing a champion who desires 40% cooldown reduction, or when playing a champion who relies on summoner abilities, these boots are what you should invest in. For the first, this item allows you to gain extra cooldown reduction while building out of one of the most popular items for all champions. In contrast, the latter type of champion benefits from having his or her summoner spells available more frequently, allowing them to make spectacular plays on a regular basis.

Mercury’s Treads

These defensive boots are about 90% efficient before tenacity is taken into account, and they’re even more amazing. Mercury’s Treads offer magic resistance, which gives you additional survivability while also allowing you to move faster and harder to avoid damage or pursue down foes.

When to Buy: There are several good reasons to buy Mercury’s Treads. If you’re up against a team that primarily damages your champions with magic, these boots give your champion more magical resistance, allowing them to survive longer in fights and deliver their objectives more regularly. If you’re facing someone who has a particularly strong form of crowd control, Mercury’s Treads allow you to reduce the duration of any CC effect. 

These boots are also ideal for you if you’re playing a champion who depends on charging face-first into the opposition. They give your champion movement speed while also reducing the duration of crowd control effects that the enemy team uses on them. In a nutshell, these boots are an excellent choice and one of the most adaptable out of all of them.

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Plated Steelcaps

These boots are only 85% gold efficient in terms of raw statistics, but they exceed 100% gold efficiency when considering the damage reduction provided by their passive. Ninja Tabi, unlike their magic resistance equivalent, are a purely defensive choice. Their defensive position, on the other hand, is frequently successful since most teams include a champion that deals physical damage or

When to Buy: Ninja Tabi are not as flexible as Mercury’s Treads, although they can be quite specific. In a nutshell, these boots are most effective when used in two specific situations: when the opposing team uses primarily physical damage, or when the opposing team makes use of basic strikes to deal most of its damage. 

These boots are very useful in situations where your opponents have a large amount of magic damage and you’re lacking defensive capabilities. If a team deals mostly physical damage, it’s probable that they also rely heavily on basic attacking. While these boots aren’t as common as their other defensive counterpart, they’re excellent when purchased at the right time.

Sorcerer’s Shoes

Because these boots match the base tier boots in terms of movement speed gold efficiency, and they are the item from which magic penetration gold efficiency is derived, they are absolutely 100% gold efficient. They’re essentially magical Berserker’s Greaves, allowing spell-slinging mages to dish out more hurt. However, unlike how Berserker’s Greaves increase the sustained damage of marksmen, Sorcerer’s Shoes increase the burst damage potency of mages.

When to Buy: Sorcerer’s Shoes are the most popular boots for mages. While some people may choose a protective boot to combat team compositions that heavily favor one damage type, and others may select the Ionian Boots of Lucidity’s cooldown reduction, many mages appreciate the increased damage potential that Sorcerer’s Shoes provide. 

Because these are the most common choice for mages, it’s worth noting that these boots are less effective against teams with a lot of magic resistance since flat penetration can only do so much against a champion with many magic resistance items.


In the end, thinking about not just which boots you should create for each champion, but also what boots you should build in every game is critical. Some champions may require Berserker’s Greaves or Sorcerer’s Shoes for their offensive potential, while others may want Ninja Tabi or Mercury’s Treads. So, if there’s one major message from this article, it’s that being flexible in which boots you purchase is crucial to making the most of your gold efficiency.

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