Top 7 Most Broken Junglers in League of Legends

League of Legends has over 150 Champions on its roster. There is a wide variety to choose from. However, some are inherently better or worse, which is an unfortunate fact of the game. 

But League of Legends is a live environment. It shifts and changes as time progresses, and even the slightest patch or update can warp the entire meta. This means that even the most obsolete Champions can become viable again. 

There are some Champions in this game that do not require any patches. These Champions have been dominant throughout most of their existence in the game and will remain so. We’re talking about the ones we call – broken. 

Broken Champions are assertive, dominant, and hard to contain. They can solo an entire game in the right hands like it’s nothing. Of course, they have their limitations, but they’re so few that they don’t deserve mention. 

So, in the first of fives roles, we have the Junglers. Let’s see what they’re all about!

7. Vi

Vi has been a long-standing Jungler who has proven herself time and time again as a powerful pick. Seasons Vi has dominated the Jungle for years, striking everyone in the enemy team with dread as soon as they see her on the Select screen. 

Her broken nature comes mostly from her kit, which is designed in such a way that abusing animations is a given. Animation canceling has been around in League of Legends since its inception, but Vi takes the cake with it. 

You can combine your spells in many different ways, always making the enemy wonder at what the hell had just happened. She is a powerful and oppressive force that will stop at nothing to achieve her victory. 

I’ve known some Vi players throughout the Seasons, and let me tell you – they’re not to be messed with. As I’ve said, she can be pretty deadly in the right hands. Therefore, I’d like to recommend her to you. Before someone else decides for you and ends up destroying you, just pick her up and give her a try. I am 100% sure that you’ll immediately know what I’m talking about. 

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6. Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix is not a Champion broken in any technical sense. Here we have a case of a Champion being so overtuned and designed in such a way that it warrants dominance. There is nothing in his kit that is a detrimental factor, nor does he have any blind spots. A true predator and hunter, he remains one of the strongest Assassins in the game.

Kha’Zix is a single target-focused Champion, seeking out to isolate (literally) his enemies and make quick work of them. Using his high base damage, amazing passive, and low cooldowns – Kha’Zix can obliterate his enemies in seconds. I’ve witnessed some things regarding Kha’Zix, and they weren’t pleasant to look at. Seeing health bars evaporate so quickly actually makes me fear for myself – even when Kha is on my team. 

As you can clearly see, Kha’Zix is quite broken in terms of damage. He has been so powerful for so long that I think even Riot has given up on trying to fix him. His nature, design, and kit are so tailored that even making attempts at balancing things out is in vain. 

I highly recommend you give Kha a try. He’s super fun and fantastic Champion, so be sure not to miss out. 

5. Master Yi

Master Yi is certainly going to be the most controversial entry on this list. Most players above Gold level will laugh at my adding him on here. But bear with me, there are good reasons for his inclusion on the list. 

Master Yi is, undoubtedly, the most dominant low Elo force in the history of League of Legends. The sheer number of times I’ve seen people type “noob Champ” or similar while he’s making 1v5 Pentas is, well, too large to recount. He can become so powerful so quickly that even some of the better players will have difficulty dealing with him. Master Yi falls off in the higher ranks because people learn to play around him better.

The Champion will always be broken, mighty, and hard to control. He has to be kept under close watch for the entire game if you want to avoid being ripped to shreds. Yi is an interesting character and has existed from the very start. His reputation only grew throughout the years and has definitely not waned. 

If you’re a lower Elo player, I recommend you give Yi a try, but be careful when you reach the higher ranks. He is viable there, too, but people will know what your intentions are. 

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4. Kayn

Kayn has fallen off a bit in the recent patches, but that hasn’t stopped him on his path to power. He is, and will always be, a force to be reckoned with. Kayn’s versatility, speed, damage, and utility are critical parts of his kit, which isn’t bound to change anytime soon. He can use this kit to shred through the Jungle and the enemy team easily, without even breaking a sweat. 

But perhaps the most broken part of him is the Rhaast or Red Kayn form, and let me tell you why. 

Kayn gets spell vamp passively when in the Red form. This means that he will heal a lot with everything he has. By the late game, he becomes nigh unkillable and can 1v5 against enemies easily. IT becomes a war of attrition, and he will win. As long as he spams his spells, he will keep repeatedly healing for substantial amounts. The Red Kayn is a bloodthirsty killing machine, and sometimes I just ask what the hell Riot was thinking while designing him.

But then I remember that the balance department doesn’t think at all.

Despite his slight drawback in the pre-Season, Kayn is still a great pick. I highly recommend you give him a try and come back to thank me. 

3. Warwick

In a similar fashion to Kayn’s Red Form, Warwick is a lean, mean, healing machine. Warwick is a broken piece of crap for two reasons, one of which I’ve already mentioned. His healing is so insane that he becomes unbearable sometimes, and I won’t be getting into more detail about that since the Kayn explanation applies sufficiently well here, too. 

But what I will go into is his insane map presence. Warwick’s passive (W) gives him vision on and extra speed towards low HP enemies. This means that Warwick can see low HP enemies across the map and even has a pathway leading to them. If you happen to get damaged severely enough – be sure that Warwick is coming for you.

Warwick is the most dangerous Jungler in the entire game. Some of you may disagree, but I genuinely believe it is so. At any moment, from anywhere, he can pounce and attack you – frequently winning the gank easily. Even if you manage to escape, your scent will stick with him, and he will follow suit. 

You don’t even need to be low for him to have this passive effect. As long as you’re near enough when he uses his active W – he’s going to do the same thing. Warwick is fast, agile, and lethal, and you should be afraid.

Since he is a key part of the current Tank meta, I highly recommend him. 

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2. Xin Zhao

Ever since his rework, Xin Zhao has become quite a nuisance around the Jungle. His quick and easy clear allow him some, well, quick and easy snowballing. He can get powerful in just a few minutes and doesn’t take more than one item to get the ball rolling. 

Honestly, he isn’t too broken, but among the Junglers certainly is to some degree. Xin Zhao’s damage is a serious deal, and he can one-shot people like it’s nothing. Honestly, I haven’t seen Xin being so strong as in the recent Season. He used to be a good Bruiser who mixed all the Fighter and Tank benefits, but that seems to have changed. He is now pretty dangerous and leans more towards damage than tanking – giving him huge one-shot potential. 

There’s not much to be said about him since he is relatively simple in most regards. I recommend you give him a spin and see for yourself what I mean. I loved Xin when I started out with the game so many years ago, and I am sure you will, too. 

1. Evelynn

Last but not least is everyone’s favorite Vampire seductress, who seems always to find herself in my lists. Whenever I speak of the Jungle, chances are Evelynn will be on there. And there are several reasons for it. This Champion is so good, versatile, and fun to play that she can’t possibly escape selection. But I digress. We’re here to speak about brokenness – so let’s do it.

Evelynn is similar to Kha’Zix, i.e., she is a prowling huntress and Assassin that seeks to kill quickly and efficiently. Her damage is overtuned, and her kit is terrific – leading to me naming her broken. Even though she isn’t broken in any technical aspect, her mechanical and gameplay elements are indeed overpowered. 

Evelynn’s base damage is so high that she only needs one complete item, and it’s smooth sailing. She will have the only difficult time pre-level six before getting her invisibility. Invisibility is genuinely a remarkable skill, and Evelynn uses it to the fullest. I could argue that she even utilizes it better than Shaco – despite having that proximity vision. 

I love Evelynn so much – if that wasn’t evident from this detailed praise, she is receiving right now. I think that everyone should at least give her a try. She’s definitely among my top Junglers to play since she is so fun. I’ve grown tired of most Junglers, and when I picked her up, it revitalized my liking for the Role. Just do it. 


The Jungle has some exciting picks around its various Champions. Of course, some are warranted to be overpowered and broken, which we have displayed here. Naturally, these aren’t the only ones that fit in this mold, and players tend to disagree severely on the brokenness of Champions. This is why we love to see your feedback and input, so make sure you leave it below.

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift. 

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