Top 7 Best Burst Mages in League of Legends

Top 7 Best Burst Mages in League of Legends

There are mainly two types of damage dealers in League of Legends – AP and AD. The latter focuses on dealing attack damage and they rely on having a high attack speed so that they can attack quickly. Whereas, the former type of damage dealers rely on using their spells and having high ability power to damage the enemy.

Speaking of AP damage, there are further categories in it as well. That is why this guide will take a look at the top 7 best burst mages in League of Legends. Burst mages are the champions that deal AP damage and can one-shot the enemy thanks to their high damage and burst potential.

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The top 7 best burst mages in League of Legends right now are:

  • Veigar
  • Zoe
  • Syndra
  • Leblanc
  • Lux
  • Orianna
  • Vex

The reason why these champions are on this list is that they have the highest win rate right now and they are quite strong. While you can play other burst mages as well, they will mostly be overpowered by the ones mentioned here. With that said, let’s find out what the top 7 best burst mages in League of Legends are.


Best Burst Mage Veigar League of LegendsVeigar is an easy champion that is great for beginners and he deals a lot of damage. During the early phases of the game, Veigar is weak since you do not have any items and you haven’t stacked up your AP. However, continue last hitting minions with your Q, and you’ll gain an insane amount of AP in no time. Veigar is one of those champions who can reach a 1000 AP in every game if it runs long enough.

His E allows you to place a massive cage that stuns any target that hits the outer edge of it. Even if you do not stun them, if the enemy is in the cage, they cannot get out until your cage disappears. This leaves the enemy vulnerable and allows you to deal free damage while they try to dodge.

Veigar’s W is a meteor that has a slight delay but once it does land, it will destroy anyone standing in the way if you have enough AP. The best combo for Veigar is to land his stun so that he can easily land his W and Q while the enemy cannot move.

What’s crazy is that his R is a point-and-click ability that will one-shot most champions if you use it right after your Q and W. Once you reach the late game, there is no way that any squishy champion is going to live through your entire combo.


Best Burst Mage Zoe League of LegendsMoving on to a burst mage that I find the most annoying to lane against. Zoe can start dealing damage to you from the early laning phase thanks to her Q which has a high damage. Plus, she can use her E to make you fall asleep and use her Q to deal additional damage.

Once your champion falls asleep, you cannot move for a few seconds. During that time, you can only wish that she misses her abilities or forgets that you were ever there. Otherwise, you will take an insane amount of damage even in the early game. Since her main source of damage is her Q, she needs to learn how to properly use it.

A new player will mostly mess up the combo or miss their Q by either whiffing it or hitting the minions. However, a good Zoe will cause the enemy to fall asleep and use her ultimate to gain distance and launch her Q from there. The longer distance your Q travels, the more damage it deals. Combine this with the fact that you deal extra damage to enemies who are asleep, and you got yourself a strong burst mage.


Best Burst Mage Syndra League of LegendsSyndra hasn’t been performing up to the mark recently but she is still a great burst mage thanks to her good AP scaling and powerful one-shot potential. She can poke you during the lane phase to ensure that you respect her and stay behind your turret. Once she gains her ultimate, she can use it to deal a lot of damage to an enemy champion.

However, while her ultimate does a good amount of damage, it is only possible if she has a lot of her magical spheres around her. If you do not use your Q to summon your spheres, your ultimate will only summon a few and not deal that much damage.

So, to ensure that you deal the maximum amount of damage and burst the enemy, you need to place a lot of your Qs and then use your ultimate. Keep in mind that there is a maximum number of spheres that can hit the enemy so make sure that you do not exceed that or it will not matter.

On top of that, she also has an ability that can stun the enemy, allowing you to deal damage to them while they sit idly. On top of that, all of your abilities hit like a truck if you have a few items in your inventory.


Best Burst Mage Leblanc League of LegendsLeblanc has a lot of mobility that she can use to confuse the enemy and keep them on their toes. Thanks to that, she has a lot of lane presence and is almost impossible to gank. On top of that, her high damage allows her to easily kill the enemy without giving them a lot of reaction time.

Her Q marks an enemy, slightly damaging them. However, the major damage comes when you hit the marked enemy with the rest of her abilities. The marked enemy will take tons of damage.

Her W lets you dash forward, leaving a clone behind. She can cast W again to return to her original position. This can be used to bully the enemy out of the lane. Use this to go forward and use your combo on the enemy. After you used it, simply cast W again to return to safety.

Leblanc’s E throws a chain that sticks to the first target hit. After a short duration, the target is rooted. This allows you to either chase the enemy easily or run away from them.

Her R allows her to use whatever ability she last used. This means that you can either use two W’s to dash twice as far or chain the enemy twice for a longer root. Depending on the situation, you can use Leblanc’s ultimate however you want.


Best Burst Mage Lux League of LegendsLux is one of my favorite burst mages thanks to her potential to do everything for her team. You can either play her in the mid-lane or as a support depending on what your team needs. She has got it all. She has a strong poke that can force the enemy to retreat, a good shield that protects her allies from incoming damage, an ability to root the enemy, and a lot of burst damage.

Plus, thanks to her spell to root, you can easily hit the enemy with the rest of your kit without worrying about missing them. Her ultimate deals a lot of damage and has a long range. On top of that, the cooldown is also quite low considering how strong the spell is. If you are someone who is either new to the game or is looking for an easy burst mage, you should play Lux to see how well you do.

Her combo is rather easy and you will get the hang of it within a few tries or in a few games. Once you do get the hang of it, you will be bursting the enemy left and right.


Best Burst Mage Orianna League of LegendsMoving on to the next champion that excels in dealing burst damage, Orianna. She has a lot of potential to deal tons of damage but she is a difficult champion to play. While you can play her without any issues, mastering her combos will take a lot of practice. A good Orianna does not give a lot of reaction time to the enemy and can easily change the teamfight in her favor as well.

You can use her abilities to either poke the enemy, clear the wave, or protect your allies. She can also zone the enemy and force them to stay away from your ball. So, make sure that you place the ball at a strategic location to ensure that the enemy has to watch out for it.

Finally, her ultimate is one of the best ultimates in the game. It can easily change the entire teamfight and destroy the enemy.


Best Burst Mage Vex League of LegendsVex is the latest burst mage on this list and she is great at doing her job. Her damage is insane thanks to her powerful abilities and good AP scaling. On top of that, she also has a good poke potential that will force the enemy to run out of the lane to restore their HP. If that wasn’t enough, Vex can also fear the enemy after using a few of her abilities. During this time, you can freely attack them without the worry of them fighting back.

All of her abilities – except her W – have a decent range that you can use to poke the enemy. Her ultimate has a longer range than the rest of her kit which allows her to damage and focuses enemies further away from her. If you properly use her entire combo, there is no way that the enemy will live to tell the tale. However, you need to build a few items to allow Vex to start dealing damage.

If you fall behind in lane, it will take you a long time to gain the damage and start doing something in the team fights. Regardless of where you are in the game, you can easily almost one-shot squishy champions without a second thought.

Finally, as aforementioned, her ultimate has a long range that allows her to focus on targets much further away. Once you hit your R on someone, you can recast it to dash to them and use all of your abilities. This gives them a low reaction time while you can use your entire combo.

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