Can You Carry Your Ranked Games With Caitlyn?

Caitlyn has always been one of the safest ADC picks in the bot lane. Since her rifle provides her with long-range auto attacks, she’s also one of the best League of Legends champions for beginners. Caitlyn relies on staying behind her team and using her abilities and basic attacks to poke the enemies. Another reason why Caitlyn is an excellent pick for beginners is because she can farm from a safe distance, which means that it’s hard for the enemy champions to deal damage to her.

Another extremely useful Caitlyn’s ability is her ultimate. If an enemy champion survives the fight and tries to escape, you can quickly shut him down with her ultimate. Now that we’ve covered some of her strengths, let’s see if Caitlyn is actually capable of carrying the ranked games.

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Is It Possible To Carry The Games With Caitlyn?

Even though Caitlyn is one of the safest champions to play in Season 12, I have to be straightforward and tell you that it’s not easy to carry the games with her as it used to be. However, if you’re in the low elo, you can solo carry with pretty much any champion as long as you’ve mastered it. The most important thing to carry the games with Caitlyn is that you just have to win the lane or at least go even. 

This is because Caitlyn’s mid and late game are worse than they’ve used to be, so being ahead in the early game is mandatory. Use the advantage of your long-range to farm from a safe distance, and abuse the enemy champions when they try to walk up to you. It would be best if you’d always try to shove the enemies under their tower, so they are forced to miss CS. 

Once you get ahead, do your best to stay there. Destroy the enemy turret, farm as much and whenever you can, and after that, keep rotating and moving to the other lanes with your support. ( However, make sure to keep the bot lane pushed before you start rotating and moving to the other lanes. If you follow the tips I’ve just written above, you’ll have no problems with carrying your ranked games with Caitlyn.

The Best Tips For Carrying The Game With Caitlyn

  • Get used to using the A key in order to measure your auto attack range. This will help you with mastering her auto attack range so you can harass your opponents more frequently. Just keep in mind that Caitlyn’s range extends to the far end of the circle.
  • Caitlyn’s primary source of power are her auto attacks. Make sure to stay behind your teammates so you can poke the enemies from a safe distance.
  • If someone comes close to you, use the E+Q combo. Caitlyn’s Q will deal a lot of damage to your opponent, and E will move you to a safer position.
  • Many League players underestimate Caitlyn’s traps. Take advantage of that because traps can often be a real lifesaver. Here’s a quick Caitlyn trap guide which will be of great help for you.

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Who’s The Best Caitlyn Player?

Since Caitlyn is a very popular pick in the high elo, many players have her as their main champion, but there’s only one player that’s managed to stay on the top level with her throughout many seasons. That player is a popular Twitch streamer called xFSN Saber. He recently came up with a new OP strategy on Caitlyn. He turned Caitlyn into a real assassin, thanks to the Duskblade of Draktharr item. If you’d like to learn more about the Assassin Caitlyn, here’s his video:


As we have previously mentioned, Caitlyn is one of the safest picks in League of Legends, and even if sometimes it is really hard to carry your ranked games with her, it’s still very much possible. You just need to position yourself correctly and remember to be extra cautious during the early phase of the game.

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