Is This Champion AD or AP? – The Ultimate League of Legends Damage Type Guide

Damage can be a little tricky in League of Legends, especially for newer players who haven’t had the “pleasure” of playing against most of the weird Champions. When picking up a new Champ, or playing against a new Champ, it’s not always intuitive as to what kind of damage they build. A good rule of thumb is usually if the Champion relies on Auto Attacks and physical projectiles, they’ll build AD. While if a Champion relies on spells and stereotypical magic abilities, they’ll build AP. Sometimes Champs do not fit either of these archetypes though, and that’s where it gets a little tricky.

AD Champions

As we mentioned above, if a Champion relies heavily on auto-attacks, they probably build AD. Champions like Caitlyn, Draven, Darius, Etc. Even paying attention to which weapon they bring into battle can be a dead giveaway. IE Darius brings an axe, Master Yi brings a sword. This is just a rule of thumb, however, and not a hard-set rule. 

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AP Champions

As with AD Champs, sometimes you can tell that a Champion builds Ability Power based solely on their presentation. If a Champion looks like they cast magical abilities, then they likely build AP. Champions like Lux, Ahri, and Annie are prime examples. Some Champions like Akali and Ekko, however, do not follow this pattern and build AP despite not being magical. 

The Ultimate List of League of Legends Champions & Their Type of Damage

Champion Damage Type
Aatrox AD
Ahri AP
Akali AP
Akshan AD
Alistar AP, Tank
Amumu AP, Tank
Anivia AP
Annie AP
Aphelios AD
Ashe AD
Aurelion Sol AP
Azir AP
Bard AP
Blitzcrank AP
Brand AP
Braum AP, Tank
Caitlyn AD
Camille AD
Cassiopeia AP
Cho’Gath AP
Corki Hybrid (AP & AD)
Darius AD
Diana AD
Dr. Mundo AP, Tank
Draven AD
Ekko AP
Elise AP
Evelynn AP
Ezreal AD
Fiddlesticks AP
Fiora AD
Fizz AP
Galio AP
Gangplank AD
Garen AD
Gnar AD
Gragas AP
Graves AD
Gwen AP
Hecarim AD
Heimerdinger AP
Illaois AD
Irelia AD
Ivern AP
Janna AP
Jarvan IV AD
Jax AD
Jayce AD
Jhin AD
Jinx AD
Kai’Sa AD
Kalista AD
Karma AP
Karthus AP
Kassadin AP
Katarina AP
Kayle AP
Kayn AD
Kennen AP
Kha’Zix AD
Kindred AD
Kled AD
Kog’Maw AD
LeBlanc AP
Lee Sin AD
Leona AP, Tank
Lillia AP
Lissandra AP
Lucian AD
Lulu AP
Lux AP
Malphite AP
Malzahar AP
Maokai AP
Master Yi AD
Miss Fortune AD
Mordekaiser AP
Morgana AP
Nami AP
Nasus AD
Nautilus AP, Tank
Neeko AP
Nidalee AP
Nocturne AD
Nunu & Willump AP
Olaf AD
Oriana AP
Ornn AP, Tank
Pantheon AD
Poppy AD
Pyke AD
Qiyana AD
Quinn AD
Rakan AP
Rammus AP, Tank
Rek’Sai AD
Rell AD, Tank
Renekton AD
Rengar AD
Riven AD
Rumble AP
Ryze AP
Samira AD
Sejuani AP
Senna AD
Seraphine AP
Sett AD
Shaco AD, AP
Shen AD, Tank
Shyvana AP, AD
Singed AP
Sion AD
Sivir AD
Skarner AD
Sona AP
Soraka AP
Swain AP
Sylas AP
Syndra AP
Tahm Kench AD, Tank
Taliyah AP
Talon AD
Taric AP, Tank
Teemo AP
Thresh AD, Tank
Tristana AD
Trundle AD
Tryndamere AD
Twisted Fate AP
Twitch AD
Udyr AD
Urgot AD
Varus AD
Vayne AD
Veigar AP
Vel’Koz AP
Vex AP
Viego AD
Viktor AP
Vladimir AP
Volibear AD
Warwick AD
Wukong AD
Xayah AD
Xerath AP
Xin Zhao AD
Yasuo AD
Yone AD
Yorick AD
Yuumi AP
Zac AP, Tank
Zed AD
Zeri AP
Ziggs AP
Zilean AP
Zoe AP
Zyra AP

This list is meant to be used as a reference point only since many Champs have a build that cannot be broken down into solely AP or AD. We have included the word “Tank” on a few Champions that will not bring much to the table if built with damage. There are a lot of Champs that usually build tanky, but can be built with damage. We did not include the word Tank on those Champs. So if you see “Tank” then we highly recommend only building Tanky items on that Champion. 

Note: We also only included the most popular or “Meta” damage type. Some Champions like Tristana can build AP or AD, but you will see them go AD more often than not. So we listed her damage type as AD only. 

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Is Nasus AP or AD?

Nasus is traditionally a tank, which means he will build tanky items that give him HP and Armor/Magic Resist. However, when building damage on Nasus, he scales off of AD more than AP. This is because his Q is his bread and butter, and Nasus relies on auto-attacks more than abilities. There are also more bruiser items that synergize well with his kit that will give him AD and HP at the same time. Note that there is a Nasus AP build that is immensely fun to play. AP Nasus relies on his E, which will do unreal damage to any enemies caught inside of it. 

Is Leona AP or AD?

Leona is another Tank, but unlike Nasus she doesn’t scale very well off of any type of damage items. She is one of those tanks that we recommend a full tank build on, in order to play her to her full potential. Her abilities will do more damage with AP items, so if you really want to play carry Leona, AP is the way to go. 

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Is Shaco AP or AD?

Shaco is one of the few Champions that excels with both AD and AP. Both builds are Meta and perfectly fine, it all depends on your playstyle. AD Shaco will rely on his auto attacks, and his E to slowly melt down enemies. AP Shaco will rely on his boxes, and his Clone (R) explosion to deal massive burst damage. AD Shaco is more intuitive for most players, but playing AP Shaco is a great way to catch enemies off guard and have fun wreaking havoc with high-damage traps.  

Is Kayle AP or AD?

We gave Kayle her own section because she is another very weird Champion. She can be played AP or AD, like Shaco but she will always have the same playstyle. Kayle should be played like an ADC on steroids. Her auto-attacks are her bread and butter, so she should be built with a lot of attack speed. Whether you build AD or AP, you should always grab Berserker’s Greaves and another attack speed item (Nasher’s Tooth for AP, Phantom Dancer for AD). 

We hope this guide serves well as a reference point for Champion damage. It’s important to know which damage to build on your own Champion, but also what kind of damage your opponent builds. Knowing the damage of every Champ in League of Legends is crucial for being a successful player, and there’s no shame in using a cheat sheet to fill in the gaps!  

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