League of Legends Champion Roles – The Ultimate Guide

Sometimes, it can be pretty tricky to tell which role a Champion is supposed to play in League of Legends. Even Riot themselves will have it wrong, especially when they first create a Champion. 

For example, champions like Brand and Lux started with the intention to go Mid before finding themselves better placed as Supports. To Quell the confusion, I’ve put together a definitive list of the Champions and their main roles:

Champion Primary Role Secondary Role
Aatrox Top Mid
Ahri Mid Support
Akali Mid Top
Akshan Mid bottom
Alistar Support Top
Amumu Jungle Support
Anivia Mid Support
Annie Support Mid
Aphelios bottom Mid
Ashe bottom Support
Aurelion Sol Mid Top
Azir Mid Top
Bard Support Mid
Blitzcrank Support Mid
Brand Support Mid
Braum Support Top
Caitlyn bottom Mid
Camille Top Mid
Cassiopeia Mid bottom
Cho’Gath Top Mid
Corki Mid bottom
Darius Top Jungle
Diana Jungle Mid
Dr. Mundo Top
Draven bottom Top
Ekko Jungle Mid
Elise Jungle Mid
Evelynn Jungle Mid
Ezreal bottom Mid
Fiddlesticks Jungle Support
Fiora Top Mid
Fizz Mid Top
Galio Mid Support
Gangplank Top Mid
Garen Top Mid
Gnar Top Mid
Gragas Jungle Top
Graves Jungle Top
Gwen Top Mid
Hecarim Jungle Top
Heimerdinger Mid Top
Illaoi Top Mid
Irelia Top Mid
Ivern Jungle Support
Janna Support Mid
Jarvan IV Jungle Top
Jax Top Jungle
Jayce Top Mid
Jhin bottom Mid
Jinx bottom Mid
Kai’Sa bottom Mid
Kalista bottom Mid
Karma Support Mid
Karthus Mid Support
Kassadin Mid Top
Katarina Mid Top
Kayle Top Mid
Kayn Jungle Top
Kennen Top Mid
Kha’Zix Jungle Top
Kindred Jungle bottom
Kled Top Mid
Kog’Maw bottom Mid
LeBlanc Mid Support
Lee Sin Jungle Mid
Leona Support Top
Lillia Jungle Top
Lissandra Mid Top
Lucian bottom Mid
Lulu Support Mid
Lux Support Mid
Malphite Top Support
Malzahar Mid Bottom
Maokai Support Top
Master Yi Jungle Top
Miss Fortune bottom Mid
Mordekaiser Top Mid
Morgana Support Mid
Nami Support Mid
Nasus Top Jungle
Nautilus Support Top
Neeko Mid Support
Nidalee Jungle Top
Nocturne Jungle Top
Nunu & Willump Jungle Top
Olaf Top Jungle
Orianna Mid Bottom
Ornn Top Support
Pantheon Top Mid
Poppy Top Jungle
Pyke Support Mid
Qiyana Mid Top
Quinn Top Bottom
Rakan Support Top
Rammus Jungle Top
Rek’Sai Jungle Top
Rell Support Top
Renata Glasc Support Mid
Renekton Top Mid
Rengar Jungle Top
Riven Top Mid
Rumble Top Mid
Ryze Mid Top
Samira bottom Mid
Sejuani Support Top
Senna Support bottom
Seraphine Support Mid
Sett Top Mid
Shaco Jungle Top
Shen Top Support
Shyvana Jungle Top
Singed Top Mid
Sion Top Support
Sivir bottom Top
Skarner Jungle Top
Sona Support Mid
Soraka Support Mid
Swain Mid Top
Sylas Mid Top
Syndra Mid Bottom
Tahm Kench Top Support
Taliyah Mid Top
Talon Mid Jungle
Taric Support Top
Teemo Top Mid
Thresh Support Mid
Tristana bottom Mid
Trundle Top Jungle
Tryndamere Top Jungle
Twisted Fate Mid Bottom
Twitch bottom Jungle
Udyr Jungle Top
Urgot Top Mid
Varus bottom Mid
Vayne bottom Top
Veigar Mid bottom
Vel’Koz Mid Support
Vex Mid Support
Vi Jungle Top
Viego Jungle Top
Viktor Mid bottom
Vladimir Mid Top
Volibear Top Jungle
Warwick Jungle Top
Wukong Top Mid
Xayah bottom Mid
Xerath Mid Support
Xin Zhao Jungle Top
Yasuo Mid Top
Yone Mid Top
Yorick Top Mid
Yuumi Support Mid
Zac Jungle Top
Zed Mid Top
Zeri bottom Mid
Ziggs Mid Bottom
Zilean Support Mid
Zoe Mid Bottom
Zyra Support Mid

What Role is Jinx?

Jinx is purely a Bot lane Champion. She plays ADC and pretty much nowhere else. I’ve seen a couple of Jinx players take her Mid lane, but I wouldn’t recommend it for most players. Jinx has no escape tools, which means she is very vulnerable to ganks and engages. This vulnerability is only amplified in solo lanes without a Support to peel for her. 

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What Role is Zeri?

Zeri is one of the newest Champions, so it could be said she hadn’t been figured out completely yet. With that being said, most players are taking her Bot lane as the ADC or to the Mid lane. Unlike Jinx, Zeri has self-peel and can escape engages and ganks quite easily. This means she can do quite well in solo lanes. 

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What Role is Renata Glasc?

Renata Glasc is the newest Champion at the time of this article. Like Zeri, players haven’t had time to min-max her yet. Currently, Renata Glasc is mostly used as a Support Champion. Her W is one of the strongest Support abilities in the game. It’s practically a free Zilean ultimate on Steroids. 

What Role is Viego?

Viego is a Jungler plain and simple. His E is great for ganks and only really useful for navigating around the Jungle. He can head to the Top or Mid lane if the player is good, but for the most part, he will stick in the Jungle. 

What Role is Akshan?

Akshan is ranged, so many players will automatically assume he is an ADC. However, his range isn’t very high, and his kit is actually better suited for the Mid lane. He can also head Top, but he will be much more vulnerable playing against tanky bruisers. Going Top will also leave his team without a tank or bruiser of its own, which can be a major disadvantage.  

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What Role is Vex?

Vex is a Mid laner, for the most part. Like most Mid laners, though, she can also be played as a Support. She has an AOE fear and quite a bit of damage. She will have damage whether she goes Mid or Support, similar to Champions like Lux, Brand, and Xerath.  

What Role is Ekko?

Ekko can be quite confusing for players that haven’t played him or played against him. Ekko is a Jungler first and foremost, but he can also be played Mid or Top. Ekko is an assassin, but if he heads Top, he’ll want to build some extra health. No matter where you play Ekko, you’ll probably want to take things easy for a few levels until you have some items. 

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