Top 5 Champions to Buy For 1350 BE

Top 5 Champions to Buy For 1350 BE League Of Legends

Blue essence is a relatively rare resource in League of Legends, and accordingly, there are a lot of choices present for the 1350 Blue essence class of champions in the League item shop.

That being said, knowing which champions will offer you the best price-to-performance ratio is an entirely different headache. Since the champions in the 1350 and below price bracket are usually old, they have been reworked over the years and have had drastic shifts in their power levels over time.

The list of champions in the 1350 bracket are: Alistar, Cho’Gath, Evelynn, Fiddlesticks, Janna, Jax, Malphite, Mordekaiser, Morgana, Nasus, Rammus, Sion, Sona, Taric, Teemo, Tristana, Tryndamere, Twisted Fate, Udyr, Veigar, Xin Zhao and Zilean.

The champions that have the most bang for BE in terms of how strong they are in the ever-changing meta of League are the ones that have made it into the top 5 recommendations.

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Morgana – Don’t You Dare Move

Morgana Best Champions to Buy For 1350 BE League Of LegendsMorgana is notorious for having the longest root in the game on her q ability; which often feels like an eternity for the one it hits. Morgana is hated for this one ability to such an extent that you often see her banrate reach upwards of 50% once per season.

To make matters worse for the enemy, Morgana is also blessed with the only anti cc shield in the game which is also a magic damage shield at its core. Anti CCshield on a CC focused champion is one of the greatest combos to have in a champion’s kit.

Furthermore, this is only alleviated by the fact that Morgana can build heavy AP without sustaining losses to her peel or her shields; Her CC doesn’t have a ratio, and her shield scales with AP.

So, if you enjoy making enemy ADC mains suffer by holding them in place while your ADC kills them, Morgana is the perfect choice for you. A perfect blend of ease of use, reliability, and skill expression is what earns her the number 5 spot on the list.

Fiddlesticks – Anorexia But Scary

Fiddlesticks Best Champions to Buy For 1350 BE League Of LegendsFiddlesticks is and used to be (before his rework) a champion revolving around the element of fear that radiates from a scarecrow. However, ever since his rework, Fiddle has been much more successful in finding his place in the game as a champion that completely rolls you over if he catches you off guard.

Fiddle is one of the fastest and most efficient clearing junglers in the game, all while managing to keep high damage if his kit is utilized right. Don’t get me wrong, Fiddlesticks does have a learning curve, but it is all worth it for the gameplay he has to offer.

His passive applies a fear to any enemy out of vision that is damaged by Fiddle, something that was not present before his rework. This allows much higher reward when his ultimate is used from out of enemy vision, while not making it weak when it isn’t used from out of vision.

So if you have always dreamt of playing league of legends like a stealth game where you catch people with their pants down, Fiddlesticks might be your go-to pick. He’s fun, rewards good gameplay and more importantly, he can farm jungle camps easier than many champions. This deems him worthy of the number 4 place on the list.

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Mordekaiser – The King of 1v1s

Mordekaiser Best Champions to Buy For 1350 BE League Of LegendsEven though he isn’t what he used to be, Mordekaiser has a legacy of being known for his ability to choose one champion to kill and then killing them accordingly.
Other than Fiora, no one would ever come close to beating Mordekaiser in a completely isolated 1v1 situation.

This assumption is to be made with a huge asterisk though since Mordekaiser is slowly being morphed into a statchecking champion along the lines of Udyr. For now though, if one wants to climb in elos below platinum, Mordekaiser is one of the best choices to reliably win top lane without going through the typical slow phases of laning.

The weaknesses of Mordekaiser are known by players of a higher caliber, so Mordekaiser plays a role similar to that of Garen. His stats make him impossible to win into unless the enemy is mechanically good, which most players in elos below platinum are not.

Long story short though, Mordekaiser is a very beginner friendly champion and ticks many of the boxes that a top lane player wants in a champion. But that doesn’t take away his susceptibility to good skill and to certain champions. Although It does mean that he grabs the 3rd place on the list.

Tristana – Tons of Damage

Tristana Best Champions to Buy For 1350 BE League Of LegendsTristana is one of the first ADCs in the game, Which means her kit is very simplistic in its nature. Consequently, in order to stay relevant her damage on abilities has been buffed up to compete with the complex and mechanical ADCs of recent years.

Furthermore, Tristana has been known in recent years for her ability to quickly burst down enemy ADCs, and snowballing out of control. Often more than not, when you see a high elo player doing an unranked to challenger split on bottom lane, they are playing Tristana to climb quicker.

If the best of the best are playing such a relatively easy champion when they can play something like Aphelios, they obviously know something more than what meets the eye.

All in all, Tristana may not have the highest win rate among ADCs, but winrate does not equal power level. Tristana is able to go head to head against the newest ADCs in the game, while also not falling behind in terms of kiting power against tanks and bruisers. This places her at the 2nd spot on the list

Veigar – Alt+F4

Veigar Best Champions to Buy For 1350 BE League Of LegendsAh, Veigar is one of the staple “cancer” champions in League of Legends to play against. He is known for his ability to stack Ability Power infinitely, and having one of the longest stuns in the game on his e, all while one shotting his enemies before they can press F (or D) to flash.

In addition to this, Veigar is ranged, so during the laning phase, he is very hard to abuse or kill. Often the champions that counter him are mechanically much superior to him, meaning the enemy Has to be better than him to actually do much against him.

Essentially this follows the same dynamic as Mordekaiser, but since Veigar is an infinitely stacking champion, he is not affected to the same extent. Furthermore, Veigar can build tank items while still matching his laner in terms of damage.

Even though Veigar’s skill ceiling is pretty low, High elo midlaners have been consistently playing him for a while now. Pro player GenG Nemesis has been streaming playing both Veigar and Kayle for 8 months now. This makes him worthy of the 1st spot on the list.

Final Thoughts

Every player is familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing what champion to buy when you don’t have too much blue essence on hand. Especially when some champions look and feel completely different compared to how strong they are.

These champions may not be ideal for everyone, but they are some of the strongest of the bunch while maintaining ease of use and reliability to the fullest.

What do you think about our picks? Do you think our Ratings are fair and unbiased? Let us know after taking them for a spin, along with any other feedback you may want to leave down in the comments section.

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