Top 5 Champions To Buy For 3150 BE

Top 5 Champions To Buy For 3150 BE League of Legends

3150 BE is a great place to start when buying champions that are not too old or too new. Once again, newer does not necessarily mean better.

In fact, in some cases, newer means worse because new champions are often nerfed due to their overloaded kits, while old ones are relatively untouched. As is with most things in League, though, That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to choosing a champion worth 3150 BE.

The list of champions worth 3150 BE is as follows: Ahri, Akali, Anivia, Blitzcrank, Corki, Ezreal, Galio, Gangplank, Gragas, Heimerdinger, Karma, Karthus, Kassadin, Katarina, Leblanc, Leona, Lux, Miss Fortune, Nidalee, Olaf, Pantheon, Shaco, Shen, Shyvana, Trundle, Twitch, Urgot, Vladimir and lastly Volibear.

As you can see, the list of champions is very extensive, unlike the lower 2 tiers of BE. The shortlisted ones who make it into the top 5 have some of the best performance for their price, ignoring how easy or hard the champion is mechanically.

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Ezreal – The Real Eboy

Best Champion to Buy 3150 BE Ezreal League of LegendsEzreal was the first “spellcaster” ADC in the game and quite distinctly has remained in a tier of his own. In practice, he is both a mage and an ADC, and the only one of his kind at that. Spellcasting and Attack damage don’t go hand in hand with range when it comes to balancing.

As a result of this, Ezreal is usually either completely useless or very overpowered, depending on the person playing him. This makes learning him one of the most rewarding things in League. He has probably the safest gameplay of any real ADC because of the blink on his e ability, and one of the longest ranged as well, courtesy of his Q and R.

He has access to numerous combos and play styles as well as item builds that you can choose from. Since the release of Crown of the shattered queen, people have started building him hybrid, which he can very efficiently utilize due to the AP ratios on all his abilities.

So, if you think a safe, strong, and scaling ADC is your kind of champion, then Ezreal is the perfect fit for you. He has been used in SoloQ by various Professional players who stream, especially when they are doing an unranked to challenger run. All this amounts to the 5th spot on the list.

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Lux – The Infamous Egirl

Best Champion to Buy 3150 BE Lux League of LegendsLux has a long list of things she is best known for. From “10-second cooldown ult spam” Lux to “getting a new skin every 3 days” Lux. Through all the Riot melodrama though, Lux is a Support/Mid Burst/Artillery mage with a straightforward and beginner-friendly kit, as well as more than sufficient damage and range to boot.

Lux has a very cookie-cutter outlook when it comes to being a mage, a standard CC spell, a defensive spell, and 2 damage spells. This works to her advantage though, since this results in her spells having higher AP ratios or base damage to compensate for the lower skill ceiling that her kit offers.

Furthermore, Lux is a very efficient long-ranged support, working very well with the likes of high-range ADCs such as Caitlyn and Jhin (to name a few). Lux is one of the most played champions in lower elos because she simply gets the job done, and she doesn’t require you to practice 15 hours a day to do that.

So if you feel like one-shotting ADC players from a mile and a half away with a chain combo while having 0 items, then Lux is ideal for you. Even if she is not perfect, she does excel in the places she is meant to, and for that, she gets the 4th spot on the list.

Volibear – The Polar Bear Who Could

Best Champion to Buy 3150 BE Volibear League of LegendsVolibear has been one of the most picked junglers in the recent LEC (League European Championship) Spring and Summer split. This is entirely because his ability to clear is remarkably fast, considering how good he is at 1v1 combat. Most champions cannot keep up with both his clear speed and combat potential.

In addition to this, Volibear is known for having a dynamic item build path, with some players opting for AP, some for bruiser items, and some for lethality items. this dynamic nature enforces the sort of flexibility you see in very few champions. Volibear has a stun for ganking, high ability ratios, a Health steroid on his ult, healing, shielding, and a slow. What more could you ask for in a jungler?

Additionally, Volibear is a relatively easy champion to learn and to learn the jungle role on too. His kit is not too complicated and feels very fluid since he was recently reworked (in 2020).

If you are looking for a champion to try while playing jungle and don’t want to give too much thought to actually paying attention and kiting jungle camps, then Volibear might be the right choice for you. His all-rounder kit does wonders for anyone who picks him, and it also lands him the 3rd spot on the list.

Katarina – The Blade Saleswoman

Best Champion to Buy 3150 BE Katarina League of LegendsKatarina is both one of the most hated assassins in the game and also one of the most religiously followed by her player base. Previously, she was known for being this heavy AP assassin who one-shots squishy champions. After season 11, she is better known for building bruiser items and still one-shotting everyone and their uncle just by existing.

Now obviously this is an exaggeration, but it is undeniable how strong Katarina feels to play due to the versatility of her kit. She can still build heavy AP, but now she has the added benefit of being able to go AD or tank or bruiser. All while keeping her damage consistent and her playstyle ruthless and fast.

Katarina is not a beginner-friendly champion. She is one that genuinely requires you to put time down into learning her different combos and how to utilize them to their maximum potential. Her gameplay also urges you to spend time hunting enemies down, trying to look for kills wherever you can.

This means Katarina is probably the hardest champion to play on this list, but she is also one of the strongest. In short, Katarina is all about being faster than your opponent, because a millisecond can be the difference between death and a pentakill. This emphasis on practice is why she is ranked 2nd on the list.

Ahri – More Dashes Than Riven

Best Champion to Buy 3150 BE Ahri League of LegendsAhri is a prime example of how older champions often are stronger than newer ones, at least head to head. Recently, after being buffed to compete against the much more skill-expressive kits of newer champions, Ahri was at the top of the hill for at least 4 patches. Sometimes she exceeded a 55% winrate, which is absurd. Even after being nerfed, she continues to dominate.

Ahri is great at what she’s meant to do; target specific champions and kill them. Her recently added ability to dash up to 8 times in a single team fight is one of the reasons why she has been seeing a lot more attention. While she isn’t particularly easy, she is every bit worth the time and effort put into learning her.

Ahri’s signature ability, the charm on her e, is also one of the key factors in her rise to success. As a mage, it is not easy to rush into 5 enemy champions to kill one and then get out scot-free, but since she has an arsenal of dashes, she is not limited by the same degree as other mages. In some ways, this could be seen as cheating, but in season 12 when every ADC has a dash on an item, what is even cheating anymore?

Long story short, Ahri is good for anyone wanting to learn a champion that is not so hard and pays off well in terms of how strong they are. The assassin-like nature of killing a specific enemy combined with the mage-like nature of being ranged and at a secure distance makes her earn the 1st spot on this list.j

Final Thoughts

I think we have all been at the point where we open the shop in League of Legends and are met with a huge list of champions to choose from. Further alleviated by the fact that the champions often feel very different than what they represent. Lux might look like a cute healer when she is one of the highest damage-dealing burst mages

Not everyone will like the list that has been presented today, and that is okay. It is not meant to be perfect, just good enough.

So do let us know what you think after giving these 5 champions a try, and be sure to leave any other sort of comment you may wish to leave down in the comments section below!

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