9 Champions That Can Make You a Better Laner

In League of Legends, we all want to do our best. Mastering the game or new Champion isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight. What about you – do you want to learn how to be a better top laner? When it comes to improving your laning, if you’re doing research online, you’re going to find many conflicting bits of advice. So, we’re going to lay it down for you and tell you the champions that can make you a better laner…

The champions that we have chosen will make you a better laner, as long as you use them properly. The champions on this list are capable of covering all three of the lanes, so let’s get going and see which LoL champions made the cut!

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1. Renekton

Skill: Trading

Trading is a huge skill that covers a lot of smaller skills, but Renekton is an excellent choice because this champion will help you improve at most of them. Renekton has a simple trade pattern, making him a great champion to use if you’re wanting to learn how to trade. Basically, what you do is you dash in, use that stun, Q with full fury, then Renekton dashes out.

This combo is the easiest to understand and use, so you’re not going to have problems picking up on it. Plus, you will be able to put more focus towards the more subtle skills, such as identifying a trade window and positioning for a trade. 

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2. Nasus

Skill: Farming

Farming Q stacks with Nasus is super easy – that’s his main goal in the lane. You should really just focus on farming, but try to help your teammates whenever you think that you have a chance in winning the fight. 

3. Caitlyn

Skill: Zoning

When a champion can create areas of control (Caitlyn can do this), they can “zone” their enemies to miss CS and take bad trades. They can even cause their opponents to miss experience. Caitlyn uses her traps to control the lane, and we must say, she does a great job at it.

Once you learn how to use this Champion and position the traps properly, you will be able to put your enemy in a situation where they are forced to make some difficult choices.

4. Ahri

Skill: Wave Management

Ahri is one of those rare champions that have an amazing ability kit. She has crowd control, wave clear and dashes! What else do you need? You should really give Ahri a chance

Ahri is great at wave management because she has all the wave tools needed. Using her W ability, she can farm a wave, which causes it to freeze, but with her Q, she can quickly push a wave. 

5. Talon

Skill: Roaming

Roamers are like second junglers in a way, as they move from their lane to the next, and they don’t mind going into their enemy’s jungle if that’s what it takes. When we think of roamers, naturally, Talon comes to mind because his kit is built for roaming. He has some decent tools in his kit, like his W, to push the wave, plus his all-in pattern is pretty easy to execute. 

6. Darius

Skill: Melee Trading

Darius is the type of Champion that needs to be up close to his enemy, but his trade pattern is simple. Basically, he pulls the enemy, auto, W, auto Q …it’s pretty simple, but he doesn’t have the best mobility to execute it safely. Choosing Darius as your Champion will allow you to learn how to work around cooldowns while maintaining proper spacing when you’re trading.

7. Shen

Skill: Map Awareness

When a laner thinks of map awareness, they tend to focus on ganks and keep their eyes on the jungler. However, in the lane phase, this isn’t the only aspect of map awareness. As a veteran League of Legends players, we have learned that we also need to be aware of what’s going on in the other lands.

We understand, it’s easy to get focused on our own lanes, but if you want to become a great laner, you need to at least have an idea of what’s going on in the other lanes. 

We choose Shen in this case because he can teleport to another laner while saving his teammate. When you play this Champion, you need to watch the minimap and your team’s health bars to maximize Shen’s kit.

8. Blitzcrank

Skill: Engaging

Blitzkrank is one of those champions that can actually make you the better player in League of Legends

As far as the goal in laning goes for some champions, it isn’t just to score a win by zoning their opponent – they need to set up all-in for the ganking jungler or their lane partner. This is where Blitzcrank comes into play – with his Rocket Grab, he can easily engage. When the enemy mispositions or when your jungler is ganking, Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab is what you will want to use.

However, if Blitzcrank misses, this will give the enemy an advantage. If you miss or the enemy flashes the pull, Blitzcrank’s main engage tool will have a cooldown, so they will be able to turn the tables. 

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9. Kog’Maw

Skill: Poking

With poke, you can slice an opponent’s health pool. Kog’Maw has an excellent range with his abilities and on his autos, making him a good champion for this. On Kog’Maw and the other poke champions, you need to avoid those trades and all-ins and make sure you keep a safe distance so that you can bully your enemy. 

There you have it – the champions that can make you a better laner on League of Legends. Go ahead and give them a try; you might just find one you like! 

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