Championship Riven – The Ultimate Skin Review

Championship Riven - The Ultimate Skin Review League of Legends

Riven was once was a swordmaster in the war hosts of Noxus until she eventually decided to exile herself. She’s a fighter, so this means she has the potential for many amazing skins. Now onto the fun part of this, our skin review on Championship Riven.

How Rare Is This Skin?

Championship Riven is widely known amongst the community, not just for its looks but for how difficult it is to obtain. So just how rare is it? This skin was originally released for the Season 2 Worlds Final, and only a few skin codes were released to the public. Riot stated that this skin was not going to be back after the event. So this, of course, made it considerably rare, and for that, it’s sought after. Considering that this skin hasn’t been obtained since 2012, it makes it a beyond rare skin. 

However, there was one event where this skin made a return; in 2015, it was a reward for anyone who could complete the pick’em with a 100% score. Only one person managed to succeed, and they received one of the rarest League of Legends skins. When skin codes were a thing and not disabled in 2014, players usually sell the skin code for $300 and sometimes more. 

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Why Is This Skin Special?

Championship Riven - The Ultimate Skin Review League of Legends

What makes this skin so special, you ask? The champion gets a new model, new textures and has many qualities and animations and visual effects. Now, did you know that the sword was inspired by a volcano? You may be wondering then, shouldn’t the sword be orange then? Nope, it’s inspired by a special volcano called the Kawah Ijen in East Java, Indonesia, that has blue lava. This alone makes the skin pretty unique.

The Appearance Of The Skin

Now onto the appearance and why you should be interested in this skin. This armored Riven goes for a unique look. The sword maintains its lore of being broken which makes it a compelling design. Her hairstyle manages to suit her personality of being the Exiled and subtly matches the skin. On top of her head lies a crown that helps pull the concept together.

For lovers of the color blue, you’d love this skin, as this skin is mostly blue but does it well and doesn’t make it too tedious. Now you can’t have a championship skin without some references to Season 2, the reason it was made. 

On Riven’s back is numbers which stands for two in numerals. While the skin does break the immersion from the game world, that’s okay as it fulfills its duty as a championship skin. In addition to all these great things, it has blue particles that add a ton of visual flair to the skin, rather than the bright blue of the skin; it’s a pale blue.

The shapes and animations are another great addition that helps bring more appeal to the skin. The recall accomplishes the blue theme as it surrounds Riven with blue circles. It’s an excellent recall that isn’t anything too special. 

2016 New Championship Riven Skin 

Championship Riven - The Ultimate Skin Review League of Legends Vintage vs 2016

In 2016 Riot put out a new Championship Riven skin. However, the original skin that was obtainable in 2012 got new additions, including a vintage loading screen, the 2016 skin, and the addition of a crown.

The old skin was, in fact, revamped with a couple of changes, they made the sword brighter, and they added a new ultimate visual. So there are two versions of the skin. The first is the original 2012 version named Championship Riven, a reward to celebrate the end of Season 2. 

The second is named Championship Riven 2016, and that too is no longer obtainable. Championship Riven 2016 didn’t get any extra features like the original skin. There are only a few differences that aren’t too noticeable. The original Championship Riven has a new crown, as I mentioned, with a new glow to the sword when Blade of the Exile is active – it is an excellent addition to the already fantastic skin.

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 The only thing that this skin neglects is no new sounds; with sounds, this skin could check every box. Championship Riven has so many positives to the skin, you look stylish with great animations, and you have the ability to make everyone jealous with your rare skin. 

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