How To Check How Many Pentakills Have You Got?

Every player in League of Legends strives for that ultimate goal of getting a Pentakill. It is the most exquisite feeling you can get. I mean, come on, having the notion of completely dominating the opponents singlehandedly is just unequaled. 

After years and years of playing, some of you might wonder how exactly we see how many Pentakills we have?

As always, seek no longer, for LeagueFeed is here to answer all of your lifelong questions. 

Since the topic question is blunt a bit, we’ll go into more than just answering it. Of course, we wouldn’t be LeagueFeed if we didn’t do so. 

But to bore you no longer with introductory ramblings – let us begin with our article! 

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What Are Pentakills, And How do You Score Them?

A Pentakill in League of Legends is the act of getting five kills in quick succession. There is a Multi kill timer between each kill in League of Legends. For those who might be new to the game, the Multi kills are – Double Kill, Triple Kill, Quadra Kill, and our topic of discussion – Pentakill. 

To score a Penta, you will have to eliminate the entire enemy team successfully, i.e., you won’t have much time to waste between each kill. Of course, the Penta timer can get quite long, and you will have enough to finish off the last opponent. However, don’t rely on this too much – speed is everything with Multi kills. 

The significance of a Pentakill is often way overblown by the community. I understand why that might be so – you feel highly empowered when you singlehandedly kill the entire enemy team. But never forget the allies that helped you achieve that feat, as it is not something a single player can do alone. 

Well, if he isn’t playing in Iron, that is. 

How Do You Check How Many Pentakills You Have? 

By heading on over to the League of Legends client, you can easily find the Pentakill stat tab. 

Firstly, go to your profile > stats > hover over the KDA Ratio. When you hover, all of your Season multikills will show up after a quick second. It’s a great addition to Riot’s client some years ago with the new client. 

I honestly preferred the older client despite this one being much more advanced and fuller of content. The old one just sat with me better. And what’s more – it performed better. 

Final Thoughts

League of Legends players always strives for greatness. The Pentakill is one of the greatest achievements for a player, primarily due to how rare it is. I think that, statistically, your every 50th game will result in a Pentakill. That’s how infrequent this occurrence is, which only serves to make it even more special. 

We love getting tons of kills here at LeagueFeed, and we wish to make you love it as much as we do. By checking out our website, you will undoubtedly find a lot of helpful information that will make you the most extraordinary killing machine on the Rift. We love you, and we love that you keep supporting our content, so thank you kindly. 

I wish you the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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