Top 7 Best Tips That Will Help You Climb Out Of Bronze in Season 12

There are a few reasons why it can be difficult to climb out of bronze in League of Legends. One reason is that the skill level required to play at a high level in bronze is much lower than the skill level required to play at a high level in higher tiers.

Additionally, many players in bronze are still learning how to play the game, which can make it difficult for them to compete with players who have more experience. Finally, the matchmaking system in League of Legends often pits players against opponents who are significantly better or worse than they are, which can make it difficult to win games and climb out of bronze.

How Bad Is Bronze in League of Legends?

The short answer is that it depends on the person. Bronze League has been designed to be a tier with lower skills, so for people just starting out, bronze can be difficult if they didn’t have practice. In reality, everything above Gold I is worse because there are players who play specifically to troll and harass others just to make them quit – how bad these higher levels get depends on your definition of “bad.”

The challenge in climbing out of bronze league in LoL is not as much about skill – which you can learn with time and effort – as it is about getting experience playing against different types of champions and learning common mistakes made by those at your same rank. Think of mastering a champion or perfecting mechanical skills as the first.

1. Farm

Gold is one of, if not the most essential element in the game. In most games, a player’s total gold comes from farming minions and jungle creatures. Despite this, many Bronze and Silver players are prone to overestimating kills and have low CS counts. The majority of a minion’s value is in gold, and a typical kill provides 300. 

This indicates that 15 minions may be worth just as much as one kill. You won’t always have an opportunity to get your opponent, but there will almost certainly be one to farm. As a result, mastering how to farm effectively is a very fundamental yet essential skill to learn.

Farming in the Practice Tool before a game is an excellent method to enhance your last-hitter skills. You must worry about numerous things during games, such as trading with your opponent and being ganked; the Practice Tool allows you to focus solely on learning how to damage your champion and gaining confidence in your last hitting.

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2. Play Safe

The worst thing that can happen to you in League of Legends is to die. Not only do you give enemy gold and experience when you are slain, but you also lose significant minion experience and money. Furthermore, your pressure on the map is lost, allowing the enemy team to rove or take objectives like a tower, dragon, or baron.

Keeping your death toll low will be essential if you want to rise no matter what your current position. Our advice for doing so is to avoid making needless gambles and impulsive plays. Don’t go for that trade or an all-in.

3. Learn a few Champions

The champion pool is one of the most important things to consider. You should aim to play no more than three or four champions at a time. This is because you haven’t yet mastered the game’s fundamental concepts at this level of skill. Playing many heroes simultaneously, while attempting to make good judgments, will only cause more harm than benefit. 

When you focus on a tiny roster of champions, or perhaps even specialize in one, you’ll become adept with those picks. Being at ease and acquainted with a champion allows players to instinctively know the range of their abilities and limitations without having to think about it. This frees up players’ attention so they can put more thought into the strategic and macro parts of things.

Taking a look at one-tricking as an illustration; one-trick players do well in solo queue since they only play one hero and are thus very familiar with their pick, having experience and understanding of many different matchups. If a Yasuo one-trick goes against an Ahri in a game, they would have probably played that exact matchup multiple times before, and they would know how to lane against Ahri. 

Because they are unfamiliar with the champion, their understanding and experience in that matchup would be significantly lower than someone who plays a different mid laner every game. They would not know how to lane against Syndra correctly due to their lack of expertise and knowledge.

When it comes to deciding which champion or champions to stick with, you don’t always have to choose someone who is too difficult to play. This might slow down your ability to perform well since you’ll have trouble focusing on the champion while learning it. If you pick a champion that is difficult to play, stick to just one. It’s also acceptable to use straightforward champions such as Annie or Lux. 

The most effective way to improve your League of Legends game is by playing with the blind. This would make things a lot easier since the learning curve is shorter and simpler to complete. The flashiest champions aren’t always the finest picks, and it’s often preferable to choose something basic and win through excellent decision-making rather than attempting risky mechanical outplays

4. Watch the Tape

One of the simplest ways to improve is by reviewing your own games. Players may enhance their concentration and dedication to the game by reviewing replays. It’s critical for gamers to watch their own games in order to find out errors and undesirable habits that they might be performing unintentionally.

During a game, there’s a lot going on that you may not even be aware of. Reviews allow you to identify and correct your poor tendencies and blunders by concentrating only on misplays. You are not limited to monitoring your own games, professional gamers or high elo players can also assist you in improving.

You may discover new things by watching other people’s matches, such as how to play a certain matchup or what to do and where to position yourself in teamfights. As you watch more games, your attention to detail and focus will improve, allowing you to make fewer mistakes and advance faster.

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Regardless of rank, players are toxic. This is especially true for Bronze. When someone feels they’re considerably better than their rivals yet isn’t able to improve, they can become irritated. Flaming and blaming your teammates will have no positive impact. It has the potential to do the complete reverse.

It’s a great idea to turn off the chat entirely in Settings if you’re unable not to talk. However, it’s highly suggested that you compliment your teammates when they make a good play to encourage them further. Remember, no one wants to play with a nasty teammate!

It’s also important to keep in mind that you should never let a bad day in real life justify going off on your teammates. Such behavior has no place in competitive gaming, which is exactly why it will have no bearing on your performance. When it comes to climbing the ranks, you’ll want to minimize risks while increasing your chances of winning. Not the other way around.

6. DO: Communicate Rationally

You want a real game-changer? Communicating effectively with your teammates.

Tell your jungler if your opponent burns a spell so they can gank when the time is right. If they are missing, notify your team because they might be about to get ganked. Tell people you’re on your way to another lane whenever you move between lanes. If you require assistance, express it. Let your teammates know of any dangers

Negative communication is a waste of time. If you’re the one being insulted, mute them and keep playing. Being patient is the most crucial aspect of the road to Platinum. If you’ve muted your chat to avoid toxicity, you may still communicate via pings by using ping messages.

League of Legends has a fantastic ping system that allows you to notify teammates that your opposite laner is unavailable, as well as letting you know when your ultimate ability is still on cooldown.

7. Don’t give up

Players in Bronze, Silver, and Gold have a hard time making mistakes because they don’t have much game knowledge or understanding. You don’t need to feel like you need to force a play or make something happen in order to win. Enemies will make errors on their own occasionally, giving you chances because they don’t comprehend the fundamentals of the game.

If you’re new to this, the concept of patience can be difficult to grasp. It does not imply that you should sit back and do nothing; rather, it means that you must be patient and act when there is a good chance of success. Playing cautiously but taking advantage of errors can also help to lessen any feelings of stress or nervousness.

You must always have the attitude that you need to make game-changing plays every game, putting a lot of pressure on yourself. Focusing on the fundamentals, such as farming and punishing opponents who come up to last hit, will assist in making the game more controlled and less stressful to play.

Self-sabotage is avoided by keeping an eye on your resources and cooldowns. Always consider how you might get the most out of your abilities. When an opponent approaches, tossing out all of your skills may not always ensure that you’ll land a hit. You can sometimes walk into the jungle without realizing you’re missing out on your abilities, and an opponent may trade back with you and drive you off the wave. Being patient and waiting for them to finish hit their abilities will help you achieve your goals.

Many players don’t realize they’re being harassed because they are standing still to hit last hits, making them an easy target for your spells. Alternatively, they must back off and lose money if they want to stay in the game.

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Bonus: 3 Champions for Climbing Out of Bronze

1. Vi

Vi’s great at keeping you alive while making plays. Vi is fairly self-sufficient, can gank well, and has very nice scaling for damage. Her ultimate makes her immune to CC, disables the enemy team, and allows you to walk straight through them with an ally or minion following right behind.

Vi scales incredibly well into late game – all of your abilities hit like a truck. If she’s placed in the jungle rather than top lane, these advantages are even greater because she will have more gold on average after clearing faster due to being able to go back sooner.

2. Ashe

Players who start out as Ashe tend to learn how her arrow works before anything else, which is why she’s a good choice for most new players getting used to the basics. Her ult has immense CC potential and can easily catch opponents off guard if shot correctly.

3. Garen

Garen is a great solo queue champion because his silence and perseverance allow him to easily win trades and shut down an opponent. He can dive in for kills easily, but still has the tankiness to take some punishment. If your laning opponent leaves you alone or gets too greedy, Garen should be able to punish them hard by landing two-three max stacks of judgment on them (knocking off armor) and then spinning into them while they run.

If properly executed, this will kill your enemy while putting Garen out of harm’s way. Since you want to play with all lanes winning, make sure you communicate properly and not lose opportunities like this one. Missing a chance like this can bring back memories of losing bronze!

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If you’re looking to break out of bronze in League of Legends, the tips provided in this guide should help. You’ll learn how to win trades and avoid self-sabotage with patience and thoughtful play. We also provide 3 champions that can make climbing out of bronze easier for new players.

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