Top 7 Best Catchers (Controller Catchers in League of Legends)

Top 7 Best Catchers (Controller Catchers in League of Legends) Guide

League of Legends has hundreds of champions that all fill different roles. While you might pick an AD champion, they might fall into the category of either being an ADC, an assassin, or a tank just to name a few. As such, there is a category of champions that are known as the catchers. That is why this guide will take a look at the top 7 best catchers in League of Legends.

A catcher specializes in locking down the enemy and bursting them down. They don’t necessarily start a teamfight and can kill one enemy with the help of their team. While some of the catchers are good at fighting the enemy alone, most of them need help from their team. They can create an area that is deadly to cross and force the enemy to walk around that.

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The top 7 best catchers in League of Legends are:

  • Ivern
  • Jhin
  • Morgana
  • Blitzcrank
  • Bard
  • Thresh
  • Rakan

There are a few other champions as well that would fit perfectly on this list but these are the ones that are usually considered to be the best catchers. Each of these champions has strong abilities and ultimates that allow you to pin the enemy down and allow your team to kill them without always starting a teamfight.

Some of these champions – like Jhin – do not always need their teams to be around. They can catch any enemy that has stepped out of position and kill them without any worries. This gives your team an advantage and you can force a 5v4 to win the fight. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at the top 7 best catchers in League of Legends and why these champions are so good.


Best Controller Catcher Ivern League of LegendsWhile thinking about what champions to add to this list, I forgot about Ivern. However, after a while, I found out that he is one of the best catchers in League of Legends and he is one of the strongest jungle controller catchers. Most players underestimate this champion since he isn’t that readily picked in the solo queue. However, Ivern is the best example of a catcher in the game.

His Q is what makes him a solid catcher. He launches a projectile that stops at the first enemy it hits. The enemy that is hit by this will be rooted for a few seconds. During this time, all of your allies can right-click on that enemy and jump right next to them. This is a great spell to use while ganking or when you want to catch the enemy that is out of position.

Your W allows Ivern to plant a bush wherever he wants. This is great to hide your team or your tracks. Having more bushes around the map is great for Ivern and if you have a champion like Rengar on your team, you will have an additional advantage. Plus, you can use this spell to cover up objectives like Baron or dragon so that the enemy has a difficult time spotting you.

Ivern’s E is a simple ability that allows him to give one of his allies or himself a shield. This is a strong shield that can save a lot of his allies from the enemy. After you build a few items, this shield becomes even stronger and can be the difference to save your ADC or any other carry from dying.

His R allows him to summon Daisy – his pet golem. Daisy can either be controlled like other pets in the game or you can let her do her thing. Regardless of what she does, Daisy deals a good amount of damage and her third auto attack on the enemy champion will knock them up.


Best Controller Catcher Jhin League of LegendsJhin’s Q allows him to bounce a grenade four times off of the enemy. It cannot bounce back to the enemy that it has already hit. While this does a good amount of damage on its own, there is a way that you can make this ability even stronger. If it kills the previous targets, the future bounces will deal increased damage. This means that you can bounce it off of minions and kill them to deal additional damage on the final bounce on the enemy champion.

His W is a long-range ability that can root an enemy champion if it hits them. This makes him a great catcher since you can root any enemy that is out of position. Jhin fires a projectile in a straight line that passes through all minions and damages the first enemy champion hit. If they are damaged by Jhin or his allies, his W can root them for a few seconds.

His E allows Jhin to throw a few of his traps that will become invisible. If the enemy steps on them, they will be slowed and will take damage once the trap explodes. This is a great ability to use if you are out of wards to see if the enemy is going to gank or not. Plus, you can use this while running to slow down the enemy as well.

Finally, his R is another long-range ultimate that zooms out the screen and Jhin covers an area of your choice. You can fire four bullets that damage the first enemy champion they hit. The final bullet deals additional damage and it also crits. If you find an enemy that is alone, you can use your R to slow and damage them while your team finishes them off.


Best Controller Catcher Morgana League of LegendsMorgana is a strong catcher that most players forget about. Her Q allows her to throw a projectile in front of her that deals damage to any enemy that is hit by it. The best part is that she can root the enemy that it hits and roots them for more than 2 seconds – making it one of the longest roots in the game.

Her W can be used to either wave clear or damage the enemy that is rooted. She puts a small poisonous field in an area that damages any enemies on it. This can be used to force the enemy to reposition themselves or damage them while they are rooted.

Her E is a magic shield that blocks any CC on the target you apply it on. This shield not only blocks any CC but also helps block any magic damage as well.

Finally, her R applies a chain to all nearby enemies and they get stunned after a brief duration. You can use this to catch the enemies or stun them after you catch them with your Q.


Best Controller Catcher Blitzcrank League of LegendsBlitzcrank is one of the best catchers in the game that can kill the enemy with his team without starting a teamfight. This is mostly thanks to your Q ability which is essentially a hook. Blitz fires a hook from his right hand that pulls the first enemy it hits. You can position yourself in areas that the enemy cannot see and pull them into your team.

Once you bring them in, use your E to knock them up so that they cannot immediately start running away. Using both of these spells together will allow you to easily kill the enemy if you bring them into your team.

If you want to further burst down the enemy, you can press your R to deal damage to them and silence them as well. You can do this after they come back from being knocked up by your E.


Best Controller Catcher Bard League of LegendsIf an enemy is out of position, Bard is one of the best catchers that can get to them. Thanks to his Q ability and his ultimate, he can easily catch them and allow his team to kill them without any issues. You can use your Q to stun an enemy or slow them depending on if the second part of your Q hits the wall or another enemy.

Plus, you can use your magical journey ability to create a portal through a wall and allow everyone to go to the other side. This is a great spell to surprise the enemy and come from behind them with your team.

Finally, his R allows Bard to make everyone in an area invulnerable for a short duration. This is like the effect of Zhonyas Hourglass. You can use this from a distance to stop the enemy in their tracks. This allows you and your team to surround them while they cannot move. Once the effect ends, you can easily kill them and back off.


Best Controller Catcher Thresh League of LegendsThresh is not only a good catcher but also a strong lane bully. Thanks to his Q, he can hook any enemy hit by it. Thresh pulls them a bit closer to him and can recast the ability to jump to them as well. However, unlike the hook of someone like Nautilus, you do not immediately go to the enemy once you hit them with your Q.

This allows you to safely pull them without risking your life in the middle of the enemy team. Plus, once you pull the enemy closer, you can use your E to pull them even further. Alternatively, your E can also push the enemy depending on how you hit them.

Finally, your R allows Thresh to create a barricade around him that slows and damages any enemy champions that hit its walls. You can use this to stop the enemies right in their tracks and allow your team to kill them.


Best Controller Catcher Rakan League of LegendsI almost put Zyra or Neeko instead of Rakan on this list. However, thanks to his overall performance in the latest patch of the game, he successfully secured this spot. Rakan is a great catcher that most players underestimate a lot. He can easily catch any enemy that is out of position, kill them with the help of his team, and successfully return to safety as well.

His Q is a simple ability that damages any enemy champion that it hits. Rakan fires a short projectile in a straight line that damages the first enemy hit. If it hits a champion, it will damage them a bit and Rakan can heal his HP due to that. If you stand next to your ally when you hit this spell, you and your ally both will heal.

His W is the main ability that makes him a solid catcher. He can dash to a location and knock up any enemies in that area. This makes him a threat in the laning phase and during the entire game as well. Knocking up enemies not only deals damage but also gives your team a chance to kill them while they are immobilized.

His E allows Rakan to safely jump on his allies two times. This allows you to safely return back to safety after engaging or catching the enemy. On top of that, the ally that you jump to will gain a small shield as well. You can give them two shields if you jump twice on them or give two separate allies a shield

Finally, his R allows him to run swiftly and charm any enemy champions that he touches. This is another great ability that you can either follow up after using your W or use this to gain the speed and then dash with your W.

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