Is Corki AP or AD? – Everything You Need To Know

Is Corki AP or AD? - Everything You Need To Know

Corki is an interesting champion, to say the least. On one hand, he can build full AD and do magic damage; on the other hand, he can still build full AP and still do magic damage. So, for this build, we will be focusing on his Hybrid scaling build that does mostly magic damage but features AD items alongside AP ones.

Upon first look, one might not guess that Corki is one of the only champions in the game that critically strikes in magic damage. Calling his kit special would be an understatement because this sort of kit is so fundamentally wrong for the game that Corki has to be kept below a 50% winrate for him to be balanced.

Either way, this is what you should know about Corki as a champion in League of Legends.

Corki is both an AP and AD champion. His kit scales with both types of damage items but deals mostly magic damage. This gives Corki the ability to choose his build according to the meta. If an AD item is way more broken than an AP one, he can build it (and vice versa)

Corki’s damage is reliant on his R, which has a short cooldown and is very spammable as the game goes on. Hence his gameplay revolves around poking until the enemy dies.

Corki is infamous for having one of the worst early games in the midlane and scaling beyond thought in the mid-late game. The scaling on his R alongside its range allows Corki to go absolutely ham when he hits his item spikes.

His W enables him to scale into the late game alongside his r because it’s a shorter width, but longer ranged Rumble ultimate that does more damage and pushes people away from you as well.

What Are Corki’s Abilities?

P- Hextech Munitions

Corki’s basic attacks are modified to deal 80% AD magic damage and 20% AD physical damage.

The Package: After 10:00 in the game, The Package is delivered to both corners of the allied fountain, which can be selected by Corki to pick up after channeling for 1 second. Upon completion of the channel, Corki gains one cast of Special Delivery for 60 seconds, replacing Valkyrie for the duration. While holding the package, Corki gains 40% bonus movement speed out of combat and ghosting.

Q- Phosphorus Bomb

Corki launches a bomb at the target location that explodes upon impact, dealing magic damage (that scales with both AP and AD)  to enemies hit.

W- Valkyrie

Corki dashes to the target location and drops bombs that leave up to 3 blazing patches along his path, depending on the distance traveled. Each patch lasts 2 seconds.

Enemies within the patches are dealt magic damage (that only scales with AP) every 0.25 seconds.

W- Special Delivery

Corki dashes with displacement immunity to the target location, knocking aside all enemies in his path 500 units and leaving behind a trail of fire for 5 seconds, which grants sight of the area for its duration and 3 seconds afterward.

Enemies hit by Corki’s dash or within the trail are burned and slowed by 90% for 2 seconds, refreshing every 0.25 seconds while inside the area. The burn deals 7.5 − 25 (based on level) (+ 50% bonus AD) (+ 6% AP) magic damage every 0.25 seconds.

E- Gatling Gun

E- Gatling Gun

Corki sprays bullets in a cone toward his facing direction for 4 seconds, dealing equal parts physical and magic damage (that only scales with AD) every 0.25 seconds to all enemies hit and reducing the targets’ armor and magic resistance with each tick, lasting for 2 seconds, refreshing on subsequent ticks, and stacking up to 8 times.

R- Missile Barrage

R- Missile Barrage

Corki fires a missile in the target direction that explodes upon the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage (that scales with both AP and AD) to enemies within the area.

Corki periodically stocks a Missile Barrage charge, up to a maximum of 7. He gains maximum charges upon respawning.

Every third missile Corki fires is a Big One, dealing 100% increased damage as well as gaining increased range and explosion radius.

As you can see, Corki’s abilities are very intricately designed for him to be able to build both AP and AD in the same build, forging a playstyle that isn’t afraid to set itself apart from the crowd.

Is Hybrid Corki Worth It?

Yes, it is, due to the simple fact that a champion that can successfully build both AP and AD items will always be great if allowed to meet the prerequisites set for him. In C Corki’s case, it’s “not dying early”. For someone else, it might differ.

Currently, Corki sits on a cool 47.18% winrate in Plat+ with his hybrid build. While that may seem bad, you have to keep in mind that a lot of champions are earlygame oriented and hard-counter Corki, which is why his winrate is not as good as his damage feels.

How Do You Play Hybrid Corki In LoL?

If you are looking for a build for Corki that will dominate while working well in the current meta, We have it.

Best runes for Hybrid Corki in LoL:

How Do You Play Hybrid Corki In LoL?

  • First Strike- Dealing damage or applying a crowd control effect to an enemy champion within the first 0.25 seconds of champion combat, grants 5 Gold and First Strike for 3 seconds, causing all of your post-mitigation damage dealt against champions to deal 9% bonus true damage. Afterwards, you are granted 70% of all bonus damage dealt within the duration as gold. This effect is not applied if you are struck by an enemy champion and instead first strike will go on full cooldown.
  • Magical Footwear- After 12 minutes (reduced by 45 seconds whenever scoring a takedown against an enemy champion), you gain Slightly Magical Boots (an extra 10 movement speed compared to the ones available in the shop) for free.
  • Biscuit Delivery- Receive a Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will at 2:00, 4:00, and 6:00. Consuming a Biscuit will instantly restore 40 mana and permanently increase your maximum mana by the same amount, in addition to its effects. You will also gain the increased mana if you sell the biscuit.
  • Time Warp Tonic- Consuming a potion or biscuit immediately restores 30% of the health and mana (if applicable) it would restore. Health/mana per tick is then reduced by 30% for the effect’s regular duration. Additionally, you gain 2% bonus total movement speed while under the effect of a potion or biscuit.
  • Taste of Blood- Damaging an enemy Champion icon.png champion heals you for 16 − 30 (based on level) (+ 15% bonus AD) (+ 8% AP).
  • Treasure Hunter- Gain 70 Gold 70 (+ 20 Gold 20 per Bounty Hunter stack) per unique takedown, up to 550 Gold 550 at 5 unique takedowns.

Earn a Bounty Hunter stack whenever scoring a takedown against an enemy champion, up to one per unique champion.

For Bonuses, go AS, AD/AP, and Armour or Magic resist depending on the matchup.

Best item build for Hybrid Corki in LoL:

  • Manamune- Huge power spike since it applies on every R you throw at the enemy as well as every auto attack, dealing physical damage on top of all the preexisting magic damage.
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes- Good flat penetration since most of your damage is Magic.
  • Luden’s Tempest- A strong place to get AP and extra magic pen on the mythic passive as well as extra damage every once in a while upon landing an ability.
  • Ravenous Hydra- A great source for Vamp from your build so you can stand a chance against heavy healing champions and avoid being poked out from fights by someone like Xerath.
  • Shadowflame- More pen to get deadlier rockets.
  • Guardian Angel- A second life that allows you to take risks with your Special Delivery package to win fights that you would not have won otherwise.

Other than these items, Corki can go Immortal Shieldbow, Infinity edge, Essence Reaver, Rapid Firecannon, Void Staff, and Maw of Malmortius.

What Lane Is Corki?

What Lane Is Corki?

Corki is and has always been only good in the midlane. Playing him in any other lane can be classified as trolling because his damage is way too low for both bot and toplane in the early game and he needs the extra XP he cannot get from the bot lane as well as the ability to farm without the enemy freezing in the toplane.

This is why the recommended build was done with the midlane in mind. If you are interested in playing Corki in any other lane, I would suggest going for completely different and possibly defensive runes.

In any way, Corki excels in the midlane, where he is usually played.

Final Thoughts

Corki is one of the champions that is consistently picked in pro play if the meta suits scaling champions. When I first started watching pro, this was the reason I gave Corki a try. To my surprise, he was particularly fun and decently skill-expressive, so I ended up maining him for a while and then moving on to Diana mid.

If you are looking for a burst-oriented poke champion that makes you feel like Thanos by the mid/end game, Corki is the perfect champion for you.

I hope this article has proved helpful for you in learning the fundamentals of Corki’s abilities and how to utilize his kit with the best of runes and items. As always, please leave any comments and suggestions you may have in the comments section below. Until next time!

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