Top 5 Best Support Champions That Counter Corki

Corki isn’t that widely used in the bot lane, so people don’t really know how to counter him, but read on and discover the best support champions that can counter him in the bot lane. Corki deals incredible damage in the late game with his on-hit effects. He also has an excellent poke ability that has an extremely long range.

His passive package is also quite strong. Every time you hear him pick it up, prepare, and avoid fights with him. Corki excels in teamfights, so don’t go into team fights with him. You should go on hunts and kill him whenever he is alone. With that being said, let us look at five great supports you can use against him.

1. Alistar

Corki has significant damage, but with Alistar, you can quickly mitigate his damage using your ultimate. A quick engagement from Alistar can also lock Corki down for a bit. But an Alistar with a hex flash can also lock Corki down and push him more profound in the lane. 

There is a combo with Alistar where you have o use your flash to get close to the enemy, pulverize them and headbutt them towards your ADC. this is great because it doesn’t matter even if Corki has a way to get out of danger quickly. Alistar’s headbutt is much longer than Corki’s W.

Early Game Playstyle

During the early game, look to play defensively and let your ADC power farm until he reaches his power spike. Headbutt Corki or his support away whenever they try to engage your ADC. Keep doing this, and they might just stop engaging your ADC.

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Build

An ever frost is an unusual item for Alistar, but you can build something to extend your CC on Corki. You can cast this item’s active after you land a stun on Corking with your E. Once you have Everfrost, always try to look for engages with Alistar and have either your jungler or ADC to follow up. 

Late Game Playstyle

Always stay in the backline to protect your ADC, but to counter Corki, you also need to engage. It’s okay to engage in the middle of the opposing team as Alistar has his ultimate to reduce every damage he takes. 

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2. Soraka

Corki depends on his poke damage from the early to mid-game. He can deal with heavy damage with his Q, and you can quickly mitigate it with your frequent heals. Avoid receiving his damages, however, as Soraka is squishy. Silence him whenever you can and hit him with your Q every time you heal your ADC so you can get your hp back up. 

Early Game Playstyle

Start with your E, as you need this for early game poke damage. Soraka is a passive lane if you don’t have your E and Q. Your E is quite noticeable when partnered with the Aery rune. Or you can max your heals and play passively. This is great when you play with a hyper-carry late-game ADC like Jinx or Vayne.

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Build

Continue playing passively and heal your ADC every time Corki tries to poke them with his ult or his Q. Once your jungler comes to gank, Silence Corki so he doesn’t get to use his Valkyrie to getaway. However, if he retaliates, he prepares to use all of his heals, so his damage becomes useless. Keep healing your ADC until they are back to full HP. Items like Ardent Censer increase your healing strength to negate Corki’s poke damage further.

Late Game Playstyle

Soraka will have very low cooldowns by now, and she is now much more capable of mitigating Corki’s damage. You can also build a Locket of the Iron Solari so you can give shields to everyone and increase their defensive stats whenever Corki uses his empowered Valkyrie. 

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3. Thresh

One of Corki’s weaknesses is getting Crowd controlled so long that his Valkyrie doesn’t matter anymore. Thresh has a hook that pulls champions towards him twice. He can also dash towards that champion and cast his flay to bring them back; if he retaliates, Thresh can use this on Corki every time he hooks him. 

Once he notices Corki using his Valkyrie, Thresh can simply pull him back using his flay. Casting your ult even ensures that Corki won’t be able to run away even if he uses his Valkyrie. 

Early Game Playstyle

Thresh can start with his E to empower his basic attack now and then. He can use this to poke Corki or even flay him away if Corki decides to go for a Valkyrie engagement. If you are good at predicting with your hooks, Thresh can be very aggressive support even at the early game, especially when he has a great ADC that can quickly capitalize on quick engages. 

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Build

Thresh is the very bane of Corki when it comes to the mid-game. Thresh can easily annoy him by using his hooks on him repeatedly as it has a low cooldown. You can also coordinate with your jungler to hide in bushes, so when you hit a hook on Corki, you can easily throw a lantern to your jungler, and he can quickly follow up on a takedown on Corki.

Late Game Playstyle

Always try to zone Corki with your flay or set him up for a takedown by hooking him whenever you see him become vulnerable during team fights.

4. Leona

Leona’s CCs can easily bring Corki down during team fights, she has an excellent gap closer that she can use to Chain CC Corki. Once stunned for more than 5 seconds, A corki is useless for his team. However, if he is fed, he will try to engage your team alone, and he will deal tons of damage. You can stop him by focusing all of your stuns on him.

Early Game Playstyle

Keep harassing Corking with your E + Q + W combo so you can stun and damage him at the same time. Your ADC should always follow up on this engage as Corki won’t retaliate that much because he will spend most of his time stunned. Keep doing this but make sure you only do this if your ADC can follow up.

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Build

Keep on engaging Corki along with your Zeke’s Convergence so you can prevent him from snowballing

Late Game Playstyle

Corki will be in the middle of his team or the backline during late-game team fights, so try to aim your ultimate at him and do a gap closer on him. You want to do this because you need to deal with his poke damage. If left alone, Corki can bring your team’s hp down before the team fight even begins.

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5. Nautilus

Nautilus is the best champion you can use to stun multiple enemies at once. Just cast it on the champion standing on the backline and watch as your ult knocks everybody up. Nautilus also has a passive that roots enemies he hits for the first time. This is great to prevent Corki from running away with his valkyrie.

Early Game Playstyle

Nautilus can start playing aggro at the early game once he has his Q and W learned. He even deals lots of damage with his basic combo alone, especially if he has Aftershock and Shieldbash runes. Have your ADC follow up every time you engage Corki and use your Q on him every time he tries to run away with Valkyrie.

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Build

A frozen heart is the first item for Nautlis when faced with a Corki. You can use this item aligned with plated boots to perform tower dives. Have your ADC and Jungler follow up every time you engage Corki under the tower. It will be easy to catch him as you have all the CC abilities you need to counter his Valkyrie. 

Late Game Playstyle

Stay at the front line, and every time Corki casts his ult to poke, be sure to follow up with a Q and engage him, immediately pop your Stoneplate if his entire team is with him, though. Cast all of your CC abilities on Corki and sequence it ideally so you can maximize the duration of each CC spell. 

Final Thoughts

Corki can be an annoying marksman because he has incredible on-hit damage. You can’t counter on-hit damage with defensive stats as it both has physical and magical damage, so all you can do is CC Corki, so he won’t be able to hurt your teammates. 

Thank you so much for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it as I invest time and effort in making these articles. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift. If 

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